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Santana lyrics

Album: Zebop! [1981]

 01  Changes
 02  E Papa Ré
 03 Primera Invasion
 04  Searchin'
 05  Over and Over
 06  Winning
 07 Tales of Kilimanjaro
 08  The Sensitive Kind
 09 American Gypsy
 10 I Love You Much Too Much
 11  Brightest Star
 12  Hannibal
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Don't you feel a change a-coming
From another side of time
Breaking down the walls of silence
Lifting shadows from your mind
Placing back the missing mirrors
That before you couldn't find
Filling mysteries of emptiness
That yesterday left behind.

And we all know it's better
Yesterday has passed
Now let's all start the living
For the one that's going to last.

(repeat chorus)

Don't you feel the day is coming
That will stay and remain
When your children see
The answers
That you saw the same
When the clouds have all gone
There will be no more rain
And all the beauty of all things
Is uncovered again.


(repeat chorus)

Don't you feel the day is coming
And it won't be too soon
When the people of the world
Can all live in one room
When we shake off the ancient
Chains of our tomb
We will all be born again
Of the eternal womb.

Chorus (repeat 3x)back to top
E Papa Ré
The sun is slowly rising
The day is just beginning
Let me take you to a
Place you've never been to
Imagine that you're walking
With me in the jungle
The natives they are dancing
And singing to a ritual

E papa re, e papa re...

The music's getting to you
Your knees are feeling shaky
Your mind is getting dizzy
The spell is taking over

Suddenly you find yourself
Surrounded by these people
Ain't no use to try and struggle
You know it would be useless
Out of nowhere comes their leader
Commanding all attention
He signals them to set you free
But to keep on singing

E papa re, e papa re...

All around below above
The magic's flowing freely
Everybody's soaked in sweat
Drenched by their own feelings
Incantations cry out loud
The fire keeps on burning
Now you're in a time and space
From where there's no returningback to top
Searchin', I'm always searchin'
Searchin' for my beloved
I'm gonna keep on searchin' ¡®cause
I need your love, yea
Listen, my heart is callin'
Longing to have you near me
Please believe me what I'm sayin'
Is true
Every morning I wake up to you
Searchin', searchin', searchin',
Every night my thoughts return to
Calling you
Lover, don't keep me waiting
You must hear what I'm saying
I'm gonna keep on searchin' till I win
Your love
I can almost hear her gentle voice
Searchin', searchin', searchin',
I can almost hear her smile of light
Searchin', searchin', searchin',
I can almost feel the love reach out
To meback to top
Over and Over
Watcha gonna do with your life
Now that I'm leaving
Are you believing
You'll make it on your own

Didn't you believe what I said
Or was it just madness
Living in sadness
You'll be all alone

I said it over and over
At least a hundred times
I have what you been missing
Look back and you may find

Now it's time to walk out the door
It's all been said now
I'm looking ahead now
Time to be moving on
Yes, I told you so many times
But you didn't listen
You can't see what you're missing
What you never had before

I could have loved you
Like there was no tomorrow
It didn't really matter
If you stole my love or borrowed
You know I could go crazy
But I just can't remember
Exactly how to go there
And keep this love foreverback to top
One day I was on the ground
When I needed a hand
And it couldn't be found
I was so far down
That I couldn't get up
You know and
One day I was one of life's losers
Even my friends were my ac-cus-ers
And in my head
Lost before I'd begun

I had a dream
But it turned to dust
What I thought was love
That must have been lust
I was living in style
When the walls fell in
When I played my hand
I looked like a joker
Turn around
Fate must have woke her
'cause lady luck she was
Waiting outside the door


I'm winning
I'm winning
I'm winning
And I don't intend on losing again

Too bad it belonged to me
It was the wrong time
And I meant to be
It took a long time
And I knew for now
I can see the day
That I breath for
Friends agree there's a need
To play the game
And to win again

(repeat first line 5x's)
(repeat last line 4x's)

Repeat verse ii

(repeat first line 5x's)back to top
The Sensitive Kind
Don't take her for granted, she had
A hard time
Don't misunderstand her or play
With her mind
Treat her so gently, it will pay you
In time
You've gotta know she's the
Sensitive kind

Tell her you love her each and
Every night
You will discover she will treat
You right
If you believe, I know you will find
There ain't nothin' like the
Sensitive kind

She gets so lonely waitin' for you
You are the only thing to help
Her through
Don't take her for granted
She has a hard time
You got to know she's the
Sensitive kind
You got to know she's the
Sensitive kindback to top
Brightest Star
Brightest Star
(Music/ Lyrics: Devadip Santana & Alexander J. Ligertwood)

When you walked out the 
door, baby, 
Thought I would die 
I didn't realize 
Oh, you were the brightest star 
Up in the sky, yeah 
Now that you're gone, oh how I miss 
you so 
Please come back to me, I need 
your love 
Baby ever so more, yeah, yeah 

Come back, girl 
Bring your sweet love back to me 
I can't do without it, no... 

If you want, I'll show you what I have 
You can take, take what you want 
of me 
Just don't take the things that we 
know are bad 
Oh baby, oh baby, I need your 
love, yeah 

Girl...oh, yeah...oh... 
Come back...won't you come back 
Please, oh, please, please 
please, please 
Pretty pretty pretty pretty please 
I need your love, oh, baby, yeah
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Ah ya e ya
Ah e yea ya
Oba ibo si areo
Ergua mala gura
Obakoso cabiosile acheback to top
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