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Venom lyrics

Album: Resurrection [2000]

 01  Resurrection
 02  Vengeance
 03  War Against Christ
 04  All There Is Fear
 05  Pain
 06  Pandemonium
 07  Loaded
 08  Firelight
 09  Black Flame [Of Satan]
 10  Control Freak
 11  Disbeliever
 12  Man Myth & Magic
 13  Thirteen
 14  Leviathan
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Lies -
Body languages fight
Feel the rush as you die
Then your soul comes alive

If you open your mind
To avoid all confusion
Carnal insticts unwind
Animal resurrection

Cries -
Pain & pleasure unite
Feel the rush as you die
Then your soul comes alive

All the reasons you find
Will be your contributions
Metabolic distortions
Satanas resurrection

If you open your mind
Resurrectionback to top
You never know when it will come
Just like a bullet - from a gun
You lie awake - you sweat & shake
& may no lord have mercy on your soul

Take him down
Vengeance - will be mine

And as you sow - shall you reap
You pray to lords your soul to keep
You have a lie - no alibis
You hang your head in shame & you ask -
Why! - why!

Vengeance - vengeance
Vengeance - will be mine

You tell the world that black is white
No backing down your always right
You think your it - your full of shit
Why don't you just lie down & die

Fuck you

Vengeance - will be mine
Vengeance - is mineback to top
War Against Christ
Set alight in purgatory
Tormented moans of pain
Piercing dark analogies
Spat out in full disdain

War against christ
War against christ
War against christ

Diabolus awaits you
Tearing the flesh from bone
Slicing edge of sharpened steel
Terror to call your own

War against christ
War against christ
War against christ

Earth cracks asunder
Sharpens the bass to point
Echoes summoning r'lyeh
To agony anoint

War against christ
War against christ
War against christback to top
All There Is Fear
Arise young souls alight
Reclaim your satanic rights
In time retrospect clear
The past all there is fear

Atomic atmospheres
Crumble in ice faces
Destructive tragedies
Humble thee at stages
Liquidate agitate
Time-out for treason's
Maniac megalo-man
Explosive liaisons

Cataclysmic candidate
Surplus adaptations
Seismographic psycho
Life & death remainders
Lunar landing confirming
Hollywood daydreamers
Pyramids myriad
Alien redeemers

Ferocious deities
Focusing destruction
Searching for achilles
Warlords reproduction
Terminate trans-mutate
Visions of a future
Yesteryear wasn't there
Only an illusionback to top
Pain -
Ripping through your senses
Screaming in torment
Waiting to die

Mental strangulation -
Choking all belief
Psychic execution -
Razor sharp relief

Pain -
Tearing through your mind
Electro insanity
Chemically blind

Hypodermic hell -
Surgery through veins
Intravenous madness -
Fucking with your brain -


Pain -
No one hears your scream
Surgical murder
Halothane dream

Stainless nightmare-bed of steel
By dissection-cause revealed
Slient protest-laid to bare
Final insult-no-one caresback to top
Stretching their arms out
Towards you clenching fists
Inhaling atmospheres
From hot fiery pits
Laughter announces
The musical war
Crowley pronounces
A mystical law


Screaming & shouting
Smashing your head
Songs of our pasts
Songs of the dead
Echanting ceremonies
Of the flesh
Speed into thrash
Black into death


Furious souls
In a chaos of sound
Traders in black
& the dark underground
Metal militia
Malevolent minds
Begins to unwind

Pandemoniumback to top
You pray for salvation
Your soul you would sell
Avoiding damnation
And those who reign in hell
A game for the liar
But who pays the price
The stakes getting higher
Take your chance & roll the dice

Loaded - loaded - you lose !

The shade can't disguise
The lies in your eyes
Give it to you on a plate
Take it from the one you hate
Eleventh hour fuck up
Bite the head that feeds & walk away

Loaded - in your head
Believe the things you've said
Loaded - in your eyes
Out of sight & out of mind
Loaded - in your mind
The truth is hard to find
Loaded - walk away
& live to die another day

Its all there for the taking
But how far can you run
There's no use in repenting
The damage has been done
Every waking moment
You're living on the edge
Welcome to the judgement day
You're staring down the barrel......

And it's - loaded - any last requsets?
Game over!back to top
You light a match
And watch it start a fire
You take a drug
That makes you fall much higher
You plant a seed
And grow a field of fury
You make a law
Where you're the judge and jury

It's firelight

You suffocate
Denying all his glory
You meditate
It's not your fuckin story
You flick a switch
To set the scene in darkness
You break a law
Where you collect the profits

It's firelight

You sit it out
Refusing condemnation
You take a shot
Pretending it's a play thing
You plant a bomb
Forget to set the timer
You wake up dead
The fireligh reminds you

The fire's out !back to top
Black Flame [Of Satan]
From blackened flame
Ye shall remain
Ballistic brethren
Dark souls in pain

Defecate on the teachings
Burn into the dirt
Suffocate all the preachings
Bury them in earth

All hail!
Black flame of satan

From frozen fire
Black angels choir
Safety in numbers (666)
Worship the liar

Defecate on the teachings
Burn into the dirt
Suffocate all the preachings
Bury them in earth

All hail!
Black flame of satan
Black flame of satan

By candle light
All hail ye tonight
The master takes a bow
From flame of lifeback to top
Control Freak
Controller stands his ground
Un-moving, fixed staring
You must comply with his demands
He tells you this
Don't think to question his will
Mutter his congregation
Un-told terrors will un-fold
According to who - someone said

Controller waves his stick
Un-fearing, grip tightening
You will understand all (one day)
He tells you this
Why can't we know all now
Silence, screams the controller
You will be deemed un-worthy
Unworthy of what - someone said

Control freak
Bleeds you dry
Control freak
Fades & dies
Control freak
Leeches lust
Control freak
Vanish in dust

Controller strikes a match
Un-shaken, yet forsaken
You must drink the flame (of life)
He sells you this
Your faith will cost you all
To stop will see him fall
Silence spits the controller
Fuck you - someone saidback to top
Naked cross - flesh deserving
Gain from loss - undettering
Feamle lust - crowd applauding
In we trust - love marauding

Disbeliever - disbeliever
Disbeliever - disbeliever

Alters bare - held on high
An ancient lair - an ancient rite
Worship her - standing ovation
Destroy her - cry for the nation

Disbeliever - disbeliever
Disbeliever - disbeliever

Saints alive - satan's symbol
Realise - only you fall

Disbeliever - disbeliever
Disbeliever - disbelieverback to top
Man Myth & Magic
Three score years and ten
Where is armageddon
You promised us the end
A world in flames

The next millenium
Where is the liars son
Pathetic old reasons
A world in fear

Man myth & magic

Glory be unto ye
The suffering won't ease
On high within a dream
A world of games

Symbol of distrust
Predicting all is lost
The shepherds lost his flock
In words of seers

Man myth & magic

A game of war & peace
Respect for the deceased
Your soul is out on lease
Old world beliefs

Vultures at the door
From rich man to the poor
What are you waiting for
A world of shames

Man myth & magicback to top
Cross your heart & hope to die
You superstitious fool
Yours is not to question why
Yours is to obey the rules
Totally irrational
Fear bred for fears sake
Your choice is unconditional
Fear decides the path you take

Mirror mirror tarot dealer
Seven years now shall believer
Punish me my faith healer
Aces high - devils eye

Thirteen - thirteen

Psyche - illogic lunacy
Deity or triple six
Read your bible say a prayer
& hide behind your crucifix
Walk beneath the golden stairs
Rape the holy trinity
Break a mirror if you dare
& damn you for eternity

Mirror mirror on the wall
Seven years now shall i fall
Punish me for my beliefs
& let my cries come unto ye

Thirteen - thirteen - thirteen
Thirteen - thirteen - thirteen
Thirteen - thirteenback to top
In distant darkened lands
Where life & death defy the sands
Of time are running out for you
Too late the cry was heard

All hallowed be they shame
Delivered unto evil
Temptation be thy name
Behold thy fallen angels

From prophecies of ancient times
An unborn wisdom heeds the cries
Of every infants new born eyes
Shall lead the blind

And shall the serpent crucify
The holy man & take his eyes
To bring the darkness to the light
And let him die

Forgive us not our sins
The power & the glory
All hail the demon king
& man shall kneel before him

His name-leviathan
Kneel-leviathanback to top
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