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Santana lyrics

Album: Blues for Salvador [1987]

 01  Bailando/Aquatic Park
 02 Bella
 03 I'm Gone
 04  'trane
 05  Deeper, Dig Deeper
 06 Mingus
 07  Now That You Know
 08  Hannibal
 09  Blues for Salvador
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Bailando/Aquatic Park
Bailando, bailando
Bailando alegre, la muneca!

Bailando, bailando
Bailando alegre!

Bailando, bailando
Bailando alegre, la muneca!

Bailando, bailando
Bailando alegre!

Aquatic park:
Woke up this mornin'
The sun was shinin'
You were on my mind
And I knew right then and there
My life would be filled with happiness and joy
And oh, what a feelin', God almightyback to top
so many ppl know my name
so many ppl get hit by trains
sp many ppl go yeah yeah
so many ppl like 2 share

who the hell are u and where the hells my morale
same place as you in damn hell
ppl say i am a psych
but then again i massed on a bike

my existence is only a rumour
but then again i got a brian tumourback to top
Deeper, Dig Deeper
Deeper, dig deeper

Deeper, deeper, dig, dig, deeper, deeper

Get a little closer
You don't have to be afraid
You have to trust your inner pilot
Don't let it drift away

Dig a little deeper
You gotta get it in your soul
Reach out with your spirit
And let your feelings show

Deeper, deeper, dig, dig, deeper, deeper

You can't deny the feeling
That touches you inside
When you're tired and lonely
You don't have to lose your pride.

Take the time to listen
Stay a little while
Got a song to sing for you
Let the music get you higher, higher.back to top
Now That You Know
Where are are from?
Where are you going to?
Now that you know
Just what are you gonna do?

Where are you from?
What are you looking for?
Now that you know
What are you waiting the fuck for.

AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!back to top
Ah ya e ya
Ah e yea ya
Oba ibo si areo
Ergua mala gura
Obakoso cabiosile acheback to top
Blues for Salvador
there are no lyrics to this one eather!!!back to top
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