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Rotting Christ lyrics

Album: Apokathelosis [1993]

 01  Visions of the Dead Lovers
 02  The Mysitical Meeting
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Visions of the Dead Lovers
The old glory is failed
The old emperor in a lonely empire
Eternity so shiny
But followed by noone

Among the crowd
Princes & kings
Those who defeated
All lovers... of monarchy

The sky is mourning
Near to the sun... human blood
It's too late for nation

After this misery
A bigger one is coming
The promised centuries... recycling

The dog have died
Around the tyrant

Mythic sovereigns
In sea and land
Shout loud
But voices come back

The eagle has throwned
The beast has enough
The days of the omen
Visions of the dead loversback to top
The Mysitical Meeting
Circle within circle
and when the sacred hour come
From words they passed to obscure deeds
The final step before the meeting

What I wish appears in my sleep
Surpass the whole mortal life
As sucubus creeps in my soul
The invisible zone

Archeogonic theory is fallen by reborn
Those who believed the ones
Follow thy light now
Marking the way to mystical meetingback to top
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