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Sodom lyrics

Album: 'Til Death Do Us Unite [1997]

 01  Frozen Screams
 02  Fuck The Police
 03  Gisela
 04  That's What An Unknown Killer Diarized
 05  Hanging Judge
 06  No Way Out
 07  Polytoximaniac
 08  'Til Death Do Us Unite
 09  Hazy Shade Of Winter
 10  Suicidal Justice
 11  Wander In The Valley
 12  Sow The Seeds Of Discord
 13  Master Of Disguise
 14  Schwerter Zu Pflugscharen
 15  Hey, Hey, Hey Rock'n Roll Star
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Frozen Screams2:54
Sexual Urge
Unleashed Energy
Repressed For So Many Years
No More Continence
Dreams Of Smashing
Let Ablaze This Dark Abyss
The Fruits Of My Life
So Fully Developed
Burned Up To A Crisp
Hatred Turns To Apathy
But Now The Begger Changed Into A King

I Cannot Hear The Frozen Screams
My Mind Feels So Much Flattered
I Taste The Blood So Warm And Sweet
A Mournful Desirous Charade

Playing With My Sensual Toy
I See It Down Below
My Fingers Touched The Creature's Neck
Seduced Me To Move On
My Plans Get True Without Repent
For Whom I Shed A Tear?
You Have To Pay The Rightous Price
'Til I Get Jailed Againback to top
Fuck The Police3:25
New Age Rebellion - Anarchy
Intoxicated With Injustice Of Law
Sneaking Lifes - Mental Decay
Practicise Subversive Dirty Needs
No Acts Of Grace - Stand Up And Fight
You Are Their Slave But Never Questioned Why
Born On Your Knees - Don't Give A Shit
You Are Remote Controlled But Who Is To Blame

Fuck The Police

Blaze Of Anger - Deaf And Blind
The Enemy That Overshadows Us All
Out Of Control - Disrooted Minds
The Final Judgement And The Final Day Will Come
Too Much Pressure - To Much Power
Until The Point Of No Return
Interwar Period - Martial Games
To Find Out What They Try To Ignore

Eternal Lies - Visions Of Change
When The Dreams Of Freedom Awake
Methods Of Greed - Bleeding Hearts
An Easy Target For The One With The Gun
Empty Promises - Better Left Unsaid
Illusions Shattered By Mendacity And Hate
Supremacy - Hungry To Kill
No More Effectual Fervent Supplicationback to top
Es Wird Nie Mehr So Sein Wie Es Frsher Einmal War
Der Zauber Ist Verflogen Denn Sie Ist Nicht Mehr Da
Nur Sie War Fsr Mich Immer Eine Kleine Ssnde Wert
Doch Sie Wollte Nur Das Eine Und Ich Hab's Zu Spzt Gemerkt

Und Eines Tages Stand Geschrieben In Einem Pornoheft
"Gisela, 40 Stark Behaart Sucht Nicht Nur Herren Von Welt
Auch Du Mein Freund, Der Dieses Liest Kennst Du Schon Das Paradies?
Wenn Nicht, Dann Komm Zu Gisela, Denn Ich Bin Immer Fsr Dich Da"

"Ich Weiss Du Magst Gern Kaviar
Ich Weiss Du Liebst Den Sekt
Bei Mir Bekommst Du Alles
Auf Einem Silbernen Tablett
Was Immer Du Auch Denkst Von Mir
Ich Glaube Du Hast Recht
Was Immer Du Von Mir Verlangst
Dein Wunsch Ist Mir Befehl"back to top
That's What An Unknown Killer Diarized4:40
Tides Of Burning Blood Upon My Face
Caressing My Soul Like A Sweet Embrace
Passionate, Secret And Profound
Gleaming Eyes Of Uncharitable Love

Shuffling Out Of Mental Claws To Find A Resort
Champagne Of Desire Still Oozing From My Pores
I Cannot Resist The Guileful Brightness In Your Eyes
And Your Body With Limbs That Drags Behind

Affectionated Wantoness So Give Me Your Hand
Never Weeping Over Victims Never Feeling Bad
Inflaming The Wish To Control Your Breath
Sequestration From Life, Conveyance To Death

I Know That I Am Guilty But Devoutness Diarized
God-Awful Desecration, Psychotic Homicide
Discovered Is My Preference For Lacerated Skin
I Hope That Rotten Bodies Don't Get Buried So Deep

That's What An Unknown Killer Diarized

My Spirit Is Casting The Pure Part Of The One
Who Brings Fatal Calamites Still Before The Dawn
I Never Before Felt A Kind Of Compunction
My Life Is Inspired By Endless Temptation

The Day When I'm Snatched Away From This Ground
And Veins Are Exhausted By My Bleeding Heart
I Consider To Reap Now The Fruits Of Death
Retire With Pride To Write Down My Adventures

She Followed Me Trustfully
But Wondered Where We'd Go
I Led Her To The Hidden Place
That She Had Never Seen Before
My Sweet Heartback to top
Hanging Judge2:45
This Is The Hour Of The Savage Guns
Beyond The Pale And Beyond The Sun
Ganged Up With Jesse By The Mating Call Of Gold
Side By Side Fighting Not Changing The Course

The Code Of Law In The Hand Of The One
Who Drags You To The Hanging Tree
Bloodhounds In The Hands Of Those
Who Will Have To Bleed

Haging Judge
He Is The Law
Hanging Judge
You Are In His Claws
Hanging Judge
The Trapdoor Will Fall
Hanging Judge

Bullets For Breakfast And Dust To Breathe
To Be On The Point To Strike Down All The Wimps
Killing The Riders Of The Whistling Pine
By Each Wardrum Beat Someone Will Die

The Wild Bunch Riding Wings Of Hawks
Red Painted Deserts Where You Broke The Law
Your Facedown Life Ain't So Much Of A Pity
Against The Fools And Against The Gloryback to top
No Way Out2:46
Your Touch Is Like A Snakebite Kiss
Your Love Is Like A Boon
A Leader In My Haggard Dreams
Emotions Of A Fool

No Way Out

I'm Spoiling You With My Prurience
My Sadness Disappears
The Way You Told Me Beside Stories
Still Pleasant To My Ears

A Willing And Addictive Girl
Wide Open Legs So Tempting
The Gleeming Of Her Greedy Eyes
Seduced Me To Come Back

Your Touch Was Like A Snakebite Kiss
Your Love Was Like A Boon
The Leader In My Haggard Dreams
He Passes Me The Gunback to top
I'm Quite Prepared To Use What Everyone Declines
I Can't Restrained Myself
'Cause Devils In My Head Tonight
Dullness In My Eyes Turns All The Sunshine Into Rain
And I Deceive Myself That I Could Never Fall Again

I'm A Polytoximaniac
Dangerous And Blind
A Polytoximaniac
The Truth Begins To Bite
A Polytoximaniac
It's All That I Can Say
A Polytoximaniac
From Birth 'Til My Decay

It's Not A Strong Man's Act To Fall In Ecstasy
I Like To Have A Bit Of Fun Also With Medicine
I Blow My Brain Out Of My Head But I Don't Care
Searching For A Secret Flavour Restless Day By Day

Sometimes I See Reflections In The Shade Of God
One Billion Cockroaches Are Ready To Attack
I Can't Believe My Sense It's Time To Sat Goodbye
The Golden Shot Is Due, Erasure Of My Mindback to top
'Til Death Do Us Unite5:09
I Feel A Rifle Bullet Bore Into My Heart
A Sudden Impact Shock That Stops My Pulsing Blood
I See The Glory Shining Light Of Paradise
And Insincerities, Forever Left Behind

'Til Death Do Us Unite

I See The Mournful Flowers Fading On My Grave
And All My Friends Are Crying To God My Soul To Save
Hateful Faces Spitting On My Last Resting Place
And All My Foes Are Praying To Hell My Mind To Take

I Hear The Echos Of Your Prayers And Your Lies
Your Falseness And Your Greed Mendacious Sorry Sights
My Hopes Are Buried By My Broken Dignity
Still God Will Bless And Curse Us All
To All Eternityback to top
Hazy Shade Of Winter1:57
This is the hour of the savage guns
Beyond the pale and beyond the sun
Ganged up with Jesse by the mating call of gold
Side by side fighting not changing the course

The code of law in the hand of the one
Who drags you to the hagning tree
Bloodhounds in the hands of those
Who will have to bleed

Hanging judge
He is the law
Hanging judge
You are in his claws
Hanging judge
The trapdoor will fall
Hanging judge

Bullets for breakfast and dust to breathe
To be on the point to strike down all the wimps
Killing the riders of the whistling pine
By each wardrum beat someone will die

The wild bunch riding wings of hawks
Red painted deserts where you broke the law
Your facedown life ain't so much of a pity
Against the fools and against the gloryback to top
Suicidal Justice2:45
Show Them That You Are The Master Of Carnal Desire
Confusion In Their Hateful Eyes When They Call You A Liar
You Cannot Suppress The Reflection Of Hate And Rebirth
With All Your Strength Of You Will To Escape From This Earth

Suicidal Justice
Collective Instinct Of Death
Suicidal Justice
A War Of A Man Life To Waste

This Will Be The First And The Last Act Inside Of Your Mind
It's Useless To Save Yourself And Don't Try To Hide
You Got A Message To Kill From A Higher Place
The Horrors Of War Switched Off Your Brain
Take Revenge!

You See Them On Hands And On Knees When They Crawl From Their Holes
You've Never Before Seen A Life Fading So Slow This Is The Time To Go
Come On Kiss The Ground Castration Of Cowards
And Feeding The Balls To The Houndsback to top
Wander In The Valley3:49
On Your Knees
Praying At The Burial Ground
Mistrustful Eyes Of Intimacy
Pointing The Way To The Other Side
You Hear The Screams Of A Million Souls
Unguarded And Left To Their Own Resources
Where Time Turned Into A Frozen Block
And Even The Water Of Life

You Will Die!

Wander In The Valley

As You Reach For The Sky
With Hollow Shells Of Faded Dreams
Time Bomb Ticking Has Just Begun
To Make Reprisals On What I Have Done
Like Grains Of Sand That Fall From My Hand
The Fate I Feel Is Drawing Near
Shackles In My Brain Losing So Fast
Waiting To Unfold

Mummified Bodies
Elixir Of Life Wasting Away
Perpetual Glares Of Those Who Are Delivered
Entomber In The Derbis Of Honour And Blood
A Sinful Voice That Prophesied
Death Becomes Easy Just Close Your Eyes
Incantation Of Freedom So Urgent And True
Your Wish Is My Commandback to top
Sow The Seeds Of Discord2:29
Incubation Of A Mental Disease
Transpiration Of A Spiteful Liquid
Coming To Terms With The Devil
Threatening Like The Reaper In A Saddle

You Sow The Seeds Of Discord
You'll Reap The Fruits Of Death

He Learned To Dominate The Gamesmanship Of War
An Outrage, Cynic For Use All
You Are A Rusty Nail In Our Coffin
The World's Reminding Exibition

One Man's Meat Is Another Ones Poison
So Kill Yourself With Tears Of Joy
We'll Never Accept To Bite The Dist Like This
Got A Mighty Weapon To Defend Usback to top
Master Of Disguise3:01
Unnatural Caresses Of A Man Without Remorse
He Didn't Realize The Fact That Love Can't Be Commanded
Confusion And Depravity, Rituals Of Death
Memories Linger In His Brain; Dreams In A Bed Of Nails

Possessed By All The Souvenirs
Possessed By Crying Children
Spreading Madness Kile Disease
Near Death Experience

Master Of Disguise

A Dirty Smile Is Integrate Into Killer's Face
Bloodshot Eyes Stare Resolutely, Watch The Victim's Race
Welcome To The Surgery; Hearts Will Be Removed
Raping To Find Satisfaction; Posing Like A Dog

Hidden Deep Inside

When The Flame Of Life Grows Cold And Every Lie Is True
Ride The Wings Of Sacrifice But Never Play The Fool
Incarnation Of The Evil One; Crushing Skulls And Bones
You Don't Belong To The Human Race
No Mercy For Your Soulback to top
Schwerter Zu Pflugscharen4:00
Mit Stiefeln Hast Du Mich Getreten
Wie Ein Wolf Auf Mich Gelauert
Ich War Dir Hilflos Ausgeliefert
Hast Meine Wsrde Mir Geraubt
Um Gnade Liessest Du Mich Winseln
Zu Oft Den Tod Mir Prophezeit
Niemals Werd' Ich Den Frieden Finden
Voller Hass Und Leid

Die Peitsche Musst' Ich Tzglich Spsren
Und Auch Den Dolch In Meinem Leib
Die Spritzen Die Mich So Sehr Quzlten
Das Gift In Mir Fsr Alle Zeit
Heute Noch Fshle Ich Die Schmerzen
Dein Geist Verfolgt Mich Tag Und Nacht
Und Niemals Werd' Ich Frieden Finden
Ein Krsppel Voller Leid Und Hass

Schwerter Zu Pflugscharen

Verdunkelt Hast Du Mir Die Augen
Mein Rsckrat Mir Gebrochen
Die Wunden Tief In Meinem Innern
Werden Niemals Heilen
Du Bist Die Ausgeburt Der H™Lle
Gezeugt Von Denen Die Geschwiegen
Und Die, Die All Den Wind Geszt
Werden Sturm Ernten

Doch Irgendwann Werd' Ich Dich Finden
Egal Wo Du Dich Auch Versteckst
Du Wirst Vor Mir Zu Kreuze Kriechen
Dein Blut, Es Wird Mir Schmecken
Und Erst Wenn Du Begraben Bist
In Der Erde Der Gerechtigkeit
Dann Erst Kann Ich Frieden Finden
Bis In Alle Ewigkeit...back to top
Hey, Hey, Hey Rock'n Roll Star
I Wanna Be A Rock'n Roll Star
I Wanna Be The One Who Plays An Ace Guitar
In Every Town I Want To Get My Drinks For Free
And Thousand Girls Will Cry When I Have To Leave

Hey, Hey, Hey Rock'n Roll Star

I Wanna Be The One With Preference To Fuck
A Heavy Metal Gentleman Rising Out Of Ruck
I Am So Nimble-Fingered, Rubbing Strings So Fast
Also Between Your Maiden Girlfriends Legs

I'll Surely Never Get Reduced To Penury
Like A Poor Wretch Who's Rock'n Rolling In Money
My Childhood Dreams, Now Reality
Until Another Bastard Gets Bigger Than Meback to top
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