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Sarcofago lyrics

 1987 I.N.R.I.
 1989 Rotting
 1992 The Laws of Scourge
 1995 Hate
 1997 The Worst

· Alcoholic Coma
· Anal Vomit
· Army Of The Damned (The Prozac's Generation)
· Christ's Death
· Crush, Kill, Destroy
· Deathrash
· Desecration Of Virgin
· God Bless The Whores
· Hate
· Inri
· Little Julie
· Midnight Queen
· Nightmare
· Orgy Of Flies
· Pact Of Cum
· Piercings
· Plunged In Blood
· Prelude to a Suicide
· Ready To Fuck (All The Bitches)
· Rhabdovirus (The Pitbull's Curse)
· Rotting!!!
· Satanas
· Satanic Lust
· Satanic Terrorism
· Screeches From the Silence
· Secrets of a Window
· Sex, Drinks & Metal
· Shave Your Head
· Song For My Death
· The God's Faeces
· The Last Slaughter
· The Laws of Scourge
· The Lust
· The Necrofiliac
· The Phantom
· The Worst
· Tracy

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