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Scheitan lyrics

Album: Travelling In Ancient Times [1996]

 01  Devastating Heaven
 02  Portals Of Might
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Devastating Heaven
I entered the halls of heaven
I arised for a hunger for god's flesh
Blood to flow, pour it all arround me
Blasphemy destroy it all

Powers of evil
Birthday of darkness
Powers of evil
Dark is the path

Die! I crushed his skull with a hammer
I laughed high, this weak man was no god
I destroyed it all I devastated heaven
God he cried godness was no more

Mesmerized by the path of evil
Entered the halls of heavenback to top
Portals Of Might
I've got my scars, my marks of time
Now i've found it, the key of mine
I've travelled far I had to die
Now I own it, this land of mine

I've travelled long to reach this
this imaginary sight
I've lost all worths to be here
at the portals of might

I've seen all there's to see
all there's to hear
Now I'm free

I've been all there's to be
so dark it seems
dead I will be

I watch the dawn, the last of sight
this is truely the darkest night
Release my wrath for one last time
Destroy all living, final work of mineback to top
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