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Satyricon lyrics

 1993 The Forest is My Throne
 1995 The Shadowthrone
 1996 Nemesis Divina
 1998 Intermezzo II
 1999 Rebel Extravaganza

· A Moment Of Clarity
· Black Winds
· Blessed From Below
· Dominions of Satyricon
· Down South, Up North
· Du Som Hater Gud
· End Of Journey
· Filthgrinder
· Forhekset
· Havoc Vulture
· Hvite Krists dod
· Immortality Passion
· In the Mist by the Hills
· Inri
· Mother North
· Nemesis Divina
· Prime Evil Renaissance
· Rhapsody In Filth
· Supersonic Journey
· The Dawn of A New Age
· The Forest is My Throne
· The King of the Shadowthrone
· The Night of the Triumphator
· The Scorn Torrent
· Tied In Bronze Chains
· Vikingland
· Woods to Eternity

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