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Skepticism lyrics

Album: Lead And Aether [1998]

 01  The March And The Stream
 02  The Falls
 03  Forge
 04  Edges
 05  Aether
 06  Aether
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The March And The Stream
Stream brought words
and Stream brought meanings
Through its aether were seen all beings
beauty revealed as cruelty
Core of grief as death of desire

Stream flow in depth unmatched
crossed a statue with no hearing
March came colder than invited
crossed a realm of two endings
Stream to a sea had started turning

dedicated to Iia 1976-1996back to top
The Falls
The first spring gliding
through the woods of velvet
wanderer still
and the road moving

The second spring falling
down the rough face of the gorge
ropes of hope
cut and uncut

The third spring diving
into the veins of the mountains
cold pressure - suction
here to nowhereback to top
The Darkness plain and fertile
A breeze flame-scented and warm
Would set a forceful glow

Sparks from the anvil
As high as a throne
Hammers from heights
Brows with a crown

A bow from fire to another
A season of raging decay
The gates of oblivion
A the moments of graceback to top
the edge of a forest went shallow in twilight
the edge of a blade drew a line with a clue
the edge of a cliff to sharp for crossing
the edge of the world still unknown to fewback to top
Deep in layers unwarm drifting
Lower in depths still descending
On wide billows slowly floating
In colder streams smoothly drifting

Beauty unleashed
Light wind flowing
Heard Silence

A dance to abyss would soon follow
Once another would soon swallow
Darkness as the light most silent
Silence as the darkest of voices

From Silence and anything
To Silence and nothing
Is the path of final solitudeback to top
first stairs down
the galleries of chaos
organized structure;
a hall of
sweet images
smooth marble
the huge pipes

organ metal
blew shape
forms and colours;
an ethereal harmony
dances on
lead and silver
were carved

THE ORGANIUMback to top
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