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S.O.D. lyrics

 1985 Speak English Or Die
 1999 Bigger Than The Devil

· Antiprocrastination Song
· Aren't You Hungry ?
· Ballad Of Mike Hutchens
· Ballad Of Phil Hartman
· Bigger Than The Devil
· Black War
· Celtic Frosted Flakes
· Charlie Don't Cheat
· Chromatic Death
· Douche Crew (D.C.)
· Every Tiny Molecule (We All Eat Shit)
· Fist - Banging Mania
· Frankenstein And His Horse
· Freddy Krueger
· Free Dirty Needles
· Fuck The Middle East
· Hey Gordy !!
· Kill The Assholes
· Kill Yourself
· King At The King / Evil Is In
· L.A.T.K.C.H.
· Make Room, Make Room
· Milano Mosh
· Milk
· Moment Of Truth
· Monkeys Rule
· No Turning Back
· Noise That's What
· Pi Alpha Nu
· Pre-Menstrual Princess Blues
· Pussywhipped
· Sergeant ,,D'' & The S.O.D.
· Shenanigans
· Skool Bus
· Speak English Or Die!
· The Crackhead Song
· The Song That Won't Go Fast
· United Forces
· We All Bleed Red
· What's That Noise ?
· Xerox

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