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Slayer lyrics

Album: Divine Intervention [1994]

 01  Killing Fields
 02  Sex. Murder. Art.
 03  Fictional Reality
 04  Dittohead
 05  Divine Intervention
 06  Circle of Beliefs
 07  Ss-3
 08  Serenity in Murder
 09  213
 10  Mind Control
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Killing Fields
You know the feeling
When adrenaline takes control
Can't beat the rush
That leaves a suicidal hold

Instinct spares no one
Destroying the human heart
The taste of blood
Can rip your soul apart

Devils that drive us
Do not discriminate
A state of mind
That becomes the ultimate end

Action, reaction
Blood line is not immune
To the depth of human nature
Inside of me and you

A sociopath with empty eyes
And no soul
Paranoid psychotic, heart of stone
My blood runs cold

Evils of passion
Can drive reason to extremes
Love, hate and murder
Temporary insanity

On the edge of a
Demented personality
Pain is a deadly reality

A sociopath with empty eyes
And no soul
Paranoid, psychotic, heart of stone
My blood runs cold

A choice is made of free will
Just like the choice to kill
Decisions to lose control
My self-destructive rationale

A choice is made, made of free will
Just like the choice, the choice to kill
In the speed of a moment
Life stands still, now you're standing in my killing field

A choice is made of free will
Just like the choice to kill
In the speed of a momment
Life stands still, now you're standing in my killing fieldback to top
Sex. Murder. Art.
Now you're mine
I am the master of your whipping time
The smile
On my lips
The look of horror on your face
Can't rid the sexual fascination
You deny
My face of pleasure, the gleam in my eye

You're nothing
An object of animation
A subjective mannequin
Beaten into submission
Raping again and again

My princess
Dangling in distress
To discipline
My sole purpose never ends
On your knees
My satisfaction is what I need
The urge
To take my fist
And violate every orifice


Slaves to my torments
Scream to your heart's content
Time and time again
Pleasure in inflicting pain
Power so intense
Trying to circumvent
Unadulterated battery
Manipulated reality
God is dead, I am aliveback to top
Fictional Reality
Crisis feeds the lunacy
All fear the new machine
COnsumed democracy returns a socialist regime

It's laid to rest without contest
All hail the new incompetence
Making you see what to believe
A drone in the world of anarchy

Treachery, misery, violence, insanity
Scavengers closing in
Covering the truth again
Castrate society
Fictional reality

Insecurity, afraid of things you cannot see
Words become the image of the enemy

You can't dissect what was correct
Vengeance based on how things are said
Can't see your side conflicts with mine
Frustrations lead to complete demise

Treacher, misery, violence, insanity
Scavengers closing in
Covering the truth again
Every trial, conspiracy
Compassion is the enemy
Paralyze, criticize
Breaking through the wall of lies

Suicidal hierarchy racing in reverse
Everything that's done today will be tomorrow's curse

Screrams in my head precede your death
Can't hold the rage when the the truth is shed
Blind lead the lind, line after line
In a world too shallow to defy

CHORUSback to top
This fucking country's lost its grip
Sub-conscious hold begins to slip
The scales of justice tend to tip

The legal system has no spine
It's corroding from inside
Slap your hand, you'll do no time

Reality on vacation
All across a blinded nation
Mentally under sedation

Anyone can be set free
On a technicality
Explain the law again to me

Here in 1994
Things are different than before
Violence is what we adore

Invitation to the game
Guns and blades and media fame
Every day more of the same

Murder, mayhem, anarchy
Now are all done legally
Mastermind your killing spree

Unafraid of punishment
With a passive government
There's nothing for you to regret

Nothing to regret

Unimposing policy
No enforcing ministry
Gaping with judicial flaws
Watch a fading nation crawl

Clashing with the public's frame
I'm the one that's placed in fame
Legislature sets the stage
Social slaves caught in my rage

Administrative anarchy, there's nothing
You can do to me
The world around you drifting to a
Continental tomb you see
Vioence is my passion
I will never be contained
Living with aggression and its
Everlasting reignback to top
Divine Intervention
In a web like hell
How did I reach this place
Why are they haunting me
I cannot look at God's face

Brilliant light
Trying to run
Want to scream but cannot speak
I cannot look at God's face

Blind my eyes, I can't see
What is being done to me
In my mind, only pain
All the memories are drained

Deathless torture
Void with no mercy
Black shroud blinds those who see

Naked before you I stand
Shattered shrine of flesh and bone
God's piercing through my soul

Segments of my life
Morbid pieces of reality
Twisted personality
Many faces yet faceless
Familiiar things give way to strange
No mercy, no reason, just pain

Sub-conscious control
Threshold of pain unfolds
Transfixed martyr, saving race
Who am I to judge thy grace

In a web like hell
Why are they haunting me
I cannot look at God's face

Blind me eyes, I can't see
What is being done to me
In my mind, only pain
All the memories are drainedback to top
Circle of Beliefs
Can't explain the other side
Answers lost before their eyes
Violence surges from inside
A state of mind that never dies
Born into a chosen way
Life that doesn't fit today
To die a painful death it seems
Is better than your misery
Contemplating, rearranging
Chaning all your ways of thinking

Everyday your life seems like
It's pushed into a hole
Acting out another's needs
To rule a soul eternally
Adjusting to another set
Of values takes its toll
Growing in a lunacy
That plays on your stupidity

Circle of beliefs
Secrets never keep
Living in a lie
Right before your eyes
Born without a brain
Helpless in your name
All you do is pray
Living in your pain

Mentality so small yo ucan't
Accept another side
Your point of view a memory
Because it doesn't mean a thing
The resurrection's waiting for
A world without a sin
The temples of all will crumble
WHile awaiting for it to begin

Circle of beliefs
Secrets never keep
Living in a lie
Right before your eyes
Losing is your way
Mental disarray
I can see your strain
You don't want to be saved

Can't you see no validity
Must control silencing the souls
Slow decay spreading through your brain
Devastate, the deviant will dominate

Can't you see there's no validity
Your way is not the only way
Slow decay is spreading through your brain
Don't you see the power of the enemy
Tyranny, total supremacy
Control the silencing of souls
Slavery within the entity
Devastate, dominate

Can't explain the reason why
Someone would rather live than die
If dying was the only way
To end a life of mental stains
All your life he's been the cause
A man impaled onto a cross
Pure religious holocaust
If religion dies it's not my loss

Pereception always biased
Feeding off a fallacy
Your systematic way of life
Decided for you every night
Intentional conflicting words
Avoid solidity
Blinded by the holy light
That constantly consumes your mind

Circle of beliefs
Secrets never keep
Living in a lie
Right before your eyes
Burning in my wake
Souls are free to take
You're following a fake
Every one awakeback to top
Ancient crown placed on your head
The hangmen of Prague
Seven keys to the chamber
Surrender to the God

Killing whore
Wade through blood
And spill some more


Golden door submits secrets
As this nation falls
Atmosphere of deadly terror
Suservient to all


Burning sense of mission
Symbol of oppression

Crusade led from exile
Sabotaged campaign

Check resistance from afar
Planning the death of one
When the plot is executed
THere will be nowhere to run
Ramifications will be high
A price paid in torment
The end justifies the means
To hell you will be sent

The wolf leader now is the stalked
Expansion, state of horror
Guns echo over the grave
A thousand fates are sealed
Murderous power brought to an end
Only to rise again
Cold and ruthless and iron will
Protectorate of the dead

A thorough sweep
Prelude to death
Secrets kept
But no one left
Firing squad
Begins their work
Harsh reprisal
For what you took
Retribution, selective terror
The stench of death is everywhere
A severed head
A floating mass
Will give me answers to what I askback to top
Serenity in Murder
Let me take you down without a sound
Dead before you hit the ground
Blood washes my hand, can't understand
Sterilizing my pain

Washed away with crimson tide
By the hand I keep testing time
Quench the fire that drives my soul
Soothing me as death takes toll

Peaceful and serene, slowly bleeding
Eyes once bright are now fading
Pallid ashen face against my skin
Staring blindly at some distant place

Washed away by crimson tide
By my hand I keep testing time
Straight flesh face adorns your neck
Spilling your blood all over my flesh

Quench the fire that drives my soul
Soothing me as death takes toll
Divine godsend enveloping me
Spiritual ecstacy sets me freeback to top
Driving compulsion, morbid thoughts come to mind
Sexual release buried deep inside
Complete control of a prized possession
To touch and fondle with no objection
Lonely souls, an emptiness fulfilled
Physical pleasures and addictive thrill
An object of perverted reality
An obsession beyond your wildest dreams

Death loves final embrace
Your cool tenderness
Memories keep love alive
Memories will never die

The excitement of dissection is sweet
My skin crawls with orgasmic speed
A lifeless object for my subjection
An obsession beyond your imagination
Primitive instinct, a passion for flesh
Primal feeding on the multitudes of death
Sadistic acts, a love so true
Absorbingly masticating a part of you


I need a friend
Please be my companion
I don't want to be
Left alone with my sanity

Erotic sensations tingle my spine
A dead body lying next to mine
Smooth blue black lips
I start salivating as we kiss
Mine forever, this sweet death
I cannot forget your soft breaths
Panting excitedly with my nads around
Your neck

Shades are drawn
No one out can see
What I've done
What's become of me
Here I stand
Above all that's been true
How I love
How I love to kill youback to top
Mind Control
Unknown are the caverns of the mind
New realms of affliction lurk inside
Unbound massive mental energy
Your last breaths taken from you easily

Incoherence disrupts your rationale
Involuntary, your last confessional
No seense of being, missing segments of time
Inconsistency is feeding on your mind

Mind control, pain unfolds
I own all your sensations
Weakening, reasoning
Mesmeric full demolition
Behold the threshold of the web
Screaming souls fear echoes
Piercing boundaries of death

Penetration of the window to your soul
Deterioration of the mind, no self-control
Temporary, comprehend no memories
Hollow carcass of a man is all I leave

Execution but a thought in the end
Slowly reasing your life and what has been
Passing victims in the land of secrecy
Cerebral death can come to you in your dreamsback to top
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