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Serrated Skull lyrics

Album: Eternal Nightmares [1999]

 01  Under The Black Rainbow
 02  Eternal Nightmares
 03  Killing Alternative
 04  Elusive Darkness
 05  The Feel
 06  Lost Hand
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Under The Black Rainbow
Death you see now lives
There's nothing left to give
Black is the sky as there's death in blood and fear
Suffering will come in many ways
And thrive on numbered days
Live life with a last chance as you die the deathening dance

Watch death take its toll
On mankind
Watch the truth unfold
To you

Under the Black Rainbow
We're all left to die
Living in eternity
We're all left to fry

It's fiery hot hell will turn you into a burning corpse
It can and will defeat you
Not by mind but force
You cannot escape death as it grasps for your throat
So consider this as you manage to choke

Solo: Jason

The flesh it burns, the scent it leaves
Of rot-decaying air
Of all the things that ever mattered
No one even cares
Surprising as it seems, very few survive
All is gone that ever was and so is your lifeback to top
Eternal Nightmares
Intro: Eric

When night begins
I start to hide
I lock my doors, I grab my knife
Haunting shadows from behind
Leave dark traces in my mind

Eternal nightmares scar my soul
I try to run
Nowhere to go
I take a look into my past
Eternal nightmares are here to last

While walking down the shaded path
I hear an evil, haunting laugh
I turn to look but no one's there
I tell you this, though you don't care

Soon the days pass and I forget
Of all the nightmares and how they went
But soon my mind is shocked again
As all the nightmares repeat my sins

Solo: Garret

Twisting, turning my mind's in fright
And now I see no chance of light
I hear the whisper of the wind
All the nightmares start back again

Eternal nightmares in my past
Why do these dreams have to last?
I take this knife and slash my wrist
I take my life it's over withback to top
Killing Alternative
They say metal is dead
It's not so bang your fucking head
As long as there's the underground
Metal will always be around

Killing- Alternative, Killing- Alternative
There is no alternative
Except all poseurs' deaths

Mainstream will fall, their trends will die
Metal lightning strikes from the sky
Why can't the experts get it through their heads?
Metal isn't dead

Solo: Jasonback to top
Elusive Darkness
We come out at night from beneath the graves
We steal your children and make them slaves
Try to stop us, we'll take your lives
We are the night dwellers to make sure you die

Watch us now as we take control
We force your children to join our dark patrol
Try to stop us, you will find
Elusive darkness is on our minds

All of your cries will be answered with silence
The only response you will get is our violence
And if you try to run, we will find you
We'll leave your blood trailing behind you

Solo 1: Jason
Solo 2: Jasonback to top
The Feel
Solo: Garretback to top
Lost Hand
Come to the land of pain
Of the things that always remain
Death and suffering will push hard
Setting you back to the start
Like the writings on the wall
Thought they were there
But they never were

Hate is the place I'm going to find
Vengeance is sweet to the vengeful mind
The clock is ticking with the urge to explode
Hell is my most traveled road

If I die, it won't be soon
If it is, you can come too
Lost my way, lost my mind
Lost the hand of time

I'm so sick of this,
Hope my mind don't split
Make a bloody mess
The unwillingness to confess

Destroy what's in the way
Lived this yesterday
Heartless- psycho mind
Blackness is all you'll find

Solo: Garretback to top
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