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Suffocation lyrics

 1991 Effigy Of The Forgotten
 1991 Human Waste
 1993 Breeding The Spawn
 1995 Pierced From Within
 1997 Despise The Sun

· Anomalistic Offerings
· Beginning Of Sorrow
· Bloodchurn
· Breeding The Spawn
· Brood Of Hatred
· Catatonia
· Depths Of Depravity
· Devoid Of Truth
· Effigy Of The Forgotten
· Epitaph Of The Credulous
· Funeral Inception
· Habitual Infamy
· Ignorent Deprivation
· Infecting The Crypts
· Involuntary Slaughter
· Jesus Wept
· Liege Of Inveracity
· Marital Decimation
· Mass Obliteration
· Ornaments Of Decrepancy
· Pierced From Within
· Prelude To Repulsion
· Reincremation
· Seeds Of The Suffering
· Suspended in Tribulation
· Synthetically Revived
· The Invoking
· Thrones Of Blood
· Torn Into Enthrallment

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