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Travis lyrics

 1997 Good Feeling
 1999 The Man Who
 2001 The Invisible Band
 2003 12 Memories

· Afterglow
· All I Want To Do Is Rock
· As You Are
· Dear Diary
· Driftwood
· Falling Down
· Flowers In The Window
· Follow The Light
· Funny Thing
· Good Feeling
· Happy
· Happy to Hang Around
· How Many Hearts
· I Love You Anyways
· Indefinitely
· Last Train
· Love Will Come Through
· Luv
· Mid-Life Krysis
· More Than Us
· Paperclips
· Peace the F*** Out
· Pipe Dreams
· Quicksand
· Re-Offender
· Safe
· She's So Strange
· Side
· Sing
· Slide Show
· Somewhere Else
· The Beautiful Occupation
· The Cage
· The Fear
· The Humpty Dumpty Love Song
· The Last Laugh Of The Laughter
· The Line Is Fine
· Turn
· U16 Girls
· Walking Down the Hill
· Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
· Writing To Reach You

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