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Sacrificed lyrics

Album: Spells Of Imprecation [1995]

 01  Witchery Candle
 02  Invocation Of The Horned One
 03  Sacral Mass
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Witchery Candle
Seething abyss
Raising from deep
Bursting rage
Come down upon them

I summon You
Lord of Disaster
Appear from the dark
Above the black flames

Smoking Frankincense of Ire and Punishment
Surrender yourself wholly to the burning irritation
Hallowed by the light of the crimson candle
Under sombre vaults echoes my damnation

Leave domains
Of abandoned souls
Realms of death
Sorrow and grief

Mayhemic tortures
Inhuman suffering
Plague and sores
Thy wrath will bring to them

Singing dead word of the alliteration
Merging with the rhyme of fury
Squirming victims crying in convulsions
I inflict my spells upon the souls of unbelieversback to top
Invocation Of The Horned One
Eko, Eko Azarak!
Eko, Eko Zamilak!
Eko, Eko Cernunnos!
Eko, Eko Aradia!

Raging Cernunnos, set in fire
Burning torch between his horns
Hearken to our will and evil desire
Crush the enemies with flamy sword!back to top
Sacral Mass
Black brand of shame
Fiery spit of the scorn
Blasphemous human desecrated
Incensed his Sable Majesty

Lord of Light, Lucifer
Awful is thy look in fury
Punish all of the renegades
In the name of our eternal cult

Begin the sacred ritual
Our Supreme Deity awakes
In horrible tortures
Die profaned apostates

Breathing with the wrath
Strike the White Hordes
Nail the bleeding christians
To the perverted cross

Open Sacral Mass
Cast thy evil spellsback to top
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