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T.Rex lyrics

Album: My People Were Fair and Had Sky in Their Hair... [1968]

 01  Hot Rod Mama
 02  Scenescof
 03  Child Star
 04  Strange Orchestras
 05  Chateau In Virginia Waters
 06  Dwarfish Trumpet Blues
 07  Mustang Ford
 08  Afghan Woman
 09  Knight
 10  Graceful Fat Sheba
 11  Wielder Of Words (Robard De Font Le Roy)
 12  Frowning Atahuallpa (My Inca Love)
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Hot Rod Mama
Hot rod mama moving
like a motor cycle devil in a race
Blown out my mind, I can't keep up the pace

I'm selling all my midnight,
still broke and living on the ground
My gone little mama cut out without a sound

With my greased-up levis,
baseball boots above my head
If it wasn't such a tragedy I might wish I was dead

She took my ice-cream mustang
and my purple coloured dodeville
She even took my panpipes and my elixir of life pillback to top
Smile your smile Mister Scenescof
Its not hard to have run off
On a physical ride
With my babe by your side
Smile your smile for a while

It was grand to have known her
It was grand to have known her
I don't need anyone
To dictate all my fun
Smile your smile and then runback to top
Child Star
Mountain eyes, peeping out of his head
Sipping tea composing in his bed
A hundred hands working on a musical of old
Debussy and Mendlessohn
Handel and Dvorak of old
Child star protegé of Mister Gormez
Who said you'd go far
Child star,
they do not see just what a precious gem you'd be
Sad to see them watching you fade into invisibility

Twelve years old,your elvish fingers kiss your Beethoven hair
The awesome people stare
They're unaware of all the angel sounds they see and hear
Debussy and Mendlessohn
Handel and Dvorak of old
Child star protegé of Mister Gormez
Who said you'd go far
Child star and when you died at just thirteen they wept and wrung their hair
Sad to see them mourning you when you are there
Within the flowers and the trees
Child star etc.back to top
Strange Orchestras
Saw a face in a conical of lace, it was a strange orchestra
Mannikin skin pounding on a bass-drum, strange orchestra
Lillipution, evil in the eyes of the man with the leaf harp
He lusts for the urchin hiding under mountains of moleskin

A big cat like t-tyrannosaurus going to Lilliput
The ensemble make a tiny rumble, the celloist solos

The sky blackens and the bass string slackens and they stand statuesquely
Then they giggle and they wiggle through the door in the big dark oak treeback to top
Chateau In Virginia Waters
Broken English words cracked the air like a bell
She had a chateau in Virginia Waters
Free from all those culture vultures
Her silver car a silver cloud cloaked the air in a shroud
Her pearly author's teeth tore the seasoned cedar coloured pheasant

Her one rich wish is to write a book about
A venetian mother's problems on a barge in little Venice

She peers at the portrait of her poetess grandmother
Who's theatrical in character
Wise just like Socrates
She sinks her nails into the aged canvas
But the power from the wordster's head was cool and shrill and frightening

Miss Drag is intermingled with the powder-blue chaise lounge
She types some acid words to her hairless havana art dealer

Her one rich wish is to write a book about a chateau in Virginia Waters
Free from all those culture vulturesback to top
Dwarfish Trumpet Blues
I saw a little man who had a toy trumpet
He sat on a stone with his lips to the mouthpiece
He was deaf dumb and blind so he couldn't quite make it
When out of the horn came a solid silver geni
Who was made just to make the little man happy
As the man made sounds the geni painted fluid,
Mind-blowing visions on the little man's brain-box

Everbody small with no lips to play the trumpet
Everybody living inside a giant deaf aid
Everybody's eyes crucified to the tapestry
Woven by the giant with the solid silver geni
Who plays the trumpetback to top
Mustang Ford
m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-my Mustang Ford

My Baby she know's I'm on a scene
My baby keeps asking where I've been
My baby's guessing that I'm messing
It's all put together with alligator leather.

My Baby she know's I'm no fool
My baby she says hey keep cool
My baby don't realise I'm hypnotized
It's all put together with alligator leather

m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-my Mustang Fordback to top
Afghan Woman
Afghan woman, deemed a princess
Born a true blue thoroughbred
Head a chiseled face of fables
Omen of no ill

Hills that spread around your chamber
Blooms that twine around your ears
Blossoms of the royalest texture
Angel of the years

Clad in sacks and scraps of linen
Living 'neath your waterwell
Praying that my youthy pauper's face
Will quench you wel

Gazelle girl striding through your palace
Precious jewels nestle in your hair
Rameses born with platignum future
Take my heart and care.back to top
Night comes down just like a giant umbrell
Slows me down, got to get it together

Saxophone sage plays upon her doorstep
Evening's lies are dying all around him

Head of plumes and crimson ostrich feathers
8th Hussars' manners gush out of my bloodstream, my queen

Clad in drag of oriental beggar
Ju-ju beads holding me all togetherback to top
Graceful Fat Sheba
Graceful fat Sheba, she works with a meatcleaver
Sweating behind the meat counter
Her skin, it leaks liquid, the odour is sickly
Her features aren't unlike a swan
Her poetic, gluttonic waist is impressive
She smiles as she hacks up a pig
Graceful fat Sheba, she works with a meatcleaver
Sweating behind the meat counterback to top
Wielder Of Words (Robard De Font Le Roy)
Weilder of words is steeped within traditional verbs
and curiously a dented top hat
discovered in the moonlit laundromat

A busted cheroot is smoking on the heel of his boot
His opera is torn thru' the haste of operatic oyster
eating evenings of waste

Sleek astrakhan, reclining on a chippendale stand
so sad they should be owning a man who's
thicker than the forestry from where they began.
Robard de Font Le Royback to top
Frowning Atahuallpa (My Inca Love)
Sitting all alone, looking at the throne of the one I used to love
Sitting all alone, looking at the stone of my lovely inca love

The huntress stands, with peacock hands she'd take me to where she lie
She sighs so deep, it rocks the river of her stomach sky

The oval moon, it tans the faun who holds grapes for my love
Sitting all alone, sitting in the throne of my lovely inca love

hare krishna

I come from a time where the burning of trees was a crime,
I lived by a sea where to be was a thing of true joy,
My people were fair and had sky in their hair,
But now they're content to wear stars on their brows.

eback to top
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