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Sparta lyrics

Album: Wiretap Scars [2002]

 01  Cut Your Ribbon
 02  Air
 03  Mye
 04  Collapse
 05  Sans Cosm
 06  Light Burns Clear
 07  Cataract
 08  Red Alibi
 09  Rx Coup
 10  Glasshouse Tarot
 11  Echodyne Harmonic
 12  Assemble the Empire
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Cut Your Ribbon
Wake Up
Can You Hear Me?
You're so clever
Did you find me?
In the backroom
In your closet
In your suitcase
There's no running
I will find you
Like the glacier
Cuts the seabed, leaving Canyons
In your cheekbones
passing through you
in the shadows, scenes undo you

Cut Your Ribbon
As it follows you
Everything, Everything
how can you sleep at night
As it falls apart
everything, everything
how can you sleep at night

Face it
Can you hear it?
Violation, You'll remember
It's all harmless
incidental, disengaging
these thoughts break you
concious, vicious
it has found you
monovision, synapse fails you
frequent syndrome
stings and burns through
monovision, then dillutes you


Can you escape these motives [x3]

[Chorus]back to top
Apathy falls in the ocean
at least we went down fighting
at the bottom of the ocean
this scenery can fail calm
up till now been riding fine, yeah
but the curving walls leave me behind, yeah

do you remember the days?
did you forget those days?
what would the oddsmakers say?
would the oddsmakers say?

Were drinking on jet streams
through to
ideas won't happen
laid out on benches
through to
sink for this reason

If you see through these motives
you'll please report your progress
to the captain, our captain
so he can mark the atlas
never considered this a prize
but the curving walls leave me behind


do you remember the days?
did you forget those days?
what would the oddsmakers say?
would the oddsmakers say?

[Chorus]back to top
I'll qualify this circumstance,
broadcast, renew this chance.
Pin hope on this promise.
Graduate to this settled score.
projects through mansion doors.
Stand up, dust yourself off.
It's troubled now by swelling tide,
bleached hope and sandstone lies.
You're dazed in the moment.

This time I'll get it right.
You can't defend it, it's predetermined.

You know I'll sit at the bottom space,
trace lines in the vacant space.
It's all about to change.
Small flat in a smaller town,
steal hope to pass around.
You're caught up in the memory.

These shores aren't out of reach.back to top
The host of the show comes down
to collapse on the ground
and the crime scene revisits me
this body shut down in Bordeaux
and the shores of gold coast on the balcony
I search for sleep
the future has fallen short
when the sun sets north
and the clouds fall from the mirrored walls

Words speak and choose
make sense and lose
capsize the tall tale, but always fail
words speak and choose, make sense and lose
forfeit the tall tale, I always will

The host had his mouth sewn shut
all in the name of trust
when the blood goes thin, he's given in
you can spare us the formal toast
the drunken anecdotes
from this day on... goes on and on...

You know when he falls apart
he listens in the dark to the records turn
I'll never learn

To set it down
you'll set it down
you'll set it downback to top
Sans Cosm
Arms open but I've just broken in
through a crack in a long division
can I make a decision, without confusion?
seemed something, but became nothing at all
what happened to the old and stable?
when the powers that be fail
and heads will roll

someday low notes fade away and go true and stale
somewhere words don't crater in at all

currents turn and green lights on my right
these miles hold and infinite time
long enough to remember
and regret precursors
ride turning, foundations shaking away
it's a matter of time and distance
and test opinions
that force a change

someday low notes fade away and go true and stale
somewhere words don't crater in at all

do you owe this? I am what you thought you were
can you pay it? what you've indebted
you're back and forth, you're the lotteryback to top
Light Burns Clear
Looking back with perfect symmetry
mistakes were you, mistakes were me
photos fall through the glass
paint it black to hide your face
static screams deaf the masses
but what do they have to say?

Fan the flames to the landslide
crown yourself in the wake
we play this disaster
fanfare, fanfare, liar

Concrete eyes and flash bang imagery
you're bored with home, you're bored with me
rings were thrown out the window
rolled down empty streets
walls will talk for the widow
but what does she have to say?

Edges dulled at the end of the dayback to top
Locked up in the distance
in the falter above us
as the contrails pass you spoke your mind
old photos distort you
and you're frowning a smile
as the misery makes us blind
stand down, fall apart and the trouble starts
yeah the trouble starts over again
in the scenes of this casting
where a tragedy follows
as the contrails pass this vacant sky

Disappear, Orlean
away from tarnished golden arsenals
you're laying down again
disappear, Orlean
because your swansong fell on fallen heads
you're laying down again
time goes nowhereback to top
Red Alibi
In the back of my mind a voice speaks
spells out the master plan
now I know
she swings with the ease of a hammer
from the truth down to the past
and I know
What's right, went wrong
from when it started
to this the finish
I'll try to find
a place in your new life...
To set the fire
and cover your tracks
Time will tell, the past laughs last
syllables will try and judge you
will pierce the anecdote
now I know
your plea is a case of reason
and this deletes your alibi
and I know
once tried, left wrong
from where it started, to here the finish
I'll try to find
a place in your new life
The traps have been set
and this will change everythingback to top
Rx Coup
At the bottom you set it down
from the top I counted you out
cascading, the end draws near
these rail lines, drown in fear
in the dark days, hunger's free
illumination, end with greed
drag your feet, and strung along
fight back, until you're gone

This tunnel vision breaks my mind
dark days leave this world behind
humiliation takes it's toll
proud hope stands tallback to top
Glasshouse Tarot
I don't snap on like you want me to
because it still hurts my eyes when they turn red
I sit down, rode all the way next to my heart
it beats to the time too close to your truth

Yeah the tarot broke, open the glasshouse
and this might just be the saddest day I've ever known

My arms are tied behind disease
I'll probably be gone the next time too
in a corner in a shadow I sit self-obsessesed
too busy, too important to say goodbye

This regret, it kills you'll never forget
take the time this time to say your goodbyesback to top
Echodyne Harmonic
They say it takes a ring of gold
to fix the outer shell
so hold on until they return
enslave the native tongue
to mine their freedom out
so hold on and don't give in

Our world is only what we're told
how do we know?

Life spans 1000 years have gone
but just a minute above
so hold on until they return
sheltered thoughts and fears
if they claim what's theirs
so hold on and don't give in

Fading out, now we're fading outback to top
Assemble the Empire
Don't make this fake
last second of life
faux obsolete
assemble the empire

Following fell on hard times
this one won't count
we won't count it at all
slow down
these factions cast a failure of crowns
benevolence forces itself
fallen from state
into the hands of the law
slow down
these factions cast a failure of crowns

Slow downback to top
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