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Sentenced lyrics

Album: Shadows Of The Past [1992]

 01  When The Moment Of Death Arrives
 02  Rot To Dead
 03  Disengagement
 04  Rotting Ways To Misery
 05  The Truth
 06  Suffocated Beginning Of Life
 07  Beyond The Distant Valleys
 08  Under The Suffer
 09  Descending Curtain Of Death
 10  Wings
 11  In Memoriam
 12  Mythic Silence (As They Wander In The Mist)
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When The Moment Of Death Arrives
Wasted years left behind
as an old man nears to death
Praying his lord to forgive him
for the sins he never committed

The fear of dying
- the fear of the fires of hell
The fear of living
- the fear of endless tribulation
The scars of life
- the scars from a faceless world
The wings of Death
- unfold me and ease my pain

Death... comes as a relief...
...from the mortal suffering...
...young again...
...travelling into the ageless time

Memories of his past life
vividly in his mind
Feeling himself alive again
when the Moment of Death arrives!

verses I & II

"flee in the darkness of death
where exists no pain no fear;
a relief from the earthly ...suffering...
OF DEATH ARRIVES..."back to top
Rot To Dead
Dark eyes meet in a black corner of the earth
Hate burns scars within our minds
False shall be separated from the true
The moment of departure follows time

Nocturnal wrath unfolds us...
Melancholic silence surrounds...
Walls are breeding malignant seeds...
The spawn of hate shall be unleashed

Rot to Dead!!!

Face to face - brother against brother
The bitter taste of loss of own ideals
Atmosphere of evil, selfish minds
in a battle which no-one will prevail

Paradoxal tranquillity...
Leads the Fiend out of our minds...
Raging wrath - now weeping sorrow...
But Hate remains in our hearts...

Rot to Dead!!!back to top
Darkness fills the life
Covers the tired mind
like the darkest damnation
anxiety, oppression

a wounded soul
manages to escape
from exhausted body,
from the bleeding prison
disengagement, dark visions,
forgotten personality

feeling of loss
nocturnal suffocation
tears like blood
stench of decayed

without a body
is turned to hell

living in emptiness
torture of the timeless
into the black pieces
of total chaos and sorrow

No blessing
no chances to survive
leads the way
to infernal death
disengagement, dark visions
forgotten personalities

verse IIIback to top
Rotting Ways To Misery
Into the life after death
where all is said and done
where sanity is forgotten
where humanity is gone

Into the abyss I fall
Arising Evil is all I see
I hear a blasphemic call
the Touch of Death is all I feel

Rotting Ways to Misery
the earth is burning under my feet

"Sacrifice your soul for me
Against our common enemy... god"

Behind the depths of dying
He is whipping my skin
This is the End... of liberty
I am in the fires of evilness

Hell's gates were open for me
they were my destiny
anyone can be chosen
to be His slave

Rotting Ways to Misery
are the chosen one's infernal destinyback to top
The Truth
At the primitive times
when the earth was born
Generations came and went
lived in ignorance

Somewhere in the Darkness of Time
lies open the ultimate fate of life

("Mullan rakoseen vaivun")

No one can show us the right way
is this enigmatic destiny
This way is going where we are coming from
The Time has come...

verse IIback to top
Suffocated Beginning Of Life
back to top
Beyond The Distant Valleys
Your senseless theories
are rising once again
Causing pain within my mind
- I'm losing the control

But in the kingdom to come
Behind the seven seas...
Beyond the distant valleys...
It's me who decides!!

Your flaming thoughts...
...are tearing my soul apart!
I'm harvesting...
...the sow of your curse again!

You've destined me to suffer... you were the master!
You've taken my inner self...
Confusion will rule till I die!!!

verses I & IIback to top
Under The Suffer
First came the wind, dark clouds and the storm
Then came the snow which covered the ground white

We saw them descending from clouds
from the Bloodred Sky
We just stood there and watched
as they came, saw and conquered

This beautiful sight
made us blind
with joy we welcomed the intruder
as immigrants for their dominion

like an epidemic Virus
that spread over our homes
It came like a cold wind
and took away everything

In the ruins we stood
with the living ones
We saw them raping our women
and killing our children

verse IVback to top
Descending Curtain Of Death
Death - Awaking from a dream
what we also call life
Life is not real - only Death is
When the Curtain has descended
The Nightmare is OVER!back to top
The shadow of wind
flees to pain to reality
The breath of night
now disappears to distance

On the margin of emptiness...
...streams pour through an altar!
The stars blasted into darkness...
...changing scents, colours!

The sleepless face... sterilized by drops of pain...
Skies, mirrors, screams... shapes foundering into the scene

Beyond my eyes
Beyond my words
Echoes of empty promises
The touch of conclusion

Eager to see...
Eager to show those who see!
No-one answers, no-one is
Leave me here!

verse IIIback to top
In Memoriam
In the dark... in death
Eyes can't see... I cannot feel
No voices... no light... no existence
A dreamlike void surrounds me

silence ... emptiness ... peace of mind ... in death

In emptiness...
I focus my thoughts on my life
In death I have the time to think of the past

verses I & II

won't break my peace of mind
Because here I must dwell eternally

In memoriam...
For the one that once was me
Entombed remains
A gravestone marks I've passed away...
(Sacred... to the memory of myself)back to top
Mythic Silence (As They Wander In The Mist)
(instrumental)back to top
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