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Uriah Heep lyrics

Album: Wonderworld [1974]

 01  Wonder World
 02  Suicidal Man
 03  The Shadows And The Wind
 04  So Tired
 05  The Easy Road
 06  Something Or Nothing
 07  I Won't Mind
 08  We Got We
 09  Dreams
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Wonder World
( Hensley )
We freely speak of dreams
We marvel at what they conceal
But in my wonderworld
Each sleeping vision is so real
So I believe and hope
That all the things I see
May one day bring such truth and peace
As we can feel

Free from this walking world
Deep in sleep's mystery
My will is free to wander
Free to wander carelessly
At times it's not so far from what
We call reality
And at times I know I wonder
If it all could come true

Oh, Mr. Wonderworld
Don't be afraid
'Cause dreams were made
Were made to dim the light
The torment day can bring
And leave you free
To laugh aloud and hear
Your heart bells ring
Oh, oh, Mr. Wonderworld, Mr. wonderworldback to top
Suicidal Man
( Box/Byron/Hensley/Kerslake/Thain )

Waiting by the window
Staring at my shadow
Not believing what I'd seen
Touching but not feeling
And wondering in what I was dealing
And not knowing where I'd been

So I began walking
And to myself I was talking
But didn't know wich way to go
Then I found a direction
And now I needed some action
But I should have just said no
Should have said no

Why won't you help me or give me a hand
'Cause I'm close to becoming a suicidal man
What I need is someone with a definite plan
I've waited for just about as long as I can

Suicidal Man

So on my travels
Still with all my troubles
I found someone who cared
The answer was so easy
That all she did to please me
Was to say a problem's smaller when it's sharedback to top
The Shadows And The Wind
( Hensley )

Oh they're moving'in again
Hidden by the the shadows and the wind
But we'll just wait awhile and then
We'll show'em all that this time we ain't givin'in
Without a care they sweep aside our dreams
To try and make way for their own
No more should we surrender to their schemes
It's time to stand and show them we are not alone

Time has changed us all
We have our minds
Life has taught us
We all have our love
And it's time to use it

Nature gave us colour, day and night
So if you've really got a reason, then you better be right
The seasons of the year show spring and fall
But there's nothing in the world that says it's right to fightback to top
So Tired
( Box/Byron/Hensley/Kerslake/Thain )

Well I've been on the road for a year or more
And I've done a lotta things I never did before
Now I want everyone to listen to my song
And you can tell me when you've heard it if you think I'm wrong

'Cause I'm so tired
Of every body staring at me
Yes I'm so tired
And I'm so uninspired
Please help me

Well I've seen'em rise and I've seen'em fall
And I used to think that I was having a ball
But I was kiddin' myself for a long time
But now I got myself a spoon I'm feelin' fine

Where can you go, where can you go
When there is no-one to show a guiding light
What did you say, what did you say
Have you been thinking about me day and nightback to top
The Easy Road
( Hensley )

If you're lookung for a place you can fly together
And you're really afraid of what you're leaving behind
Take the easiest road, but take care my brother
For you'll never find peace fith a troubled mind

Far better to love each other
Than to worry so deeply 'bout the place you're in
Far better to kiss her softly
Than looking back on a love
You'll never have again

Time's as fickle as the sky in winter
And two hearts always were better than one
Love has the wings of a tireless angel
She'll stay beside you till the day is done

Side Twoback to top
Something Or Nothing
( Box/Hensley/Thain )

There's never a day when I've got nothing to do
'Cause something to me might mean nothing to you
So don't look at me strangely now
We'll find the line that's in the middle and run

Something, something or nothing

You say you love to spend days, but I will save mine
Waiting for the sun in your eyes to turn the rivers to wine
But don't look at me strangely now
We'll find the line that's in the middle and runback to top
I Won't Mind
( Box/Byron/Hensley/Kerslake/Thain )

I don't mind, if you steal my last dime
Just leave me any time, and I'll get along fine
I don't really know why
But I kow I'll get by
If I don't I'll die tryin'

If it's rains again, I'm gonna fly to the sun
'Cause nothon' gets done, just sittin' around
Look at the way it's bin
Just waitin' and wanderin'
I've just got to keep tryin'

Looking for gold in the sky gets kinda rough
Maybe I'm to blame 'cause I didn't look hard enough
But I still get the feelin'
That it shouldn't be so tough
So I won't mind
I won't mindback to top
We Got We
( Box/Byron/Hensley/Kerslake/Thain )

I got you
You got me
We are where we belong

Safe places
Warm faces
All have been gone too long

Sky writing
Disappears amidst the cloud

False promise
The last cold kiss
All seem so distant now

Just with each other
We are all so well armed
And with a little care we need
Never be harmed

We've got we
And there's love
Before our eyes

We can have it
And hold it
If we realiseback to top
( Box/Byron/Hensley )

You should have seen Tuesday's dream, dancing in my head
For you'd have heard a thousand words that nobody had said
And you'd have watched me try to run where dreams have never atrayed

Dreams, dreams I'll never keep
My body rests but my eyes refuse to sleep
Sights and sounds my mind created
Far beyond the thoughts of wich we speak

And then we danced on silver wings, uopon a dilged thread
And heard the song the angel sings to bless my towered head
And at the door of paradise my best laid plan begun
But as I turned to reach for you my coloured night it was gone

All songs published by Sydney Bron Music Co. Ltd.
(P)1974 Bronze Records Ltd.

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