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Venom lyrics

Album: Possessed [1985]

 01  Powerdrive
 02  Flytrap
 03  Satanachist
 04  Were Gonna Burn This Place To The Ground
 05  Harmony Dies
 06  Possessed
 07  Hellchild
 08  Moonshine
 09  Suffer Not The Children
 10  Voyeur
 11  Mystique
 12  Too Loud (For The Crowd)
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Hotter than an atom bomb
Haulocost so vast
While devestation is our homeland
Light aint all that fast
Vesuvious erupts our tune
Igniting all in reach
Leaving all in purgatory
Until time decides to teach

Power Drive
Power Drive
Power Drive

Wilder than a charging beast
Our methods set on death
Elements recharge our songs
No time to catch your breath
The richtor scale determines
If our instruments in tune
Candle light the new volcano
Power shines the moon
Laser lights the soul until
The final curtain drops

Power Drive
Power Drive
Power Drive

Corpses guard there dynasty
But power never dies
See our raging bolts of hell
And mayhem in your eyes
Exorcet the boiling oil
The volume never stops
Laser lights the soul until
The final curtains dropped
Leaving all in purgatory
Until time decides to teach

Power Drive
Power Drive
Power Driveback to top
Venus sheds her skin of gold
Sacrafice her life
Washes out the demon sleep
That hides between her eyes
Walking, watching, wandering out
Of soul she must persue in death
Will she reach you?


Venus takes the lightning
And her hair becomes a flame
With a guise of innocents
Who learn her unknown game
Dancing, raining, sorcery
He's caught between her heat all year
She's pleased to meet you


Flytrap - demon child
Flytrap - virgins wild
Flytrap - angels death
Flytrap - theres nothing left

Born without mortal care
Joyous of flight
Pleasing to the eye
Deadly delight

Venus arguementor
Torturing my aged soul
Fighting through the ashes
Give me back my skin of gold
Walking, Watching, Wondering
The soul she has persued in life
Will she teach you?

Flytrapback to top
I preach the ways of Satan
Answer to his calls
I translate manuscripts
On ancient Latin scrolls
In my shrine, my avernus
I see the gates of Hell
Guarded well by Chronozon
Tortured souls do dwell


I mount the virgin Venus
Plague the blackened seas
I am the souls destructor
Marching without fear
The night is filled with souls
In coral exctasy
The saraband of death
Will always follow me


I bear the evil eye
Possess the unbidden
I'll bring your dead alive
And chew your flesh from bone
I stalk through life and death
With Gorgon for my gaze
I breath the immortal pain
Beware the human race

Satanachistback to top
Were Gonna Burn This Place To The Ground
Light the fires now

If you want some action
Don't you take a seat
In the darkness were gonna
Knock you off your feet
Dancing with the devil
Feel the scorching heat
Evacuate the dancefloor
Were making hell tonite

We aint talking bullshit
We aint fucking around

Were gonna burn this place to the ground

Were not here to entertain you
Were gonna make you scream
When you wake in Hell tonite
You'll think it was a dream
Feel the razor fangs of fire
You'll wish you weren't born
Cry the cries of everyman
Are you getting warm?

We aint talking bullshit
We aint fucking around

Were gonna burn this place to the ground

Hells the only answer
When rock and roll gets tough
We aint yet packing up yet
No we aint' had enough
If you'd like to gamble
Get up here with me
Taste the firey flames of death
Not immortality

We not talking fucking bullshit
Were gonna burn this place to the ground

To the ground
Burn this place to the ground
Were gonna burn this place to the groundback to top
Harmony Dies
Harmony dies
Demons calling to Hell
Wise ways ye cannot sell
Praying fools light their ways
Night decends shrouds the day
Unveil the hysterskies
Immortal children cry
Question of when and why

Harmony dies

Sacrifice the solstice
Casting out the priestess
Anger lingers in death
Waiting the for the last breath
Hell has no disguise
Just look through Satan's eyes
When dogs of war can fly

Harmony dies

Death is fighting with death
Time shall feed on whats left
Prophets on the altar
Voicing his words of war
Walk through their sacred fires
The halls of souls admire
But as the end grows nigh

Harmony diesback to top
Look at my eyes and you will see
Fire is burning inside of me
Fire it burns
Fire it burns
Look at the children
Look at my eyes

Look at me Satans child
Born of evil thus defiled
Brought to life through Satanic birth
Raised in Hell to live on Earth

Come look at me and I'll show you
Things that will open your eyes
Come listen to me and I'll tell you
Things that will sicken your mind

We drink the vomit of the priests
Make love with the dying whore
We suck the blood of the beast
And hold the key to deaths door

Through many a tormented night prevail
Thy excorsions can but fail
Though crucifix doth durn my flesh
I shall not yield to you unless I die!

I am possessed by all that is evil
The death of your God I demand!
I spit at the virgin you worship
And sit at my lord Satan's left hand

I care not for the priests who are crying
I answer to Baphomet's call
A cry for help from the dying
Means nothing to me at all

I am decreed by lord Satan's fine evil
To destroy what all mortals love most
Satan is my master incarnate
Hail praise to my unholy host

Look at my eyes!back to top

Demon of delights you won't fight


Tonights the night tonight
I walk the streets of darkness
Indulgence in the air
To late to save the few
Who knew of what and were
But as I near the answer
Grows into a lore
Satan's commandments
From the pits of hellfire roar


The midnight oil is gathered
Scents of lust ignite the air
Bodies naked golden writhe
Their beauty without care
Babylon their peasants dream
My talisman drink the blood elixir
In pyramid demand
We have told you once before
Now you listen and take heed
You are a servent
To the dark immortal breed


I walk the streets of darkness
Compulsion sings despair
The beast dictates the words
For every soul to wear
Black mist Mendes whispers
Locked behind the door
Take the keys to egypt
And sing your evil score

Hellchildback to top

Taste her feel her
Rising the west
Hear the slack tormentor
She's the best
Warm me cool me
You can take me day or night
Be my inventor
I won't fight

Forever I'm enchained
I can't think but crave

Buy her, breed her
Seeping though your skin
Don't call no doctor
She'll always win
Anxious women
Stareing at your soul
She saw you coming
Young or old

She commands the waves

Forever I'm her slave

Bleed her, breed her
She's yours to take
Cross the palm with silver
She'll awake
Fire, water
Goddess of men
Take a drink of thunder
And she'll say when

Foverer I'm enchained

Forever I'm her slave

Moonshineback to top
Suffer Not The Children
Gather round o young ones
Listen to the night
Loud as Hell and black as death
Only men take fright
Sit around my flame bright
Warm your bones and hear
Virgins die and demons cry
Throw away your fears

Suffer not the children

Sleep tight our fathers
Guard our mothers well
Vampires and werewolves
Erupt your dreams our spell
The evening sabbat song
A Longing to be free
Lost children wander waiting
Barefoot in the sea

Suffer not the children

Suffer not the children
Or be deemed a damned disgrace
Blessed be the wench
To which delivers in his grace

Gather around my young ones
We can go away
I'll guide you in the night
Follow me

Tonight we'll find a path
The Hell born sinners trail
Beware! None shall stop us
Innocence guards our way
The amulets of kings
Our voodoo games
We know but never tell
Of our infernal names

Suffer not the childrenback to top
Virgin little schoolgirls
Dirty little nurse
Teachers, whores and chambermaids
All lifting up their skirts
Sister's in the bathroom
Getting nice and clean
Telescopic vision
He's bursting at the seams

Posion pleasures, taken by hand
Rapid fire, from his pulsating gland

Neighbours at the window
Trying her new bra
Young and horny lovers
Back seat daddys car
Searching through his bondage
Cindy's in top drawer
Blondes, brunettes and redheads
To satisfy the voyeur

Uncut videos, vibrating eye
Snakes alive, cause he's never shy
He's the voyeur

Leggy traffic wardens
Women of the law
Coming hard on oral
She's begging him for more
Polariod mistress
Versatile and lean
Fingering her naked flesh
Fuel for his wet dreams

He's had them all
Thats what he says
The liar
So little action
But nobody cares
About the voyeur

You meet some strange people in this place..

Voyeurback to top
Mystique our majesty, Goddess unwind
Mystique of mind reveal, Mystique of mind
Mystique our majesty, Goddess unwind
Mystique my reveil

Match the eyes of the dragon
Catch the flames of breath
Hypnotize reality
And join in with the rest
Chase the hunted magic
And pray to its commands
You think you winning flight control to OD land

Bite the heart of the arrow
Forget the purpose life
Breaking in vein
Injecting the knife
Eagle eyes the challenge
Regurgitating feast
Yourself alive in mind
And shell joins the deceased

You can take all
Reach your hand right out and sin
dont mistake it

Kick the womb of the serpent
Announce the arctic foul
No mans dog but when he's gone you feel him growl
Heat the the bowl of the chalice
Release the virgins soul
Every scent of innocence forever growing old

Who awaits all
Crawls through the pores of your skin
Dont debate it

Mystique to those unknown
While all the mists arise
Death deals in danger
Take a look at your surprise
Mystique our majesty collected im my mind
Hell bent for mystery
Goddess reveal unwindback to top
Too Loud (For The Crowd)
Too loud..

Death defying mayhem volume
Screaming through the stacks
Stop and stare at the demons lair
Burning so fast
You won't last
Crazed in sweat and blasphemy
But still we cannot hear
Legions rise, fell their eyes
You live in fear
You came to jeer
Don't dicatate to us
We were the first

Too loud for the crowd

Too loud

Souls of ninety thousand fold
Are only steps away
In the night, flames alight
Until that day, were here to stay
Blackened power metal marches
Through the gates of Hades
Weak and blind we leave behind
Bring down the lights
Inject the ice
Lucifer sings 'Let it begin'

Too loud for the crowd

Too loud

Too loud

Too loud for the crowd

Too loud

Too loud for the crowd

Too loudback to top
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