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Social Distortion lyrics

Album: Prison Bound [1988]

 01  It's the Law
 02  Indulgence
 03  Like an Outlaw (For You)
 04  Backstreet Girl
 05  Prison Bound
 06  No Pain No Gain
 07  On My Nerves
 08  I Want What I Want
 09  Lawless
 10  Lost Child
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It's the Law
Awesome song by Social D

We're sitting here in this cell
You know it's like a living hell
Was what you did really a crime?
The judge says you have to serve time

It's the law, you're in jail
It's the law that sets your bail
Don't bother to try and fight
It's only a few more nights

The deputy had a bad night
He couldn't get it up for his wife
So he's gonna be pissed on the job and
He's gonna bum out your life

It's the law, you're in jail
It's the law that sets your bail
Don't bother to try and fight
It's only a few more nightsback to top
Tabbed By Matt Shepard

A wish or a longing for, an obsession much too strong
Gratification of desire, an object requested for
A sesual feeling, an extension of time
Is it good or bad?
Does your conscience bother you
Does it make you sad or glad?back to top
Like an Outlaw (For You)
Like an outlaw
I'd lie for you
I'd kick and scream and do time for you
I'd rob and steal and go without meals and
Terrorize this town
For you-for you

Like an outlaw
I'd lurk in the baddest parts of town
I'd wait there for you baby
Until they hunt me down
For you-for you

Like an outlaw
They'd put a price on my head
Wanted dead or alive or painted a bloodied red
For you-for you
Like an outlaw
I'd kill for you
I'd kick and scream and hang for you
I'd go inside and kick some hide and
Bury a man who died
For you-for youback to top
Backstreet Girl
Tabbed By Matt Shepard

I don't want you to be high
I don't want you to be down
Don't want to tell you no lie
Just want you to be around

Please come right up to my ears
You will be able to hear what I say

Don't want you out in my world
Just you be my backstreet girl

Please don't be part of my life
Please keep yourself to yourself
Please don't you bother my wife
That way you won't get no help

Don't try to ride on my horse
You're rather common and coarse anyway

Don't want you out in my world
Just you be my backstreet girl

Please don't you call me at home
Please don't come knocking at night
Please never ring on the phone
Your manners are never quite right

Please take the favors I grant
Curtsy and look nonchalant, just for me

Don't want you part of my world
Just you be my backstreet girlback to top
Prison Bound
Well, I'm goin' to a place where the tough guys go
And come out even tougher
A place where a man don't show his feelings
A place where a man don't cry

Well, they say I'm bein' punished
And they say I can be reformed
But some day I'll return
Did they really think that
This time it would work

You knew all along it wouldn't...

Oh, I'm prison bound
I did a crimme one too many times
It's on the outskirts of town, by the railroad tracks
Where the country moon shines
Oh, I'm prison bound
Tell my girl I'll be back one day
Oh, I'm prison bound
I may never know any other way

Well, they take away my freedom of expression or action
Johnny says I'll walk the line
With three hots and a cot
And a lot of talk
With lock-up, concrete, and steel

Well it's cold and it's clammy
Man, it's colder than a pimp's heart
But I've gotta do my time
There's a lesson to be learned here
But what a price to pay

You know I may never learn-

[Chorus]back to top
No Pain No Gain
Tabbed By Matt Shepard

Well I walked
Man I walked
Through some pain today
Well I guess today was my turn to hurt

Well, why not
You know I'm not any different
And no pain means no gain
I've heard them say

Well I used to think that life
Was so ugly
Live fast, die young
Leave a pretty corpse

But now I see things so much different
And life seems sometimes pretty to meback to top
On My Nerves
Tabbed By Matt Shepard

The sound of a neighor's barking dog
The high prices of gigs today
I ordered a meal not an insult
I have nothing else to say

Something's gone wrong with my bike again
Can they play that song just one more fucking time?
That girl's attitude is hurting my head
Where am I supposed to draw the line?

Someone scratched my favorite Stones LP
My boss says that I'm a little slow
These people, places and things just aren't going my way
Situations that I can't control

I got in a fight at the liquor store
My neighbors are making too much noise
My girlfriend's not acting the way she's supposed to be
With a little time it'll all work out fineback to top
I Want What I Want
I wanted a vintage Harley
I wanted a house with a yard
I wanted a pocket full of money and
A wardrobe of clothes with style
My style-

Because I want what I want
And I want it now
You mean this great big world
Doesn't revolve around me?

I wanted a '55 Cadillac
Sittin' low, chromed and shiny black
But then somebody told me
The best things in life aren't things

[Chorus]back to top
Tabbed By Matt shepard

A question of morals, black market love
Street survivors for another cause
Family traditions of another kind-

Challenging politics with payoffs twice a month
Too much is not enough and enough is just too much
Not afraid of one man, not afraid of ten

Like a pirate in the city, he's a lover man too
Whatever it is that he wants from you
Just remember he always gets what he wants-

With a gun in one hand, a drink in the other
Deep inside he knows his days are numbered
In his world he led an important lifeback to top
Lost Child
TAbbed by Matt Shepard

Picked up by the police, only seventeen
What did he do, what did he say?
His father left him as a little boy
His mother turned tricks just to buy his toys

72 hour evaluation
Immediate psychiatric help
But Johnny wasn't crazy
He was just an angry boy

Years later, nothing much has changed
Liquor, drugs and gangs have made him a man
Living in the streets in a world of his own
He stops and watches his heart turn to stone

He's an important person now
He's running with a wayward crowd
But Johnny wasn't crazy
He was just a lonely boy

The pain got too great, an eventual suicide
Fear and anger were trapped deep inside
If only Johnny could have opened up his heart
Then me and Johnny wouldn't never had to part

He's tired of running the vicious circle
He loaded and cocked his .45
But Johnny wasn't crazy
He was just a frightened boy

How many Johnnys must there be?
Oh Johnny
How I wish you were hereback to top
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