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Rumble Militia lyrics

Album: Fuck Off Commercial [1987]

 01  Full Of Danger / Full Of Commercial
 02  Dead End Kids
 03  Treason
 04  Bang 'til Death
 05  Fright Or Stupidity
 06 Rumble Attack
 07  Nuclear Warfare
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Full Of Danger / Full Of Commercial
No one is believing us
The never say O.K.
But we give you the message
Even if you're far away
CHORUS: We are full of danger
They say we are fucking loud
No place where we can play
Hey fucking money-maker
We'll blow you away
CHORUS: We are full of dangerback to top
Dead End Kids
You walk down the streets
And you make trouble
When you beat them up
You have tons of fun
You're proud to be different
And you don't need adaption -
You resist with all your strench
The one day you will have power
When you beat them up
You have tons of fun
PRE-CHORUS: You're proud ...
Dead end kids you're a boozer
Dead end kids you fight for your right
Dead end kids you're really O.K.!back to top
We're rolling through the cities
With your fighting unit
We're searching for our targets
And killing silently
The knife in the boot
The shotgun in the hand
That's how we cut down the enemy
The wire noose in the jacket
The lead pipe in the pocket
That's how we cut the enemy
Treason, treason, treason
We accepted the assignment
With our racing militia
We searched throughout the country
But what we found was an ambush
And now we're only four
But we're fighting for you all
We're not stopping for anything
Not even for this mighty force
We're not afraid of anything
An informer betrayed us
We were surrounded
And we could not escape
Torn-up bodies all around us
All of our brothers
Paid with their lives
Now we're only four
But we're fighting for all of you
Now we're only four
And we're going to avenge you allback to top
Bang 'til Death
Finally the time has come
The hunting season just can begin
In the name of the nation the search
For you, you're wanted
Bang 'til death
Every day your existence is impressed
To be a public enemy
They plan hard labour in concentration camps
Laws will be changed they learned of the past
Kids understand we must stick together
Unity is what we need
Bang 'til death
Today they call it democracy
The brown plague of the past days
They talk to you everyday
Today there're uniformed in suits and ties
Tear off their masks and send them to hell
Bang 'til death!
Kids understand we most stick together
Unity is what we need!
We piss on your discipline
And hate your fucking order!back to top
Fright Or Stupidity
They break contracts
Just as they like it
They murder until
Everybody is pole by fright
And they talk about peaceful victories
They explote you
And lie to the world
They spread violence
Blood and tears
But you still trust them
And give them money
But you don't dare
To fight the danger
Fright or stupidity
Makes you follow them
You're guilty as well as
The other, wan't you finally
wake up
You feel safe
When you hear
The sound of sirens
The blame sticks on you
Like poison stand up
But who's aware of this
And conceals it to nation
wake up
And only wants to enjoy the present
This person is a scamp
stand up
Especially when he chooses freedom
wake up
And then doesn't give
A fuck about it stand upback to top
Nuclear Warfare
We are wanna fuckin' die
We are wanna die in nuclear warback to top
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