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T.Rex lyrics

Album: Prophets, Seers & Sages The Angels of the Ages [1968]

 01  Deboraarobed
 02  Stacey Grove
 03  Wind Quartets
 04  Conesuela
 05  Trelawny Lawn
 06  Aznagel The Mage
 07  The Friends
 08  Salamanda Palaganda
 09  Our Wonderful Brownskin Man
 10  Oh Harley (The Saltimbanques)
 11  Eastern Spell
 12  The Travelling Tragition
 13  Juniper Suction
 14  The Scenescof Dynasty
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Dug & redug & dug & redug redug.

O Debora you look like a zebra
Your sunken face is like a galleon
Clawed with mysteries of the spanish main
O Debora.

O Debora you're always dressed like a conjurer
It's fine to see your young face smiling
'Neath the stallion that I'm riding
O Debora.

Debora you look like a stallion.back to top
Stacey Grove
Stacy Grove he's a roaming prophet of mine,
Hat full of wine.
Stacy Grove he's a roving catcher of skies,
Forecaster of eyes, so no lies.

Dungeree dome is decked like a pagan temple to Zeus
He drinks acorn juice.
Roasting his feet by the furnace of peat,
He roars at the boars who massively sleep at his feet.

Antelope head his beard skylark red
Is tucked 'neath the good of his summer sun hood.
And now that the gate of his evening is late
He sits on a log picking ticks off the back of his dog.back to top
Wind Quartets
The wind quartet howls softly
My jeep hand strokes her necklace
Crusted, crammed with old Etruscan gold.

Her bird head torn with summer
Inspects a Spartan runner
Robbing time a chosen Prince of Speed.

My goblet drenched with Autumn
Tears for my dead cat Ena
Silver Surfer scorcerer of spray.

She hooded deep in chartreuse
A falcon glimpse of white teeth
Separated by lace cinnamon folds.

We hid and rid in hansom
Cab wrenched from lost Byzantium
Lordlett who once held the earth in chains.back to top
Conesuala, Lady tailor,
Weaving deep beneath the sun,
Making things for everything that run, run,

Hermitized one you're my little summer maid,
Orchard eyed one take my love

Holy Grail head, deep forest fed,
Weaving deep beneath the moon,
Quiver mouth chants a crooning moon rune.back to top
Trelawny Lawn
The flowing mane of pain swells on Trelawny Lawn
Stark handsome eyes decide the unicorn
Is a beast of borrowed wisdom
Like a thrush in the yielding harvest field
The prophet deems snow.

The silent stork of sadness scans Trelawny Lawn
The lion, the unicorn it's horn in the lap of Beth
Laments the dawn
Beguiled, the scribish jackel-man his cap a skull-of-rat
Is but a pawn.

O sky, your eyes embrace is to vicious for my wheat
The foaming Earthguard whinneys to his leaden feet
The bullfinch rumbles
The lavish lion aslanically scythes the hay
The unicorn bids you stay.back to top
Aznagel The Mage
Woven deep beneath the caves of melted steel
Stalks a Mage, a necromancer heel,
Tortured runic clasps of Aztecetian skill,
The condor flies scared skies in search of Aznageel.

Below the sun his withered weasel scurries deep.
The streams of doom contrive to kiss his sculptured feet.
His raven legs all churned and ruined through towers of pride
Above the sun the princely guardian condor flies.

A beauty ruby fain it's worth twelve lives or more.
He stammers as he slugs over the staggered floor.
A chilled moment his dolphin eyes maul jewels of war
O joy the sunlit condor unearths Aznageel's door.back to top
The Friends
O Satyr come
and suck my thumb
'cos you're a little fawn
and you need me.

On hoofy feet
through the windy wheat
'cos you're a little fawn
and I'll feed thee.

Down the delly way

with your belly grey
i've some fruit and nuts
and a reed O.

And I'll skip with you
in the midnight blue
and carve fluting pipes
for you to play on.

In the deeply dark
when the wolves loom large
I've a snuggly nook
'neath the meadow.

Where you'll sleep and be
curled and friends with me
through the evil night
till starling morning.back to top
Salamanda Palaganda
Small girl with the smiling gibbon
Bridled with an orchid ribbon
His curved brow in Scarlatti fashion
Boots that ride the night sky eagle.
An old crone squirms upon a cushion
Made from Madras silk and satin

Her steel eyes hold a scimitar passion
For the skull hewn in Scarlatti fashion.
A cobra seer with the punctured ear
Slaughtered a Malayan sun bear
Night stood erect with bronzen haunches
Zapped the seer and gave the bear back to us
Salamanda Palaganda
Oh Palamino Blue
Salamanda Palaganda
June's buffalo too
In the Parisian zoo.back to top
Our Wonderful Brownskin Man
Blue ocean eyes, black panther thighs,
Wonderful brown man nose like a seahawk.
Musing the sea in harmony,
With the sky and wine sun that owns you.
Buffalo's dead but they groan in my head.
Twitching my hair with the dance of their good feet.
A ghostly Shawnee fed me honey,
And washed me with oils from Narnia.
Some cloudy heart blood, wept in the mud,
Near the corpse of our splendid friend hero.
His tattered head bent like a willow-tree tent,
And his ebony surf eyes leaked water.back to top
Oh Harley (The Saltimbanques)
Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose,
No bigger than a bubby's thumb.
Medieval dublet, elk horn ornamented woodland trumpet,
Cradling your musket son.

Harlequin stands magnificent
Slaughtered tulip in the psalm of his lillywhite.
Harlequin stands theatrical
Mincing smirk dancing on the hip of his lip.

O harley
Naughty to pretend it's so naughty so bad
O harley

Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose,
No bigger than a bubby's thumb.
Garlanded with bluebells strewn with silver birch
Spring grown tiaras
Cradling your sabre son.back to top
Eastern Spell
Eastern voices calling to you
Mystic magic oceans of blue
Timeless wonders cease to wonder
When you know the spell you're under
Is mine.

Many times I've seen the sunset
Only 'cos I'm trying to get
All the love my mind is holding
Unseen pleasures are exploding for me.

Secret sounds of giant sea birds
Singing songs of lonesome sailors
Golden cats in temples only knowing
That the spell of time
Is his.back to top
The Travelling Tragition
Shadow cloak swift as a swallow,
Pantaloon down in the hollow,
Dancing, his voice like a cloud
In the death of my night.

Awful eyes, black Persian beggar,
Harlequinesque, hair plaited heather,
Stepping so lightly,
A sprite in the house of my sight.

O m'dear, travelling Tragition,
It's sky clear, your a gift from the fair folk.back to top
Juniper Suction
There's a crawling sensation
An Astral vibration
That's sucking me into your sight
I can tell by your hair
In the juniper chair
And the piraty twist of your mouth
I've constructed your frame
In a plasticine game
And your eyes are the sweets of my youth
But I'm naked and bare in the ice of your stare
And I'm useless at telling the truth
So I hide with my head in the tent of the bed
And my body is sucked through your eyes
Then I quiver and shiver and start to deliver the goods
Then I vanish in size.back to top
The Scenescof Dynasty
`Meeting behind the iron sling
My brandy tounge was like a caterpillar thing
Suzy-hung up on Joan of Arc
Cloudily gave me the key to the dark
Scraping the lice from my bed
I sussed we were teleported into his head
A wormy blood train expected our feet
But I cradled Suzy's head in my lap
And fitted the stair into her gap
And led her off the Astral plane
Sculptin' her features in flesh
Her Alice eyes scan the mythical scene
And rose on the veiny snake train
And prayed to his bastille sky brain
The driver was a cancer growth cell
His words were just recorded tapes of Hell
He left us in the room of faded scrolls
In a window wall we saw a good thought chained
But knifed into a portion of his brain
Was a whitish through back to the green
Amazon leach
It was interlocked between his angel eyes
Which were bleached transparent
And his marble lips were paralised
We swum and ran knee deep in plasma
The cello stairs redeced in size
The sunken landscape eclipsing into
A pair of blue Tazmainian eyes
Scenescof then became a midget
Scratching at the bone in my knee
Then an ear without a body
Listening to my mental sea
Suzy sat behind some loose flesh
Her pirate thoughts were both young and old
Reduced to wearing bloodclot earings
She held me near she felt the cold
We ran just like young fauns
And me I fought a great worm
Sent to taste my jaguar feet
And used his skin to make my wings begin
I sussed and stole a scene from Icarus
And flew us above some uncooked meat
A plastic hook pierced through my instep
I flew too near his Brutus heart
But Suzy hip to all the future
Played the victorian heroin's part
With my busted leg and rusty head
And Suzy in a Hipolite dream
I brandished my breathing machette
While Scenescof prepared his gorgon machine
It flew out from his eyelid island
It's vulcan teeth and hydra spray
It's scaley tong claws ripping rainbows
it moved it's cave lips in worlds of movement
It makes a sound it seemed to say
Keep cool the satin sun is yours
I see your youthy aura's bright
Expell your tears and jungle fears
I'm here it's going to be alright
Then Scenescof screamed his charlatan hair
Quick silvered from black to grey
Then the gorgon moved the lizard dial
And was transformed into Grecian dust
And from the sand was born a blackened horned storm
With a charger and a spear
As he moved his limbs
The legend shaft sliced Scenescof from ear to ear.back to top
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