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Seventh Gate lyrics

Album: -(some songs)- [1999]

 01  The Maiden
 02  L.J.B.
 03  Retribution
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The Maiden
The autumn moon shines full above Foretelling
trials and blackest gloom. Time draws near to
flee in fear Or face the fate of certain doom.
Many heed the oracle; others door and casement
bar Against the force which rises here, Awakened
by the evening star. Incarnate evil stirs to
life, Long in dormant depths of slumber, To rise
in dire sudden wrath And drive the world of man asunder.
In deepest dark of blackest night, The
withering wind of winter moans. The
Dark Lord summons forth the wraiths
Who sleep beneath their crypts of stone.
Drawn from tomb and shallow
grave, The restless dead emerge
in answer. Shadows clad in steel
and sable Kneel before the necromancer.
The Beast demands a sacrifice: A single
maiden, pure and clean. Incubus threatens
to unleash his fury Unless satisfied with
a queen. Onward three leagues the chosen
ones march, Abandoning hope, departing in
haste. Whipping my steed, in sheer madness
I speed: A desperate venture, no time left to waste.
Short of time, with tortured mind, I
march across the crimson field, To
wade through gore and sleep no more,
Wielding lethal sword and shield.
Spectral demons wail and shriek Macabre tales of
death and woe, Among the mountains cold and bleak,
Forever damned to hell below. Scarlet rains in
torrents. Mortal conquers the horde. Carcasses
strewn in the valley, Valiant victor defies the Dark Lord.
At last atop a rocky crag,
I espy the vestal victim there.
The manifestation of evil awaits,
To die or return to its fiery lair
A yard of naked steel unsheathed
Detects its mark and plunges deep.back to top
You can be my joy or you can be my sorrow.
Are you gonna stay or leave me tomorrow?
This I ask you.
"I can't stay," you say, "I must be true to my man."
Every little thing you do, everything about you,
Makes me want to be your man
And please you any way I can.
L.J.B....Stars in your eyes, sunshine in your smile,
You came to me.
We loved and laughed for a little while.
Still I miss you. But what can I do if I can't kiss you now--
Except be on my way, and live to find
Another special someone, someday.
I tried to make my dreams come true.
In my dreams you love me just like I love you.
Loving you was better than my fantasies.
But now I feel so cold, I think my heart could freeze.
Still I don't regret the past.
I only wish like hell
Our love could last forever.back to top
Barren fields for leagues on leagues
Defy the dreams of God and man.
Blackened earth and withered stone,
Dust and ash once flesh and bone,
Witness bear, for sins atone.
Deliverance or death at hand!
Waters subside, evil has died;
Seed of destruction was planted far deeper.
Wake of the tide, angels nave cried,
Damned met the blade of the merciless reaper.
Creator implores, mankind just ignores.
Satan has taken control of the nations.
Soul cannot rise, burdened with lies.
Enter the grave, no hope of salvation.
Confession cries for absolution
But whose the knees that bend,
Repenting innocence forsaken,
Fealty broken, lifeblood taken?
Too late the shattered world awakens:
No light beyond this final end.
Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done: Retribution!
Your soul is lost. The reaper laughs.
You scream in pain. Cry in vain!back to top
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