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Sepultura lyrics

Album: Morbid Visions / Bestial Devastation [1986]

 01  Morbid Visions
 02  Mayhem
 03  Troops of Doom
 04  War
 05  Crucifixion
 06  Show Me the Wrath
 07  Funeral Rites
 08  Empire of the Damned
 09  The Curse
 10  Bestial Devastation
 11  Antichrist
 12  Necromancer
 13  Warriors of Death
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Morbid Visions
The roman empire has crucified the messiah
The bestial power has sacrified your gods
Feared by his power, the cross he'll carry
And visions of destruction, this night you'll see

Crucified, killed, buried
Sacrificed messiah
Kneeled down, blood stained

The christians, today they still cry
But the bastards adore images
Remembrances from the past, from the crucifixion
Rotting christ, nailed to the cross
From the semen of the mankind
We'll spread our seed
And we'll show to the devoted
The truth, the painful truth

Cry preachers
Because your God has forgotten
The antichrist there is to prove
Death and destruction will still reignback to top
Endless war, endless screams
In the boundaries of hell we live
Total death, total hate
On the devastated plains we fight
Evil minds, insane minds
Mutilated corpses over the ground
Soldiers of hell, soldiers of death
Seeking victims to exterminate

Black death, black night
Where the spirits leave their crypts
Tortured souls, drifting souls
By the world of hate
Multiradiation, multideath
Destroys and kills even in the deep of hell
Fallen corpses, fallen angels
Total injury is the only rule


Death slaughter, death rules
Under the sign of fear we live
Bestial lust, bestial rites
Darkness send it's bestial warriors
Shrill cries, tormenting cries
Break the silence of the dark night
Living with hate, living with death
Giving the world total destruction

Blood world, rotting world
Corrosion of the insane human mind
Black pest, devastating pest
Under the evoking circle we pray
Baptized skull, evil skulls
People screaming chained underground
There is no return, there is no escape
In the evil refuge you are slaves

Mayhemback to top
Troops of Doom
Total eclipse hides the earth
The night of doom has come
Antichrist soldiers are proclaimed
To send souls to the hell

Catastrophe and destruction
Mankind is slaughtered without mercy
Suphul clouds are in the air
Legions winds corrose the universe

The messiah, redeemers of mankind
Chained in the valley of hades
Crowds blinded by evil
Only death is real
Total destruction
Walls of churches
Stained by blood
Altars burning in the flames
The doom cries out for insanity

The nuclear war announces the end of the world
The mankind is buried and forgotten
Prophets foresee the doom
They foresee the triumph of your deathback to top
Nuclear warheads cry out for destruction
Insanity and corruption of the universe
Concentration camps are back again
Third reich is here between us

Total slaughter is only rule
Kill to live, live to kill
Mass extermination, black death
The corrosion of the world is done

War !!!!

The radiation corroses out faces
Over mutilated corpses we have to march
Destructed empires, where s God now ?
That calls himself the redeemer of the mankind

Infernal visions torment our minds
Pools of blood spreaded through the world
Christians cry in torment
Asking for help to their redeemer

War !!!!

The black sunset breaks out the silence
The last scream of pain is heard
Death burns it's victims
Sending their souls to hell
Feel the blade in your sacrifice
Now is the time to abjure gods
The black war comes with the wind
There is neither heaven nor hell, but only war

Massacring the wons
Mutilating the fools
The black death empire
Exterminating without mercy

War !!!!

Nuclear warheads cry out for destruction
Insanity and corruption of the universe
Concentration camps are back again
Third reich is here between us

Total slaughter is only rule
Kill to live, live to kill
Mass extermination, black death
The corrosion of the world is done

Waaaaaarrrrr !!!!back to top
We deny gods and his rule
We defy him supreme force
Crucified by the dark power
His death was a glory
Forgotten by our mind forever
He's left the churches to torment us
We'll destroy the high altar
Until we see the ashes of pain


We'll show to the world our hate
The priests will have their final torment
We'll spit on the churches, e have an ideal
Black tortures you'll feel
The mankind goes to suicide
They have faith in gods as false as their name
Christ, preacher of goodness and beauty
Gods, preachers of lies and destruction

The gods grave doors
Is below his brain's
Rottenness and dirtiness go out
By a simple prayer of mercy
The treason of his death will be your blame
Your master is buried in the abyss
The dead, they already celebrate his arrival
In the altar of fallen gods, throne of his own existenceback to top
Show Me the Wrath
Evil warriors
Fight till death
Sons of war
Kill with wrath
Born in a village
He's learned to fight
Grew up with strength
His pleasure is to kill

Son of evil
He is insane maniac butcher
He is feared
He doesn't have religion
Killing is what he wants to
False and fools
He there is to torture

Gods of the storm
Infernal death
The blood of victims
Gushes on my hands
Show me the wrath

On the frozen lands
He is born
Living among the barbarian
Violence is his business
He's forged his sword
On the fire of pandemonium
Blessed by hell
Feared by christians

Gods of the storm
Infernal death
The blood of victims
Gushes on my hands
Show me the wrathback to top
Funeral Rites
The doom is near in this night
Bloody skulls are over the pentagram
Cry for the sabbath bells
Fallen angels scream for mercy

It's time to bury the priest
On the down of meggido your grave is dig
The sky turns as black as spell
Haunting my eyes and mind

Funeral rites

You are chosen by hell
Dig your sepulchre
We force you to come in
Wand we'll bury you alive

Black songs are heard with the funeral
Rotting corpses mutilated over the ground
Graves will be violated
And corpses will be stolen

Funeral ritesback to top
Empire of the Damned
There is an empire in the boundaries of hell
Where only the death can reach and only the demons reign
Place of lust, blasphemy and eternal darkness
Where the ritual sacrifices and offered to the master

Illusions of darkness
Power of death
Strength of hell
Empire of the damned

On the black hills of meggido you'll find
A place so cold as the mist, so dark as the night
Black armies march to the hills
To make the power of the reign of darkness grow

The exterminating angel
Here there's to be emperor
To command nospheratus
Creature of crypts

From the eternal darkness
A bladed will shine
Saints and gods will judged
Killed and buried

One day this empire will be discovered
For the judgement of mankind
Gnash of teeth and endless cries will be heard
The hell there's to bury, the heaven there's to dethrone

In the quietness of heaven
And in the orgy of hades
An empire will raise
Against the churches
And against the priests
It'll be like a concentration camp
A desolate place
Where the sun will be black as the darknessback to top
The Curse
The curse is launched, beware
The lord of death declared the war
Satanas is invoked to destroy,
And to command the bestial devastationback to top
Bestial Devastation
A legion of demon's
Born from the boundaries of death
Like a onslaught of evil
To destroy this earth

Covering the morbid skys
Like a mist of sulphur
I can see satanas
The cursed of death
Terminate masse's and reigns
With blood axe's of hate
The beasts of son of evil
Tormenting the preacher of christ

The human's try to react
To this nuclear war
Wich is like a endless pain
Burning in the fire of hell.back to top
Born from hell
The supreme force of evil
To destroy the altar
And slaughter the christian's born

Churchs will be destroy
Crosses will be breackn
He's laughing in blasphemy
Like a domain of death


The war is started
Heavens on fire
From deep of hell
Leaving words of hate


The terror is declared
The final fight started
The antichrist and lucifer
Fighting with angels and god

Antichristback to top
The mist is high in this night
Can fell the presence of death
Way to the mortuary so the dead's will invoke
Corpses and skulls in my countour
See a corpse bloody with the face in cruciform
How being from the wrath
Catch the skull of a children, frozen and dismal
Coming to me
Creature , kill in name of hell
The black mass is started, life's will terminate
With the wrath of demons started the genocide
Wrath, in my corpus is born
Death, lost legions from hell
Slaughter, you'll see in sacrifice
Skull's are christen's with blood

Dead's invoker
Dead's invoker

Wrath, odius desire
In my corpus is born
The fates last, terror's spread
For a necros creature of
The crypts'back to top
Warriors of Death
Marching over the mist
Leaving behind the wheack's
Going this endless war
Like a tormenting nightmare

Over the devastate ruins
I raised a sign
The sign of hate
For a masses despair

To revenged the years
Arrested in abyss
Where jesus christ
Made his suffer

But the final command
Is happening here now
Which I see is the ruins
And warriors marching to death.back to top
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