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Rotting Christ lyrics

 1989 Satanas Tedeum
 1992 Passage To Arcturo
 1993 Thy Mighty Contract
 1993 Apokathelosis
 1994 Non Serviam
 1996 Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers
 1997 A Dead Poem
 1997 Der Perfekte Traum
 1999 Sleep Of The Angels

· A Dead Poem
· A Dynasty From the Ice
· After Dark I Feel
· Among Two Storms
· Archon
· As If By Magic
· Between Times
· Cold Colours
· Delusions
· Der Perfecte Traum (The Perfect Dream)
· Diastric Alchemy
· Dive The Deepest Abyss
· Exiled Archangels
· Feast of the Grand Whore
· Fgmenth, Thy Gift
· Full Colour Is The Night
· Gloria De Domino Inferni
· His Sleeping Majesty
· Ice Shaped God
· Imaginary Zone
· Inside The Eye Of Algond
· Ira Incensus
· King of a Stellar War
· Mephesis Of Black Crystal
· Moonlight
· Morallity Of A Dark Age
· Non Serviam
· One With the Forest
· Out of Spirit
· Restoration of the Infernal Kingdom
· Saturn Unlock Avey's Son
· Semigod
· Shadows Follow
· Sleep The Sleep Of Angels
· Snowing Still
· Sorrowfull Farewell
· The Coronation Of The Serpent
· The Fifth Illusion
· The First Field of The Battle
· The Forest Of N'gai
· The Fourth Knight Of Revelation (I & Ii)
· The Hills of Crucifixion
· The Mysitical Meeting
· The Mystical Meeting
· The Nereid of Esgalduin
· The Old Coffin Spirit
· The Opposite Bank
· The Sign Of Evil Existence
· The Sixth Communion
· The Word Made End
· Transform All Suffering Into Plagues
· Victoriatus
· Visions of the Dead Lovers
· Where Mortals Have No Pride
· Wolfera The Chacal (Neoplasia)
· You My Flesh

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