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Scars Of Life lyrics

Album: Another Tomorrow [2004]

 01  Descending
 02  Lemon
 03  Away from Me
 04  Placebo
 05  Nothing Left
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Super Good band

I'm descending, into you

Feels like, dry hands, tearing me inside out
It all is burning
I cant, breathe anymore, too much to push away
I tell you how you make me feel and you just look away
And I don't know how much more of you that I can take

As it hits me
Wake me before its over
I feel gone
There's nothing I can do
Then you tell me
Its over and walk off
On your own
I'm descending into you

All I hear is, screaming, inside and out
My head, just can't take this
It feels like I dont exsist in this world you've made
The look of disgust on your face whenever I'm near you
Scratch the surface of me is all you'll ever do

Your all I've ever known
To hard to just look away
Put out all I have shown
As I watch you throw it away

I'm descending, into youback to top
My thoughts
I hold back the truth that's unspoken
It keeps, pulling me down
As the seasons change within me,
I'm coming around

Its all these things I say to you
But I feel nothing
Its all these things I said I'd do
But I do nothing
There only empty words

Your head
Is filled with so much shit that's unwanted
Its surely, wasting away
Your first step on a path that's a dead end
I can't understand

I take, from you, a life you only wish you knew
The feelings inside you rage as you dream of the
escape, this someone that you call yourself

Now, these chains are not made of you
Now, there's no one to hold on to
Now, the hope has been drained from youback to top
Away from Me

I look back to a time
When all of this was washed away from me
Reflect on what once was
Now its torn apart, its all blurry

Goodbye to yesterday
Inside I slowly break
I'll leave it all behind
As you begin to fade

As you fade away from me
I can no longer see
As you fade away, from me

All that I thought of you
Was nothing more then a mask for me to view
Now that you've shown your face
I see the truth, your just a disgrace

These wounds will never heal
You wanted it this way
I'll leave it all behind
As you begin to fade

As you fade away from me
I can no longer see
As you fade away, from me
As you fade away from me
Leave behind what used to be
As you fade away, from meback to top

Fake a smile, I force a tear
To show an illusion that I care.
I would rather you just shut your mouth
Then listen to the bullshit you spew out.
I donít want this, or do I need this?
Its getting way to hard to hold my tongue.
Thereís a door thatís blocking off my way
But thereís so much more I want to say

I just cant be around you
Still hiding from this life
And the more I keep looking at you
I feel this growing inside

See through me, I beg of you
I donít know what more I can do
and I know that you wonít understand
Your only doing the least of what you can
I cant fake this, want to erase it
I have had about all that I can take
Thereís a path thatís calling out my name
Its a road I know I'll never take

I've tried to go my way, escaping from you
Not listening to what you say, I donít need you
Feelings slowly fade away with time
The hate is growing insideback to top
Nothing Left

Another day passes by, and still no change in sight
I question what my life is for, scared of the answer
I lock myself away from you, no one will ever know
And all you see is just a cover for the pain inside

Save me, thereís nothing left of me, now

Bring me down
Thereís nothing left of me
Now Iím falling faster
I canít escape

Whatís this thing that they call love
I still donít know how it feels
So full of scars I canít let go
It hurts to think itís all real
Iíll wait for another tomorrow
In hopes this all will heal

I canít escape it
It brings me down
So I, hide away, where no one can see the pain inside
Will it end, will it ever endback to top
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