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Solstice lyrics

Album: New Dark Age [1998]

 01  The Sleeping Tyrant
 02  Cimmerian Codex
 03 Alchemiculte
 04  Hammer Of Damnation
 05 The Anguine Rose
 06  Blackthorne
 07  The Keep
 08  Cromlech
 09  New Dark Age II
 10 Legion XIII
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The Sleeping Tyrant
Out of reach in realms beyond
All light and truth the hidden son
From bloodied womb father creation
Narcissus high among the suns

Under inanimate lakes of carrion pallor
Where the weight of purity bore him down
Enthroned on thorns of brimstone fury
The thief of always anoints his brow

Legion guide us, calvary calls
Entwined in threads of earthbound lust
The blood of Hubris rising (fearful)
Cast him down, nay cast him out

Beneath sombre forest funeral halflight
And moonsoaked spires of mighty oak
Titans march to summers death throes
Valour gilded hearts to overthrow
(The Sleeping Tyrant)back to top
Cimmerian Codex
Forgive me father (for I have dreamed)
Of nighted vales, betwixed time and light
Still falls the rain, silent, unclean
Unfetted, unleashed, I sought the gate
Lascivious, beckoning, at the threshholds forbode
Satyriasis vermivorous in shadow encloaked
Frozen in antiquity (mocking cruelly)
Terous in angle citadels profane
Across yawning chasm of tribulation
Farewell to Sol, in perpetuum rise
(Ascension beyond) corporeal constraint
Would the glaze of Algol sear my eyes?

Winds from the black mountain, rend and tear
Sepulchral thanes, so much walking dust
Icelocked the nexus, an empire awaits
Axiom abhorent, protean triumvirate

Forgive me father (for I walk alone)
To a destiny untained, opaque, my own.back to top
Hammer Of Damnation
Enjewelled the crown, of mirrored deception
Where the serpent lay coiled, upon Babilian tower
In charnel gardens, spawn twelve black orchids
Colder than death, incandescent they shine

Sentinels of stone, speak sweet delirium
Paragons of virtue, with poison tongues
Ossific cathedrals masqued in innocence
Belie wrath arcanum (are we undone)

Downward christus soldier onwards
From your twisted tower (of malice and spite)
The opiate archeus that you feast upon
Our primal lands of winter and night
Damn us all with your mercy and charity
From chaos is found, true shape and form
The inferno of summer may hold us in check
But we will awaken, no longer in thrallback to top
From frozen edifice unheeded my calls
Dream silent among grey basalt halls
Neither here, nor ever did I belong
The haunted, the hunted still stands alone
And ice enshrined this fragile kingdom
Awoke desires of forgotten bliss
Rise to the sun they fall in anguish
Tenebrous sorrow this day would bring
Etherial watchers with eloquence spoke
Such myriad lands now forsook
Dusk scorched orchid her sweet perfume
In carven mausolea starborn consume
Tread softly for now, kin of the night
A winter moon guides her palace of light
Granted paths to higher realm sought
On ebon wings together take flight

Rekindle tempests, enslaved by frost
Her gentle caress, a graven kiss
Such towering vision of mortality refrain
Fair Lilith be found, her hand would I claimback to top
The Keep
Who watches the watchers upon lunisolar shores
Of grim forest lake, in telluric angor
(Awake) yet I dreamt, as three suns had abade
Of wyrmtongued, lurid, ill sired scions
Who watches the watchers, who sought of their truth
A leering abyss that beckons to fools
But black pennants fly in a suffocating night
Atop a keep of lore, where hope yet shines

And black pennants reign in a suffocating night
Atop a keep of lore, where hope yet shinesback to top
Lend me your steel moribund man
For three suns drown a kingdom (of dusk)
And (as lost portents) three moons wane
The soil drank our blood with insatiable thirst
A mute ocean sleeps behind dormant eyes
The warrior (that was I) a shadow in stone

I was the wrath beneath the heavens
In ebon forest, upon oaken throne

I was a liege at the end of light
By alchemiculte, petrified
Circean substratum (a conflux corrupt)
Invictus (I fell to Cthonian touch)
Heinous megalithic ruins yet stand
Carvous flesh reigns in my wake
Sapient, lorn, pariah to all
Three suns would see me still unborn

(Hail, Hail)
Lend me your steel moribund man
For three suns drown my kingdom (of dusk)
And (as lost portents) three moons wane
In righteous forged fury, I'd slake my thirstback to top
New Dark Age II
Beyond these mountains lay vistas of dread
Black sea of infinity herin they drift
Devolved as one atrophied architects
Cyclopean forms askew in the midst
(Of) seraphic decay, an unbeheld might
The arcane majesty a conqueror awaits

Captors of millennia cloaked in confusion
Cast ever out to the tides of time
Gathered in silent peripheral empires
(Of) dust choked oceans who sing their last
Vanquished voyagers of revelation
A brooding enigma yet still to pass

Sinistral gulfs yet may be crossed
To ophidian cowering citadels
Raptoral judgement upon all our sins
This placid island of ignoranceback to top
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