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Root lyrics

Album: The Book [1999]

 01  The Book
 02  The Mysterical Words of The Wise
 03  The Curse Durron
 04  Why?
 05  Corabeu
 06  The Birth
 07  Lykorian
 08  The Message of the Time
 09  Remember me!
 10  Darkoutro - Message
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The Book
I turn over the yellowish pages
The parchment falls apart among my fingers
The mysterious prophesy I begin to read
Shall I comprehend the message
Someone had sent us?

When hours of Time come
And the Dark meets the Dark
When the Boy is blinded by sun
And the Girl turns to dust
When two Cups are filled
One is blue and other is purple
When the Old Man devoures
the New - Born Child
And changes into the Flame - into the Flame...

When the midnight Hand grinds the Egg
Black Bird flies up onto the Tree
When Winds bring the breath of Plague
And the Vulture strangles the Nightingale
And Zodiac falls into ashes
When Water starts rising up

And the Flame changes into Ice
When the Multi-arm Being appears - Being

And Melek Taus sits down at her feet
When the Beauty swallows up the Ugliness
And the Pride is known as the Virtue
When the Sea Serpent wakes up
And brings the Gift to all people

Then you enter, oh, you Blind Creature,

Into the beginnings of the New Era!back to top
The Mysterical Words of The Wise
During the sleep like Black Butterflies
they'll come flying
The old secrets they whisper to us.
The Magic Words out of the Space springing
Glowing fog - the Silver temple.

Covered with dust, bones of the old Wisemen
Sing a song of their ancient ancestors.
The Magi understand the mysterious words
They paint Signs - the parchment turns yellow.

But still we are at a deep sleep
We don't know the Words for waking up.
The Beam of Eternity makes us sleep - why?
The mind is alive - cold frost.

But one time the Mystical Words
will come to life
(Men en dag vil de Mystiske Ordene komme till live)

wake up the Demons break the peace
(vekke Demonene bryte freden)

The Butterflies will fly away,
the Knowledge will stay
The moonlith of Wisdom will shine
through the nightback to top
The Curse Durron
Through all the endless Spaces
Like a dark track of Time
Runs the deadly Curse of Durron
Oh, hear word glowing like thousands of Suns!

You! All you mortal and ordinary
Who don't know the secret Or' Ma Or'
And will never understand the Wisdom of the
crystal star
That controls the flow of Endless Time.

You! All you mortal and ordinary
Who cannot defy Dar'Gel
And his Power springing out of Eternity
He rules the cosmic brightness Ty'r.

All you mortal and ordinary

Who are subject to the Laws of Emtiness
And who can't drink from the Boblet Su'r
Which is the only Spring

You! All you mortal and ordinary
Who don't want to listen to silvery tones Za'z
And who reject the Beauty and Wisdom of the
Breeding abes

You all be cursed!

Be cursed!back to top
I dance on grey skulls
Of just hipocrites!

On my shoulders I carry
The globe full of pools!

I devour my own trails
On which my homunculus hans!

The comet shot out of my brain
Will not reach the borders of the Space!

Crowds of idiots trample down
My pregnant pituitary gland!

I weep over my Loneliness
Surrounded by my Friends!

I must laugh at the kidness
Of my mortal Enemies!

I open my Inward Mind
For the icy breath of the endless Existence

I want to change into an icicle
Of the universal Reason!

My heart turned to stone
Together with the testicles of the Life!

Thousands of hammers hitting the anvil
Of my dark Destiny!

Why?.......Billion of Nothing.....!back to top
I look for you, Creating Power
What has become of you?
How sad I am Looking to the Space
Bottomless - endless
Where are you?

I want to be with you again
In the embrace of Stars
There I used to play with Raon and Xerida
My beloved brother and sister

Palaces of crystal and ruby
We built and ruined again
The Life we made up - and the Beauty
We laughed and romped together
Oh, how sad I am

I'd like to return it all
To the ages of our Youth
Oh, Corabeu the Power, where are you?
Where are my dreams?
Still I see you - as if yesterday

Sister Xerida - beautiful and dear
Raon my brother - good and proud
Shall we meet once again?

In Cosmic Dust we'll bath
Into whirls of fiery: Comets: we'll rush...
Come back - come back - come back...

Yes I know - our Time has come as well
But it's just illusory!
Again we'll be born out of the Beams
Of the Beams of Suns and cold Moons...
Then again the Lava of all Planets will spring out
And our Power, the Creating Power

Corabeu - Into us will inspire its Life
Corabeu - Like myriads of Ages ago
Corabeu - And many times before
Corabeu - And we'll be here forever as we're today

Corabeu - But now I am sad
Corabeu - Where are you, oh, where?
Corabeu - So eager for You I'm waiting
Corabeu - My Star is shining now

Tears of my pleasure anre running...
So hurry up, hurry up!

The Time of Creating has come...back to top
The Birth
In the dark Vagina of the Space
Penis of the Life pulsates
Frantic Sperm hitting...
The ovaries of Black Holes.

Along the spiral of Time
Germs rush through space
Devouring deadly Wisdom
Of the icy Infinite
Emerald eyes of the Embryo
Make their way through the Cosmic Dust
Clowing heart of the Foetus
Is fed with the artery of Wisdom

I stand astride, my my feet
On ancient Planets
And the brain, brain, brain, brain mass
Of my split skull
Being penetrated / by Aeonal Wisdom
By Aeonal Wisdom of endless Ages...

I am the Fire of Life, Life / and the Breath of
Death, Death
I stand alone, eternal, eternal
In the centre / of my own/ existence!

Deserted by everybody / Multiple despite that
Destroyer and Creator / Creator of the Spirals
I let the extinction of Time arise
By the birth, by the birth
Of the Infinite

My Loneliness is Victory
Over the self-delusion of Happiness!back to top
Thousand of voices use to be heard in distance
Tell tales about themselves, the Eternal Story
Carried by the Wind - it sounds all around
The shell fanfares gust... so lightly.

Mysterious Lykorian made drums sound
The storm wispers in the tops of the trees
It trembles with amazement, everything alive
Even the Sea stayed still at the Monnlight.

Dance - be merry - the Depths of Ages
The Soul is scorched by the Flame
The flame of beauty and Souther Winds
Emeralds of Rains run down the cheeks.back to top
The Message of the Time
Carried by the wind is the dust of the ruined
Skulls of ancestors dead long time it covers
Above the pagan Altar an unknown song is heard
But nobody dances, just Wind, just Wind.

Stories he tells / ballads of lost times
It was Him who saw them / heard and danced
with them
Made fly veils of witches / of pagan women
Rustled in beards of / mighty wizards.

The Wind... the Wind... the Wind...

In an image of Windstorm / he many things
(demolished and destroyed)
In an image of Breeze / foreheads of kings
(murderers he cooled)
Distributed seeds / as well as ideas and plans
Something of everything / he keeps inside though

The Wind... the Wind... the Wind...

The Message of the Time the Wind / hides inide
Once to us he will pass it / shall we understand?
The old legacy / old as the Time and Wind
Are we worth it? / can we bear the Truth?

The Wind... the Wind... the Wind...back to top
Remember me!
Awakened in the nightime
I walk through death's door
Ring Satan's
The red fire burns
In my eyes

Remember me!

I control the power
Of my mind and of my body
Awakened in the nightime
I walk through death's door

Remember me!back to top
Darkoutro - Message
Aphor: Powerful forces, spells and mists,
rivers overflowing their banks,
Dark strong winds and blows of plague,
Stormy oceans, bad - smellin bogs...

Dwarf-men: It's not only words,
The Symbols are ternal,
Like Life and Death

We: Yes - I know, I know.back to top
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