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Unanimated lyrics

Album: In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead [1993]

 01  Whispering shadows
 02  Blackness of the fallen star
 03  Fire storm
 04  Storms from the skies of grief
 05  A wind of a dismal past
 06  Mournful twilight
 07  In the forest of the dreaming dead
 08  Cold northern breeze
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Whispering shadows
Through the gloomy night
The silent shadows
Reach out in the cold
And teares the dawn away
My seamless mind
Hears the sound
Of thousand voices
Whispers my name
I must find a way
From the deadly shadows
The blackened movements
In time they seek
The burning spirits
Will be as the same
The glowing moonlight
Reflects in my eyes
Whispering ... Shadows
A grotesque touch
Of the dead
Eclipse my way
To await me
Whispering ... Shadows whispers
... My name ...back to top
Blackness of the fallen star
Come forth through the gates
And show me your ways
Take away my mortal life, take it away
Let your magic touch embrace my mind
Lead my eyes through the fire storm
I fall into the flames of hell
I laugh as i burn
In the hellish scorn i dwell
But i will return
The blackness in my soul awaits
To fly from hell
To a world i shall destroy
To a mankind i shall kill
Grant me with magic and power
To rise
The ways of christ with joy i
Burn for you
Blessed souls shall suffer and
Bleed, bleed
Like a black fallen star you die
I fall through the flames
I laugh as i burn ...back to top
Fire storm
Into the blackness i fall
Visions so dark in my mind they call
Chaos scream chaos dream in my
Voyage through the flames
Into my flesh they crawl
Emotional lust to taste the sin
Claws tearing through my soul i
Cried take me down to hell...
Wickedness by my side
Sin and lust bowdown before me
Storms of fire takes me away...
I fall from above
Through the sky
Thrown away
Into the blackness
Black jaws hunts me through the
Halls of never ending pain
In pain of the realways to my
Voyage through the flames
Calls of rise in my glaceless
Fallen ways
Into the storms screams pull out my eyes
Black roars hunts me to the
Halls of never ending flames
A flame full of fire in a stillness
But cold as night
I shall remember the cold in my
Soul forever more
As the storms screams and takes
My heart bleeding away ....back to top
Storms from the skies of grief
Flames of fire, burns the sky
In the blackened night, i hear the
Ancient cry saddened tears, falls from above
Storms of grief, embrace my soul

Through the gates
Black clouds in the sky opening my eyes
Dark reflections dancing before my
Light of the moon caressing the sky
The air that i breathe is so cold ...
So cold!
Through the gates ... Evil ways
The darkened world ... Grips my soul
Flying away with the wings of death
Enter the hellish timeless regin
Blackened grave awaits my flesh
A sinful mists sweeps around me
Moolight blazing
Like fire in the sky
In a stream of darkness
I float away ...
Through the gates ...
Blasphemous ways ...
The dark world ... Grips my soul
Through ... The gatesback to top
A wind of a dismal past
In the nameless forest of the
Moonlight flames
From the scornful moon
Surrounded by shadows
The trees seems so sore when the wind blows
Through the silent and red eyed sky ...
Those countless graves reminds
Me of the cold in the
Winds that rules the forest
Those countless graves seems to
Rise before my eyes
Through the sun through the
Hellish through the forestry - as
A shadow from the empty past -
Like twilight into the dismal night
A bright morning light reach my
Sore eyes - with a flaming smile
The sun risesback to top
Mournful twilight
The darkest sleep in the greyish shadows
Close your eyes and follow me
Into the dark beyond the dreams
Where the memories of life goes
By your eyes ...
You dream in fire with open soul
From those dreams you hear me scream
To wake up and to fall back
For thou who dawn will see ...
In the mournful ... Twilight i grow
I shall fall as the darkness steps in ...
The eternal sleep
In all our souls
Into the flames
Takes my soul to the very end ...
My soul must be surrounded by darkness
In the thousand skies of age
The evil fire burns in me
My burning hate is so strong ...
(take my soul)back to top
In the forest of the dreaming dead
See the candle of life
Burns out before your eyes
Like a mirrors reflection
Death is what you see
Cold blood flows
Through your veins
Death is a fact
And to be embraced of darkness
Now at the end
Your all alone
No god will help you
No heaven to find
You walked your life
Like a human statue
Now when death takes you
Nothing remain
You die in solitude far away from the sun
In a cold and dark place beyond the living
In the forest of the dreaming dead
Your empty soul in a mindless tomb
Descend to the shadows of a dismal past
In an empty world
In the cold and the dark
Beyond the living
A grave of despair
In the forest of the dreaming
The lost and the dead
Ride the wings of evil
To the other side
In the forest of the dreaming dead
Descends to the shadows of
Temptation eyes
The castle of ghosts awaits your soul ...back to top
Cold northern breeze
The mighty clouds from
The earth, they ride
The ancient oath so strong
Only they'll survive in fire and water
The sound of swords
The great horn of victory was made.back to top
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