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Sinister lyrics

 1992 Cross The Styx
 1993 Diabolical Summoning
 1995 Hate
 1996 Bastard Saints
 1998 Aggressive Measures

· 18th Century Hellfire
· Aggressive Measures
· Art Of The Damned
· Awaiting The Absu
· Bastard Saints
· Beyond the Superstition
· Blood Follows the Blood
· Chained in Reality
· Compulsory Resignation
· Corridors To The Abyss
· Cross The Styx
· Desecrated Flesh
· Diabolical Summoning
· Doomed
· Embodiment Of Chaos
· Emerged With Hate
· Enslave the Weak
· Epoch Of Denial
· Fake Redemption
· Into the Forgotten
· Leviathan
· Magnified Wrath
· Mystical Illusions
· Perennial Mourning
· Perpetual Damnation
· Putrefying Remains
· Rebels Dome
· Reborn From Hatred
· Sacramental Carnage
· Sadistic Intent
· Sense Of Demise
· Spiritual Immolation
· The Bloodfeast
· The Cursed Mayhem
· The Upcoming
· To Mega Therion
· Tribes Of The Moon
· Unseen Darknees

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