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Unholy lyrics

 1991 Trip To Depressive Autumn
 1993 From The Shadows
 1994 The Second Ring Of Power
 1998 Rapture
 1999 Gracefallen

· ... Of Tragedy
· Air
· Alone
· Athene Noctua
· Autumn
· Colossal Vision
· Covetous Glance
· Creative Lunacy
· Daybreak
· Dreamside
· Gray Blow
· I. Into Cold Light
· Ii. Petrified Spirits
· Iii. For The Unknown One
· Immaculate
· Iv. Wunderwerck
· Lady Babylon
· Languish For Bliss
· Neverending Day
· Passe Tiermes
· Procession Of Black Doom
· Reek Of The Night
· Seeker
· Stench Of Ishtar
· The Second Ring Of Power
· The Trip Was Infra Green
· Time Has Gone
· V. After God
· Vi. Unzeitgeist
· Vii. Wretched
· Wanderer
· When Truth Turns Its Head

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