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Santana lyrics

Album: Borboletta [1974]

 01 Spring Manifestations
 02 Canto de los Flores
 03  Life Is Anew
 04  Give and Take
 05  One With the Sun
 06 Aspirations
 07  Practice What You Preach
 08  Mirage
 09 Here and Now
 10 Flor de Canela
 11  Promise of a Fisherman
 12 Borboletta
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Life Is Anew
Life is anew

Nothing is new they say under the sun
But then again my soul feels a change
It feels so new
Life is an open vision of the highest bliss
Because of you - life is new
Because of you - life is new
Because of you - life is new
Because of you I can fly in the sky - your homeback to top
Give and Take
Give & take

It's a game of give & take
Life's a game of give & take
Early in the morning
Get your concentration on your meditation
Take the right direction
For future destination, for future destination

Talk about your woman, give her some respect
She'll give you her devotion, not just outside emotion
Talk about your country, there's really no such thing for me
The whole world, the whole world is one big familyback to top
One With the Sun
One with the sun

You in time with music of the universe
Doctor of mother earth
We are all one
We are all one with the sun

Reflecting words to say
Silently I want to be
With symphonies of stars
You came singing through my soul
I see you in the golden sunset
Glowing through my soul
We are all one with the sun

In the summertime we went to the sea
How smooth plate how calm against
These skies dancing in your eyes.back to top
Practice What You Preach
Practice what you preach

What's wrong with you
Can's you live by the way you preach
Change in time to see some more
And forget about the things you need
But I know that just being around
It's easy to go down hill
Starting from day to day
I'll seek only my lords way
So I'll be happy, free and unafraid day to dayback to top

I am just a mirage
Oh - I am just a mirage
When you look at me
Thru your crystal glass you will see
That I am now your past
But you give your love to me
In your life I wasn't meant to be.
Oh I am just a mirage
Oh I am just a mirage
Just a mirage fading away like water

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
I am just a mirage
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
I am just a mirage
I am just a mirage
But until that day has come
When you say I'll be your only one
I will live the way it's meant for me
With ups and downs and mystery.back to top
Promise of a Fisherman
no lyrics !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!back to top
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