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Tankard lyrics

Album: Zombie Attack [1986]

 01  Zombie attack
 02  Poison
 03  Acid death
 04  (Empty)Tankard
 05  Chains (In your face)
 06  Alcohol
 07  Thrash till death
 08  Maniac forces
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Zombie attack
I'm just hanging around tonight,
just watching films
I am on the Zombie Trip and brutal things I like
Zombie attack
The film I saw is over now and I leave my home
Brutal Zombies are shouting so hard,
is it real or not?
Zombie attack
I wake up, this was a dream, I drink my beer
But then I see a Zombie killin',
I know I must die
Zombie attackback to top
She's got a look that knocking you down
Her husband is so angry kicks her in the teeth
He want to kill, he wants to poison
Poison - he's a maniac
Poison poison
Fuckin' little worms are creeping in her face
The man gets crazy and he must kick her down
(Repeat 2nd verse)
Smash the axe into her fuckin' ugly face
The blood is running out of her eyes
(Repeat 2nd verse)back to top
Acid death
An insane murderer is comin' to you
You are cryin' horrible to God
But Satan laughs and doesn't help
You are gonna die in Hell tonight
Fight for the nation underground
Dyin' and killin' so hard tonight
We break up the wall of sound
The end is near we will fight
He is so cruel and likes the acid
Satan gave him the power to kill
Nobody thinks that he is the man
Who is killing without end
Acid deathback to top
Drinking and fucking through the whole night long
Partying with friends 'til fucking dawn
Let's go thrashin' and stagedivin'
Feel the power and sound again
We want to drink some fucking beer,
we want to drink some whiskey
Frankfurt's thrashers will rule tonight
They're well known for their bloody fight
Wodka and Cognac are our leaders
We've the best, we fuck the fuckin' rest
Empty Tankard
We have come to slamdance tonight
Bangin' and bleedin' till the fuckin' end
Playing fast and running free
Stand up maniacs, you have to fight
We want to drink some fucking beer,
we want to drink some whiskey
Liver is broken down so bloody hard
I keep on drinking until I drop
Bang your head against the fuckin' wall
Show the damned whimps who we are
Empty Tankardback to top
Chains (In your face)
Danger! Danger! They kill without fear
Without a warning you'll die tonight
Hunting and killing and raping again,
their only aim to take your life
Die, die! Brutal gangs of death
Innocent victims they like to kill
Fear, fear! We know their cruelty
Hope never to meet them
Death - is real tonight
Death - is real tonight
Blood - is what they need
Chains, chains (In your face)
Fight, fight! Answer their aggressions
Take the weapons and defend yourself
Hunting and killing and raping again,
their only aim to take your life
Kill, kill! The time has come
Hope, hope! We dance on their graves
Now they've payed for their brutal murders
(Repeat 2nd verse)back to top
Drinkin' beer somewhere with me
Playin' loud and poppers flee
I want booze and beer and wine
To be drunk it's to fine
Come and drink alcohol!
Come and drink beer with me!
Come and drink alcohol!
Come and drink wine with me!
Pukin' all day all night ling,
come let's dance to another song
Playin' destructive bangin' metal
Come, let's fight this battle
Come, and drink alcohol! Come and dr......back to top
Thrash till death
Bang your head against the stage
like you never did before
We will burn this town tonight,
to deadly metal we want bang
Headbanging is the sense of life,
we play it hard and loud
Blood is running fast tonight
because future there's no more
Bang bang it must never end
this way is our only chance
Die in blood and pain tonight
never ends the metal fight
Thrash till death
We were born to sacrifice
your souls to bloody metal
Death is behind us all,
lose the fear of killin' hard
Metal is the only aim
you have to live your life for
Thrash until you are knocked down,
metal is your last resort
(Repeat 2nd verse)back to top
Maniac forces
Bombs of destruction threaten our world
They say: We need'em for defending
Millions of citizen must
hunger for their insanity
Wiping out our whole planet
Maniac forces
Russians and Americans accuse each other
Of having more bombs than the other one
We live in an uncertain world
Be afraid of the beginning of World War 3
Maniac forcesback to top
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