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Samael lyrics

Album: After The Sepulture [1991]

 01  After The Sepulture
 02  Manitou (Venom cover)
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After The Sepulture
Nothing ever stops
Everything starts again
The end and the beginning
Are eternal lovers

Prisoners of or bodies
From the cot to the grave
Impotent puppets
We aspire to the light

The sun will turn in black
You will see the dark...
After the sepulchre

Grams of their brother's cries
Spirit lastly free oneself
Like raise the incense smoke
And the funeral orations

Here time is unreal
Hours and minutes are meaningless
Here eternity has a name
Remorse and penitence

The sun will turn in black
You will see the dark...
After the sepulchre

Life is just an illusion
Going round and roundback to top
Manitou (Venom cover)
Across infernal wastelands
Many miles of sunburnt Hell
Tribes are scattered limbs
And dust all laying as they fell
Open lies the challenge to all
Warriors now men
Let the spirits guide the winds
Until Manitou ascends


Watch the unseen burial
Eclipse the blazing skies
Feast the wings of death
With Manitou the soul shall vie
Distant beats the wardance
Echo screams out liberty
Patience stalks the crow
White man's scalp brings victory


Mighty be the powers
Of the old medicine man
Whispers of his raindance
Flow across the desert sands
Guardian of the elder spirit
Summoning the storm
Awaiting his arrival
Manitou of flesh is born

Manitouback to top
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