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Saxon lyrics

Album: Dogs Of War [1995]

 01  Dogs Of War
 02  Burning Wheels
 03  Don't Worry
 04  Big Twin Rolling (Coming Home)
 05  Hold On
 06  The Great White Buffalo
 07  Demolition Alley
 08  Walking Through Tokyo
 09  Give It All Away
 10  YesterdayıS Gone
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Dogs Of War
Come to the reaper sing the song bringing death to everyone
Once the earth was calm and safe but now the landıs a battle place
Firing shells into the air where they land no one cares
Now the blood flows like a stream widowmaker reigns supreme

Dogs of war
No surrender
Dogs of war
I kill the defender
Dogs of war
Scream in to battle
Dogs of war
Itıs the day of Jackal

Nothing seems to ease the pain the reaperıs shadow still remains
Sniper lets the bullet fly in the distance someone die
The down becomes an empty shell come and spend a day in hell
Forgotten what weıre fighting for no one wins this bloody war

Guitar solo

Lay the wreath across the flag fill another body bag
Guard of honour standing proud put your son in to the ground
Did they die for you and me a sacrifice for liberty
A generation dead and gone the reaper sings his deadly song

Chorus repeatback to top
Burning Wheels
Driving riding keep the throttle open wide
Pounding hounding feel the beating deep inside
Flag goes up you get down
Beat the lights hear the sound
Turbo charge let it flow
Hold on tight and donıt let go


Burning wheels of fire
Racing to the fire
Bring the glory down on you

Burning turning screaming down the quarter mile
Racing chasing put the pressure on the dial nitro burn keep it clean
Down the straight like a dream
In your machine speed machine

Guitar solo

Grinding winding drop the clutch and let her fly
Speeding leading feel the seconds ticking by
Beat the clock take your turn
Feel the heat start the burn
Hit the gas heart the roar
Kick the pedal to the floor

Chorus repeatback to top
Don't Worry
Iım leaving this town Iım out of the race
Iım packing my bags I ainıt gonna stay
I canıt stand the pressure building on me
Donıt try to stop me Iıve got to break free

Take me down to the cool clear water
Donıt worry about me
Take my time stay a while
Donıt have to worry about a thing
Donıt you know
Iım going down to the cool clear water
Donıt worry about me
I take my time Iıll stay a while
Donıt have to worry about a thing

They tell you the truth but you know itıs a lie
Big brother is watching the eye in the sky
Just take your freedom and throw it away
Cause sooner or later weıre all going to pay

Guitar solo

Theyıre taxing the rain the water we drink
Just do as youıre told thereıs no time to think
We shouldnıt forget what we learnt from the past
Stop looking at life through rose coloured glass

Chorus repeat
Guitar soloback to top
Big Twin Rolling (Coming Home)
I got my big twin rollinı thumping out a tune
Following the headlight coming back to you
I donıt need no big jet liner donıt need no limousine
All Iıve gotıs my pair of whells satisfaction guaranteed

Iım on my way Iım coming home
Iım on my way Iım coming home

Thunder down the highway keeping up the pace
Six hundred miles before until I see your face
Gasoline and metal hammer through the night
Eating up the freeway makes me feel alright

Guitar solo

Polished steel and leather the rumbling of the pair
Hear the carburettors sucking in the air
Sat around the engine vibrating every bone
Keeping it together blasting my way home !

Guitar soloback to top
Hold On
Jenny lived at home a perfect little home
She had everything a girl could ever dream of
Only one thing wrong she had a restless heart
She was looking for some love and understanding
Then Billy came along and sang his rebel song
She could see in him something to belive in
And then they fell in love they couldnıt help themselves
But will her family understand their reasons

Just let your feelings take control of you
Follow your heart and donıt let go

Two lovers one heartbeat
Keep running keep hiding
Surviving together
Youıve got to hold on

She had a blazing row her father threw her out
He didnıt understand how much she really loved him
He knew heıd gone too far sheıs never coming back
His stupid pride has sent her running to another
She laid in Billyıs arms she wished for better times
They made a vow that they would always be together
Heıd take her far away sheıd be his wife one day
She had a dream that theyıd be happy ever after

Guitar solo

They had a perfect life a little baby girl
She was growing up the double of her mother
Only one thing wrong she had a restless heart
She was looking for some love and understanding
The words her father said they echoed in her head
Would she be the one to drive her to another
Would Billy come along and sing his rebel song
Would she see in him something to belive in

Chorus repeatback to top
The Great White Buffalo
Wild horses running free
Bareback warriors ride again
Hear the voices from the spirit world
Crying out for the Indian nation
From the sacred buriel mounds
To the happy hunting grounds
Like the moon across the sky
Hear the ancient battle cry


Give the land back to the nations
Let their spirits roam the plains
With the great white buffalo

You were the eagle in the sky
The cunning wolf the running bear
Roaming free from the valley to the prairie
You lived as one on the sacred land
From the river down to the sea
In the wind blowing through the trees
Round the fire dancing high
Hear the ancient battle cry

Guitar solo

The mighty fires burn across the land
The cherokee and the navaho
Call the nations there to be as one
Gather here all you native bone
Join the spirits hidden in the past
Come together for the tribal dance
Many here are prepared to die
For the ancient battle cry

Chorus repeatback to top
Demolition Alley
Iıve been working all day down on demolition alley
Looking down the barrel of a twelve gauge gun
Digging up rocks in this God forsaken valley
Breaking my back in the mid day sun

I served my time I lost my wind
On demolition alley
Demolition alley

Days go by but it feels like a lifetime
Dragging me down like a ball and chain
Doing my time just walking in a straight line
Itıs the only thing I know just to handle my pain

Guitar solo

One of these days Iım just gonna have to break free
Taking my chances living on the run
Thereıs only one man that can ever really stop me
Heıs looking down the barrel of that twelve gauge gun

Guitar soloback to top
Walking Through Tokyo
Walking through Tokyo
Visions of the Samurai
Walking through Tokyo
Looking through the dragonıs eye

I had a dream about the mighty shogun
Faded visions of the Samurai
Mist of silk reflections of the city
Dance across the silver blade
Silent temples driving my emotions
Voices whisper from another time
Mystic dreams stretching out before me
Take me through the dragonıs eye


Iım drifting slowly on the winds of Kamikaze
To the emperor on wings of gold
Cryptic lessons from a long forgotten city
Guard the passage to the inner soul
Sacred pountains reaching to the heavens
Holds the secret in its frozen hand
Standing proud silent and majestic
Cast its spell far across the land

Guitar solo

In my dream I can see the darkness
Draws the veil across the painted sky
As the Geisha gives on dying pleasure
I leave the magic in the land of jade

Chorus repeatback to top
Give It All Away
Sooner or later weıll meet the maker
It doesnıt matter to me
Cos Iıll be laughing while Iım packing
Theyıll have to drag me away
Iıve been around Iıve been inside out
Iıve seen it all before
Iıve had my share of lady luck
Knocking at my door

Iıd give it all away
Iıd give it all away
Just for one more day
One more day with you

If you ever see the devil
You gotta tell him from me
I got an angel a little angel
Living right here with me
Iıve been across and Iıve been to the edge
Iıve seen it all before
Iıve had my share of lady luck
Knocking at my door

Guitar soloback to top
YesterdayıS Gone
You left me standing here staring at the view
Did you think that I was coming after you
I might have been that dumb a hundred times before
You can take your stinking at attitude and shove it out the door
Shove it out the door

Iım tired of your lying and fooling around
Youıve pushed me too far Iım standing my ground
Iıve got news for you bary yesterdayıs gone
Yesterdayıs gone

I canıt belive that you would put me down this way
Thereıs not a word of truth in anything you say
I gave you everything and you threw it in my face
Youıre running on your own now baby see who wins the race
See who wins the race

Guitar solo

I saw you yesterday out with someone new
Youıve got him on your hook dancing to your tune
Do you think of me when heıs in your bed
If you think Iım coming back to you youıre off your pretty head
Off your pretty head

Chorus repeatback to top
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