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Suffocation lyrics

Album: Effigy Of The Forgotten [1991]

 01  Liege Of Inveracity
 02  Effigy Of The Forgotten
 03  Infecting The Crypts
 04  Seeds Of The Suffering
 05  Habitual Infamy
 06  Reincremation
 07  Mass Obliteration
 08  Involuntary Slaughter
 09  Jesus Wept
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Liege Of Inveracity
Forced into your mind, passed down through the centuries,
Cultures will collide, holy wars for what?
Holy book of God, holy book of lies.

Chanting scriptures in vain,
Hoping to allow to rest,
Hopeful, peaceful life,
Compassion all but gone.
Effigy of what's to come,
Hopeless, worthless dreams.
Sorrow scars your brain,
End the weak, all is dead.

Come see, my light.
Misguided fools, I shall guide.
Grant thyself, all your minds.
Liege Of Inveracity.

Follow still you will,
Puppets to take your lord.
Only gaining faith for,
An imminent demise.
Reduce your wretched mind,
With these false prophecies.
Now I will prevail,
All servants left to rot.

A new race I will now create,
As I end their pitiful lives.
My destiny has only begun,
To torture future minds.back to top
Effigy Of The Forgotten
Torn away from my state of being, chosen to be forgotten.
Unspeakable pain as I leave this solid structure.
As the earth becomes smaller, I reach a new plane.
One so distant from where I was conceived.

A heaping mass of fear is what we hold dear.
For our loved ones who go to heaven, thrown away even by God.
Sentenced to this celestial cell.

How can life after death be more serene that life itself?
God has nothing to offer this decaying world.
All he will give is eternal misery.
How can life after death be more serene that life itself?

Effigy of the Forgotten

How can you cry when somebody dies?
The lord will greet him.
With open arms, that's what he wrote.
I will never believe them.
Victims of deception, forward to regression.
I must defy him.back to top
Infecting The Crypts
Exhume the wretched body from it's timeless slumber.
Thrashing the tomb to reveal what's inside.
A maggot infested corpse stares dismal.
Inhabited by worms chewing holes through your carcass.

These ancient lands beckoned the burial of humans.
The infertile soil infecting the crypts.
Of the once deceased bodies not through decomposure.
Ending their peace, their chances of hell.

A vomit type substance is formed from it's innards.
A festering slime that revels inside.

The substance erupts and it's stomach bursts open.
Forced down your throat to regurgitate life.back to top
Seeds Of The Suffering
Lies, decietful words of impatience.
Futile words of evasion.

The gods that have once spoken to me.
Have abandoned me to my pre - destined state.
A state in which there are no words, is no language.
Only the language of the endless suffering.

Suffering that brings me to appreciate my new found existance.
One that spawns forth a new being.
A being in which there is no appreciation for his fellow man to see.
Hatred and remorse unto those who have punished me.
Punishment too cold to see.
I don't see, I don't see.
One that I have once created.
Forced to change, I don't need.

The path of abomination of all things.

For I am now a seed, that will one day set forth a new race.
One that will cleanse my soul.
Anticipation of the weak - minded fools.

One that my once beloved gods will not recognize.

Race which feeds off the suffering.
As the mortals cry out their new found god.

The race grows strong.
Until the day.
The day of judgement.

The race grows strong.
Until the day.back to top
Habitual Infamy
Pray in homage under shadows of ancestry.
Conceptual lords above bathing in your inquiry.
Memorizing thoughts thought hallucinations of despair.
Imminence burns within, plague yourself to disrespect.
Battered visions, desolation drips into your eyes.
A feeling of oppresiveness that vastly clutters life.
Deviation scarred within, placed upon you from your birth.
Engaged with destitution, as it rips into your mind.

Morally detrimental.
Incapacitated existance.
Ignorent false worship.

Exit all that's insincere.
Rendered never to believ, never to place trust again.
Deny the cross you bear.
Resisting all religion, resisting infirmities.
Habitual infamy.
Malignant infatuation.
Reduces your will to live.
Illusive reality.
Images shred your mind to pieces.

Deception crowds you.
An infection of thoughts that God is there for you.
Self - inflicted betrayal provoked by others.

Sink in deep depression.
States of mental turmoil.
Abdiction deplets.
Paralyzing conflicts.
Fear of retribution.
Catastrophic frenzies.
Burn within your mind.

Sifting through delusions.
Comatose with anguish.
Tribulation drowns all hope.
To live on.

Purge your soul in hate.
You're realizing you can't afford.
Brace yourself 'till all restistance ends.
Cut yourself and release the blood.back to top
Cremate the human race!
The population has been reduced, a world condemned to horrid death.
And the blood of others heads their saviour, an artificial homicide.
The strong and feevle, all will die.
Nothing left to say! Warmongers have to pay!

Bodies rise from the ground, twice as twisted as before.
Turning the life that we know now,
to the one with knowledge but no laws.
Legal butchery will destroy this so called structure.
We want the ones with life, let's begin the mass cremation!

Genetic bonds are broken, flesh ripped and torn,
Look what's become of you, will you ever meet your maker?
No, you'll suffer 'til demise,
To the ones with knowledge, primitive actions will suffice,
Tied down to the altar, we begin the sacrifice.

Rancid death completes self-immolation,
your organs re-designed!
Your brain's been under siege since you died,
false life has taken over!back to top
Mass Obliteration
Warfare, a promise to eliminate mankind.
The planet as we know it, taken by demented minds.
Warheads produced to exterminate the earth.
The sacrifice will lead us to our death, no rebirth.

No one has the power to declare this world to die.
Voting and electing the right to crucify.
Times of turmoil have decided what to do.
No need for common knowledge, we're through.

World explosion
Mass obliteration
... of a race.

Forced to live here day by day through day by day.
We dread the fear of living in the afterworld spirits of the dead.
Thoughts of nuclear holocaust that drive our world insane.
Woman and children forced and left to kill.

Through daily hibernation, manage to survive.
Sifting through, they must be found, extinction we provide.

PURIFY - the unholy land
EXTINCTION - the so called master race
CRUCIFY - the preachers of this hate
LIQUEFY - the minds of those they create.back to top
Involuntary Slaughter
Nocturnal demon of hate, searching for his next prey.
Predator with no remorse, cannibalistic killing machine.

Attacking with demise, something to realise.
Stripped of your life, you'll see, that it's too late.
To save your fate, trembling of what's to come.
He'll testify, then crucify, as you die... in vein.

Eyes torn from their sockets, talons piercing the flesh.
Epidermic layers, torn from my chest.
Fear logged in your larynx, screams of torment trapped inside.
As you are left... left to die.

Bodies lie on the ground, victims of his killing spree.
Left here to die, to signify, his wrath of abolishment.

Corpses that lie, intensify, the way that you die.
Rotting flesh prevails, blood begins to hail from the sky above.
Masses of remains left here to lay before his alter.back to top
Jesus Wept
Your entire life, your religion is embedded in your mind.
Words spoken from a book, tell you never to change.
After death you a taught, your soul will cleansed.
But even reduced to ashes, the misery still prevails.

The day has finally come for you to be put to rest.
As your body enters the furnace.

Searing fire begins it's path.
As your entity begins it's path.

There will be no rebirth of your soul.
Emptiness that clouds your depression.
Forced in to see the light, knowing Jesus wept.

Only one thing clinging to your mind.
The prayers to the feeble god whome you once believed in.

Looking at the mortals from your cauldron of pain.
Weeping as you know nothing will make this end.
But now an even greater pain engulfs you.
Reincremation did yuo no good, return to inflict others.

Your credulous family somehow hears your pitiful cries.
They take the urn which contains what is left of your mortal life.
It's taken back to the crematory to attempt once again.
The brutal burning of your soul, thought to cleanse.back to top
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