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Sparta lyrics

Album: Porcelain [2004]

 01  Guns of Memorial Park
 02  Hiss the Villain
 03  While Oceana Sleeps
 04  La Cerca
 05  Breaking the Broken
 06  Lines in Sand
 07  End Moraine
 08  Death in the Family
 09 Syncope
 10  Tensioning
 11  Travel By Bloodline
 12 P.O.M.E.
 13  From Now to Never
 14  Splinters
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Guns of Memorial Park
At the bottom of the barrel
To great surprise, we found our lives
So intertwined
And when the moon lifts off
Yeah, we're side by side
If this is my alley
My memorial park
Tie me to the last living tree
And shoot your life at me

Hold these, Hold my memories
Don't let me forget these secret walkways
Through these, through these memories
I've found my peace and welcomed yesterday

When the summer got sterile
With books and minds
We found this time
There's no compromise
And in the cannon's glow
Yeah, we're side by side
We'll head for a forest
To a river of truth
There we'll take a stand, Heads held high
Start this life againback to top
Hiss the Villain
It's so early in our lives
For such a waste of time
Such a waste of breath
We can shake our fists in vain
Scream and lose our voice
It's our choice

This is forever
This ring will never leave this hand alone
I promise you

This is forever
This ring will never leave this hand again
I promise you

Hopefully life goes on
We'll meet up in the end
Worn out
We can sit and watch the world
Spinning on its point
Smile on it
These situations come and go
I'll do my best
We'll settle down and focus now
I'll do my best
I keep forgetting why we fought
We'll make amends somehow
Sitting next to you
You know the honor would be mine
To share your arguments
For all of timeback to top
While Oceana Sleeps
It wakes me up and shakes my bones
It makes me miss my friends
You wasted days, I hung my head
I wore these blinders
So I'll hide from you

You can hear the sound
When walls break down
You wasted my days
Building on shaky ground
You can't carry on
When walls break down
Such wasted days
Building on shaky ground

Sitting face to face, tides will rise
Our light is in your eyes
We will be heard, our voice is strong
You shamed yourself
And we're done with you

This is your life you led
This is my life you bled

These tides sweep us out of reachback to top
La Cerca
Grew up on a man made line
That's left me warm
Count your blessings, you're the lucky one
The view from this window
Is frail and brittle
And I've done nothing to change anything
These hills in our hometown
Disguise the beaten down
Can't turn a blind eye anymore

I was raised in a certain way
And I think I've let you down
So I change my ways and I'll find a brand new path

Let's crash these gates and join this party
I want to be welcomed not tolerated
I'm watching my own eyes
Looking for truth
I started doubting but fell into the pool
This resolutions firm and panic sets in
In order to grow you must be open to learn

Grew up on a man made line
That's left me empty

I've seen these scenes
Haunt me in my dreams
I've just begun to question why
How could I forget
Imaginary splits
Don't have a thing a to do with lifeback to top
Breaking the Broken
On a holiday slow motion sets its pace
And it makes me pray for Capricorns sweet face
Our lives get tangled up in progress
Falling short on life's test
When all that matters should be me and you

And you say it's not ok
Despite our life you cannot say
And you say you're not ok
Romance postmarked holiday

Well I can't explain how we made it this far
And you should know, only you control my heart
Feelings overshadow Reason, Blocks out everything
And all that matters should be me and you

I wouldn't trade what I got
Not for anythingback to top
Lines in Sand
Sometimes a struggle builds you somehow
Tears you down, Leaves you dead
Time will pass, back to life
Hand on Shoulders, Bigger, Better
Sunday night, Tempers flair
Fights erupt and trickle down
Apologies, threats and lies
Backing down, compromise

While this city burns
These wounds will heal
You'll find your way
Though lines in sand
Become a proving ground
You'll find in time
Who can top who is their life

Sometimes a struggle leaves you fragile
Shaken up, Shotgun shy
With heartache past, and open eyes
You'll come back stronger, Bigger, Better
Maybe this time, Things will change
Brand new day, Forgive, Forget
Time has past, back to life
Hand on Shoulders, Bigger, Better

Only you with time can define your life
It's yoursback to top
End Moraine
This is your history
You made what you will be
Facts are of no concern
They upset your story
The past is what we learn
It upholds your glory
Revisionist history

I want glaciers to scrape
I want to level this place
Everyone in it can go

The truth will tear this ground
Slowly melted down
Revisionist History

What you're taught
Free to forget
You're supposed to know
Learn on your own

It's exposed, End moraine
Funnel down, See with your own eyes
Simple talk, End moraine
Simple thought
And total loyalty
They'll build armies
In excuse for explorers
Know with your own eyes
Feel with our own handsback to top
Death in the Family
Feeling tense, tired, and spent
I lost my head, my sight, my nerve
Life is changing
One foot can only outrun
The other one so many times
Life is changing
So do what you will
Tomorrow is today
We march as you run

Tomorrow is today
With a death in the family
Blind faith revolutions
That I can watch but hate the sound
Life is changing
I'd give up everything
To never live this year again
Life is changing

I'm not sure I'll ever choose a side
Without a fence I wouldn't have a choice
I'll just close my eyes and barrel through again
And be glad I did
Be glad I couldback to top
Piece this together
And it's always a fight
This puzzles intact
And you're always right
The sky could fall
The bliss of beginning replaced with en end
The sky could fall
It's always the same

And it ends
From a scream to a whisper
Can you free me from theses words and let me forget
Can you free me from this world and help me forget

Tensioning trouble
We're condemned to repeat
From covered up lies
What is all out of reach
The could fall
This bliss of beginning replaced with an end
The sky could fall
It's always the same
I can't be right this time
It's all in my head
You can't be wrong this time
It's all in your headback to top
Travel By Bloodline
Did you listen to his stories
He had some stories that would change your life
This doesn't have to be the saddest day
We can always hold the brilliant memories
You're always on my mind
Turned from Tragedy
A source to draw from
A bloodline legacy

You showed me more than just these railways
It was your passion, and I learned that well
And forever, I'll keep your bloodline legacy
And you're always on my mind

This photograph, I'll carry to my grave
I never lost so much as I did that day

I miss youback to top
From Now to Never
So don't forget
In these times try to remember
The time will come
To use your voice and push your views
So don't forget
Sometime between now and never
The time will come
You bite your tongue, they'll bury you
And it seems far enough away

It's a calling card, your expiration date
When that day comes
Be ready
To remember what happened
And have the pride to back down
Let's not repeat and everyone can move on
But don't forget
Get ready
To remember what happened
And have the pride to back down

Scars are for a reason
Remind us of what happened
Stay away from harm
Be ready
We're tired of fiction
And occupied stations
Your motives look like
A portrait wealthy, Burning Wells
Get ready
We're tired of fiction
And occupied stations

So don't forget
The time will come

And I'm not sure
What you'll be like

What will eyes say when I see them
Wonder what you'll grow up to see

If we have torn the map to pieces, you'll find your way home
Cause home is where you believeback to top
A cabin built for families, not for one
These fills are solitary, Lonely Rivers run
Ocean crash duets with cars in canyon pass
Oh the mountains, Majestic force humility

This coffin's in my shadow, Tied to me
There's Questions I can't follow, Colors I can't see
Days scream past, Nights are long in city escape
From sunset to mourning mocks eternity

Falling, Falling
This life is in splinters
And hands over eyes protect innocent blinding
Falling, Falling
Balance in broken, a lifetime of choking
Leaves you blue

This isolation chamber, disguised but true
Enough to kill this stranger, nothing left to do
Freedom's lost its clarity and breathing comes fast
This escape is essential to live another dayback to top
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