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Switchfoot lyrics

 1997 The Legend of Chin
 1999 New Way to Be Human
 2000 Learning to Breathe
 2003 The Beautiful Letdown
 2005 Nothing Is Sound

· Adding to the Noise
· Ammunition
· Amy's Song
· Bomb
· Chem 6a
· Company Car
· Concrete Girl
· Daisy
· Dare You to Move
· Don't Be There
· Easier Than Love
· Edge of My Seat
· Erosion
· Golden
· Gone
· Happy Is a Yuppie Word
· Home
· I Dare You to Move
· I Turn Everything Over
· Incomplete
· Innocence Again
· Learning to Breathe
· Let That Be Enough
· Life and Love and Why
· Living Is Simple
· Lonely Nation
· Love Is the Movement
· Meant to Live
· Might Have Ben Hur
· More Than Fine
· New Way to Be Human
· Ode to Chin
· On Fire
· Only Hope
· Playing for Keeps
· Politicians
· Poparazzi
· Redemption
· Something More (Augustine's Confession)
· Sooner or Later (Soren's Song)
· Stars
· The Beautiful Letdown
· The Blues
· The Economy of Mercy
· The Fatal Wound
· The Loser
· The Setting Sun
· The Shadow Proves the Sunshine
· This Is Your Life
· Twenty-Four
· Under the Floor
· Underwater
· We Are One Tonight
· You
· You Already Take Me There

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