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Rise Against lyrics

 2001 The Unraveling
 2003 Revolutions Per Minute
 2004 Siren Song of the Counter Culture

· 1000 Good Intentions
· 3 Day Weekend
· 401 Kill
· Alive and Well
· Amber Changing
· Anywhere But Here
· Black Masks and Gasoline
· Blood Red, White, and Blue
· Blood to Bleed
· Broken English
· Dancing for Rain
· Dead Ringer
· Everchanging
· Give It All
· Great Awakening
· Halfway There
· Heaven Knows
· Last Chance Blueprint
· Life Less Frightening
· Like the Angel
· My Life Inside Your Heart
· Paper Wings
· Reception Fades
· Remains of Summer Memories
· Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
· Six Ways 'Till Sunday
· Sometimes Selling Out Is Giving Up
· Stained Glass and Marble
· State of the Union
· Swing Life Away
· The Art of Losing
· The First Drop
· Tip the Scales
· To the Core
· To Them These Streets Belong
· Torches
· Voices Off Camera:
· Weight of Time

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