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Shadowbreed lyrics

Album: Avatar [1999]

 01  Avatar
 02  Path In The Dark
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Lords of fighters, king of the field
There is no stopping, see him and yield

No price to pay but death (x2)
See him raging, 'til your last breath
No price to pay but death

Master of spear, axe, sword and mace
If you'll survive, it's by his grace

The only price is death (x2)

His domain the width and the lenght
To which he can his wartools extend


No one is equal, he is supreme
Lord of chaos, his wrath is extreme

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Path In The Dark
The path we follow, no matter how
In the dark it shall be, we'll never bow
Faith at our side, we stand stall
No senses count, pride above all

I...forsee a path in the dark
It' me
Like the sky to the lark
You...should see
To the moon we...bark

Roads will be found, by you and us
You'll need to pray, don't know what to seek
We'll make you prey, you'll never stand tall
Senses don't count, faith above all



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