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Sorrowful God lyrics

Album: The Silent Grandeur Of Crystal Ruins. Amen [1997]

 01  In Faith, In Hope, In Love
 02  Blessed Moment
 03  The Silent Grandeur Of Crystal Ruins
 04  Avrelia
 05  Silence. Tonight
 06  Amen
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In Faith, In Hope, In Love
Beauty Pacifici! Ora pro nobis!
Nights. Stones. Rains. Light. Sword. Fight. In Cursed Earth.
Life - is war. Man - war. Dream - mirror. Death - is the door.
What for swords? This dust of intellect.
Cry of fools - this all will be. Die. And I.
In faith, In hope, In love. Sorrowful God!back to top
Blessed Moment
I sleep. Sleep in Sanity.
Day for Day. Night for night away in my head.
God in me. Justice suffer me in my bed
Deep pain. The all killing rain in my hand.
Cross the Sigh, lost Ray of Shine in my bread.
Horror lies, Angry of Darkness days in my led.

No, I creed Creator, In God. No, I help a sleeping man.
I can't go in dwelling - place. I must help you, man.

Who - Godless, killing Christ. Death. Man of Devil.
Song of Pain, tramp and sick. Blasphemous: That's dead!

Oh, my beauty!.. I Suffer: I cry: Blessed Moment.back to top
The Silent Grandeur Of Crystal Ruins
That one who has gone in the night, in deep distance.
Closed in the Circle and possessing knowledge
But refusing this You, living as heathen, pitiful and unhappy.
You, possessing him, will die rejecting recovery.
Spiral staircase of the cave leading downstairs.
And become acquainted with torments of oblivion.
Who is me? Brain and Pain. Angry and Rains.
Who is me? This long a Path. Dust of Stones.
Who is me? Sigh with cry awaiting mankind.
Who is me?..back to top
Avrelia! Who is that? This is next story...back to top
Silence. Tonight
Sleeping in Grave. Girl is a future wife.

Silence. Tonight.
Bloody Moon light and my dying bride.
Heaven and hell. In Crying bell for you.
Sorrow and Fear. My heart full of tears.

Where is justice? God! Rescue is in word. Rescue of world.
She's dead, but life is long. You always alive. In my heart.
All that you have left. Is my memory yes. And life for two.back to top
...Amen.back to top
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