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 1988 Hypertrace
 1990 Terminal Earth
 1995 Mental Reservation
 1997 Ball Of The Damned

· ...After The Storm
· ...Break The Seal
· ...Conception Of A Cure
· ...Into A Brave Man's Mind
· ...Nightmare
· ...Out Of Nowhere
· ...Rubberman
· ...Upright Liar
· ...Wrong Lane Society
· ...Your Infallible Smile
· Across The Universe
· Ball Of The Damned
· Buy Or Die
· From The Dust Of Ages
· Frozen Under The Sun
· Galactos
· Grapes Of Fear
· Innuendo
· Intermezzo
· Judge On The Run
· L.A.D.Y.
· Locked Out
· Not Alone
· Puppet On A String
· R.M.U.
· Retaliation Positive
· Telemania
· Terminal Earth
· Terrion
· The Challenge
· The Killing Fields
· The Law
· The True-Stories-Teller
· Tollshocked
· Touch The Light
· Warp 7
· We Start It Tomorrow
· Wizard Force
· Wonder

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