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T.Rex lyrics

Album: Unicorn [1969]

 01  Chariots Of Silk
 02  'pon A Hill
 03  The Seal Of Seasons
 04  The Throat Of Winter
 05  Catblack (The Wizard's Hat)
 06  Stones For Avalon
 07  She Was Born To Be My Unicorn
 08  Like A White Star,Tangled And Far,
 09  Warlord Of The Royal Crocodiles
 10  Evenings Of Damask
 11  The Sea Beasts
 12  Iscariot
 13  Nijinsky Hind
 14  The Pilgrim's Tale
 15  The Misty Coast Of Albany
 16  Romany Soup
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Chariots Of Silk
The toad road licked my wheels like a sabre
Winds of the marsh lightly blew
Stonejars stacked with stars on her shoulders
Hunters of pity she slew.

Chariots of Silk she rode
Stallions of gold she owned.

A mad Mage with a maid on his eyebrows
Hunteth the realm for a God
Who could teach him the craft of decanting
The glassy entrails of a frog.

The Bard of my birth with his ballet
Walked the wild worlds in the chase
For the black chested canary
Who as a moose can sing bass.back to top
'pon A Hill
'Pon a hill a green bird sat
Her owlets in a green felt hat
Her fortune was a wish.

Ambassador a heron blue
Rode on the dawn with kegs of dew
He said his tales were true

A ragged youth with eyes of glass
Was seen dancing upon the grass
His words were winged and wise

His shaven skull he etched with ease
The silent scriptures of the trees
His prophesies were You.back to top
The Seal Of Seasons
The seal of seasons moved with grace
Upon the Orkney oceans face
She swam and moved
Just like a prancer
A gypsy dancer
A salty shimmered shell of foam.

Out of the depths she stood before me
One breath and shells grew on my nut tree
It swayed and swum
Just like a prancer
A gypsy dancer
A salty shimmered shell of foam.

Her night it came and then she hooked her head
Unto the fleeing sun and then she fled
And flew whou
Just like a prancer
A gypsy dancer
A salty shimmered shell of foam.back to top
The Throat Of Winter
O the throat of winter is upon us
The barren barley fields refuse to sway
Before the Husky hag of early darkness
In her hoods of snowy grey.

Winter winter winter
Are you but a servant of the bad one.

Lo the frozen blue birds in the belfries
The bluebells in their hearts are surely prey
Unto the grasping bats-wing of the winter pincer
Hoods of snowy grey.back to top
Catblack (The Wizard's Hat)
Catblack the wizard's hat
Spun in lore from Dagamoor
The skull of jade
Was pearl inlaid
The silks, skin spun, repelled the Sun
A tusk of boar with dwarfish awe
Sobs on the door where stood before
A mountain man with sky-blue teeth
Upon his head a python's wreath
A deer he slew in the dawning's dew
Her heart was a dagger for a murderer's brew.

A toad of jet on a sill cast in brass
Portrayed for his sight mysteries of the past
A yellow orphan dancer rich in Nature's costly gold
Wept for the jailer of time to bless her old
But his kiss he held and shadowed for the spell of nights are strong
And spiralled like a whirlwind in the childhood of a song

Catblack the wizard's back
Daubed in doom in his tounge tombed room
We of the wind must rejoice and speak
And kiss all our starbrowed brothers on the cheek.back to top
Stones For Avalon
Let's get some stones
For Avalon
Let's get some stones
For Avalon
For Avalon.

Let's steal some stars
For Avalon
Let's steal some stars
For Avalon
For Avalon.

Nobody knows where
Avalon goes
Nobody knows

Let's make a quest
For Avalon
Quest for finger cymbal
and gong
For Avalon

Nobody sees what
Avalon sees
Nobody sees.back to top
She Was Born To Be My Unicorn
She was born to be my Unicorn
Robed head of ferns
Cat child. tutored by the learned.

Darkly ghostish host
Haggard vizier of the moats
Seeks the sandled shores of Gods
Baby of the moors.

The night-mare's mauve mashed mind
Sights the visions of the blinds
Shoreside stream of steam
Cooking kings in cream of scream.

Jackdaw winter head
Cleans his chalcedony bed
A silken word of kind
Was returned from Nijinsky Hind.

Giant of Inca hill
Loosed his boar to gorely kill
The dancing one horned waife
In doublet of puffin-bill.

The beast in feast of sound
Kittened lamb on God's ground
Ridden by the born of horn
Jigged like a muse on life's lawn.back to top
Like A White Star,Tangled And Far,
Tulip That's What You Are

At the birth of the day
As a babe of the spray
Like a white star, tangled and far,
Tulip that's what you are.

Warm and wise as a mute
In the thunderbolt suit
Princely and torn, grasping the horn
Of the meanads of May.

Sleepy dreaming of dark
Silver Satyrs in parks
Statues that say, worship the day
For only humans you are.

Channels churning the grime
Inky dreams of our time
Into the Sun, where the white one
Poems them into a rhyme.

On a hill the clear shrill
Made the Titans most ill
Angels abound, and I kissing the ground
Thrilled to be around

Vineyards spangled with love
For the white dove above
Green and lean from the waste
Of the pastures of chaste
Preciously he is whole.

Twinkled eyes like a king
Charted seas on your skin
Like a White Star, tangled and far,
Tulip that's what you are.back to top
Warlord Of The Royal Crocodiles
Handsome as life
He's our lord and we trust in him
To move like the wind
As our friend and guardian.

The elements and oceans congregate on his brow
And he stalks in style like a royal crocodile.

His chariot legs
Are tree green and autumn brown
His crown of dusk is a glimpse of things to be.

In palaces and temples near the dwellings of man
If he can he'll smile 'cos he's a Royal Crocodile.back to top
Evenings Of Damask
The evenings of Damask are falling
The youth of truth chest
Feeds a starling
With his heart.

A chosen man begged by the wayside
A horse came soon and deid before him
And said eat.

The icy claws of earth are crawling
Upon my baby's brow and calling
Please come home.

The boy unlike the man was smiling
For gulleys, streams and hills would hide him
Like a swan.

A vagabond, a weaver warrior
Produced a loom, a cheese and choppper
And said choose.

My sandled feet are fleet like water
I kiss the limbs is Earthess daughter
A little tree.back to top
The Sea Beasts
The sea beasts scull the waters
Feeling fear for thee
The hawks that tamed the skies
Wish you so well to be.

Foal in the fields
With the bless of the hills your
Shore and you're poor and your sore feetys
Ne'er to be bore
By man's claw.

The horned dog guarding grandly
Daughters of the Sun
At night in twilight groves
His pray for you is begun.

Foal in the fields
With the bless of the hills on your
Shore and you're poor and your sore feetys
Ne'er to be bore
By man's claw.

The bull of gold that's old
Beyond the songs of man
Keeps watch upon the fates
When they misweave your strand.

Foal in the fields
With the bless of the hills on your
Shore and you're poor and your sore feetys
Ne'er to be bore
By man's claw.

UFO, UFO you are
UFO, UFO you are
UFO, UFO you are, a colt.back to top
A box of doves
I placed beside your chest
A stork of silk
With rubies in it's nest
Of my love
Will burn thee to a wizened word
For ere to go unheard.

A mare of wood
Elder, elm and oak
Will keep you fair
If you jest me no joke
Of my love
Will burn thee to a wizened word
For ere to go unheard.

I'm old and bruised
But my fate is that of youth
Trickster you
Be a grisly dragon's tooth
Of my love
Will burn thee to a wizened word
For ere to go unheard.

You gashed the heart of my heart
Like a Potuguese
Witch, I'd planned for you this land
But you devoured my hand.back to top
Nijinsky Hind
Nijinsky Hind is a wisp of our world
Through the heart's eye.
It's horns are white hide
From the skin of our lord
When his youth stood
Wondrous and fair like a sea.

Nijinsky Hind is a remnant of Earth
As it once stood.
A likeness in flesh of the magic
Contained in a pearl's shell
Breathing it's breath uniquely.

Nijinsky Hind was begotten
From man's thoughts of kindness.
Its hoofs shod with gold
Are the textures of Earth's distant future
Gilded and tall like a hall.back to top
The Pilgrim's Tale
Beauty things sing to me
As a chorus
As a flock the wild seas
Sway before us

Hail as a hand is my mail
The thrush is my love
And the whale is a snail

Sailors dance in a trance
On the ocean
Fairy lights in her eyes
Tame the water

With the morn we mount and ride
Pilgrims of summer
The swift is our guide

Dazzle dawn man
Mouthed with a smile
Caution cloud lord
Stay for a while
You make us smile.back to top
The Misty Coast Of Albany
Weeping willow woman
Ladled on the arm
Of the misty coast of Albany
With its charm
Pining pillar of the wild willows end
Womanly waiting
For your manly friend.

A star 'bove the mire
Is her husbandly choice
Locked in his tower
By the enchanted voice
Of the Starguard Rhina
With his lips soiled with gold
He dares to loiter
Near our lady bold.

Once a heart was made and cast
In molten love
But t'was in realms of the past.back to top
Romany Soup
Romany soup
I gotta get some
ooo Romany Soup.

wback to top
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