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Rigor Mortis lyrics

Album: Freaks [1989]

 01  Freaks
 02  The Haunted
 03  Cattle Mutilation
 04  Worms Of The Earth
 05  Chained In The Attic
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The faces deformed and grotesque
The disfigured bodies and limbs
You cringe at the sickening sight
The freaks are accepting you in

Hide your disgust as they greet you
They cannot help their misfortune
You can't seem to help but wonder
Are their minds as warped as their form'

Unnatural humanoids proud to be one of their kind
Unique imperfections bent for revenge on the world
Plotting to turn all mankind into creatures obsene
You shall be next to be transformed into one of them
...Pray for your death!

Drugs of unknown chemicals
Cruel hacksaw surgery
Altered features of your head
Make you a monstrosity

Soon you will realize that you are one of them
No turning back now because you belong to them
Seeing the horrible things that were done by them
...You are a FREAK!

Forgetting the life you once knew
Reality you must accept
Knowing resistance is useless
You will do what they expect

There soon will be hordes of people
Who crave to view mutated flesh
And you shall choose the next victem
For hideous transformation!

You will obey the code of the freaks
You'll help their cause till the world is one
You love the freaks - you are a freak
Long Live The Freaks!back to top
The Haunted
Deep in the forrest where few men have been
Stands a house black as sin
All who have been there are dead or insane
Shocking things lurk within

All fear the house where the haunted are dwelling!
Horrible music infecting your brain
Calling you in to it's wicked domain
Can't hide your eyes from the maddening sights
Praying you won't meet the haunted tonight -
- You will!

I had a craving to visit this place
Cowardice is disgrace
Now I regret having been so naive
Death I will soon embrace -
God how I wish I had never gone in there!


Please heed my warning and never go in there!
Dark evil secrets this cabin can show
Things that men should not know
Suicide now is my only relief
Memories pain me so

There's no forgetting the things that I witnessed


Terror haunts the house in the woods Wise men fear it, all men should...back to top
Cattle Mutilation
The farmer finds his lost livestock
The grazing idiots are dead
The carcasses are molested
But not a drop of blood was shed

Cattle mutilation!
Cattle mutilation!
Cattle mutilation!
Cattle mutilation!

Those cults with sickening ritual
They perform gross operations
removing the external anus
Then sexual desecration

Cattle mutilation!
Cattle mutilation!
Cattle mutilation!
Cattle mutilation!


Cattle mutilation!
Cattle mutilation!
Cattle mutilation!
Cattle mutilation!

Experimental surgery
Precision cuts from outer space
Or aliens need nourishment
And only eat the tail and face

Cattle mutilation!
Cattle mutilation!
Cattle mutilation!
Cattle mutilation!back to top
Worms Of The Earth
Digging their way through rotted earth
Clawing their way from the grave
They're dead but they live and they hunger
And it's fresh human flesh that they crave
The corpses of long dead and rotten
Family and friends that you knew
The legions of lost and forgotten
Are rising and coming for you

Worms of the earth! Worms of the earth!

Your brain can't accept what's happening
Your mind wants to snap at the sight
So numb with fear at your immenent fate
You don't even feel the first bite
Rotted teeth tear the meat from your bone
You watch as they eat you alive
Drinking your blood and chewing your guts
And ripping out your insides

Worms of the earth! Worms of the earth!

Life is over death begins
A new existance with no end
The endless night of death consumes you
Purgatory's grip consumes you
In painful death unholy birth
The living dead - the worms of the earth!back to top
Chained In The Attic
Mother died when I was born, all her insides ripped and torn
Father hates the sight of me - I'm an oddity!
I'm the ugly hidden son kept away from everyone
Captive in a private cell - acrimony swells!
Locked in shackles I've remained longing to be unrestrained
Time and hate will strengthen me - soon I will be free!

Chained in the attic! Why am I chained in the attic'

Eating only mice and rats muscles growing strong and fat
Living in my excrement - I am not content!
Terror of the human race gruesome features on my face
Swollen tumors on my skin - rabid bloody grin!
Trapped up in this rotten hole losing all my self control
Burning anger in my brain - driving me insane!

Chained in the attic! Why am I chained in the attic'


Set me free!

I'll escape and start to kill slaughter only for the thrill
Father chained me up from birth - I will kill him first!
All my neighbors soon will die cut the throat and suck Oem dry
Feast upon their tender brains - piss on the remains!
Then I'll roam the streets at night satisfy my appetite
Tear the victem's chest apart - just to eat the heart!

Chained in the attic! Why am I chained in the attic'

I will break free!back to top
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