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Vermin lyrics

Album: MIlennium Ride [1998]

 01  Black
 02  Bloodlust
 03  Broken
 04  Circle Of Time
 05  Demonsoul
 06  Deviltrip
 07  Everlasting
 08  Hungerface
 09  Species
 10  Upright Infinity
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Black as the deepest sea, the darkness and the shadows
Breeding as the lights are burned out
And the day turns into night

Trapped in a psychic tomb where reality doesn't exists
Trapped in a cage created by fantasy

Now you're left all alone
All alone in the black
With nothing except for your fear
Can you feel death
Death breathing in your neck
Now you are trapped in the black

Can you feel death
Death breathing in your neck
All this horror
Brings you down to your knees.back to top
Abused and torn apart
Your soul is suffering
Can not deal with the pain you carry inside
Emotions overflow
Take away this illusion

The darkness inside
Inside a human mind
Twisted and disordered
Mentally murdered

Becomes reality
A horrid creation
Of a sick society

A morbid craving obnoxious and disgusting
Is growing stronger as the blood is running red
The passion is complete when the blood runs red

Driven by bloodlust
To please the demons inside.back to top
Insanity is no excuse
What's the truth and what can be denied
A penetration of death
The killing of all innocence

Sacrificed draped in blood
Raped by my machine-gun fire
Request for suicide
Eternal life award we can't ignore

See through my eyes
This is something you and I can't deny
Broken torn apart
A bullet straight through your heart

Discharged like garbage
When the purpose is fulfilled
Deliverance from life onward to demise
Ignorant and screwed

Sacrificed a waste of life
A sick mind in a broken man
Murder art gives life to sick creations
See through my eyes

Fulfill an insane man
Living just for the day
Lies been told over again
This is horror and death a homicide invasion

Criticize a destructive mans life
Blood before my eyes
I'm lost inside a soulless mind
Devoted to death let me burn in hell.back to top
Circle Of Time
Screams of anguish
Fills the air
A civilization flushed down the drain
Cry out in despair

What have we created
An eternal tomb
We choke on our greed as we realize
Hell is were we where born

Circle of time
The circle of time is about to close
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust

The time has come
To pay the price
The day of judgement
Has arrived

The circle of time is about to close
The countdown can not be stopped
A path for our fate is so fuckin' clear
Extermination the price for our greed
There's no return.back to top
Your restless soul
A demonsoul
Will bring you down
Take control
Of you demonsoul
It's tearing you apart

Shout it out, your anger and pain
The aggression of your mind
Unable to control your actions
Behavior of an insane man
The rage you feel inside is growing stronger everyday
But no one seem to understand
Scream it out you have to control it
Is it worth the price
Your state of mind is pure hate
You're dwelling in a world of darkness
The compassion that you once possessed
Has been dead for many years.back to top
It's a date with death
Life on the edge
Enjoy the trip
You may never wake up again

Feel the worms
Crawling beneath your skin
Endure the pain
A trip to hell & back again

It's the devils night out
Embrace your fear
Take one last trip
Before you perish in flames

It's the demons night out
The spirits are free
Take one last trip
Before you meet your destiny

The devil is high

Feel the rush
Pulsating in your veins
The horror and joy
Is teasing your mind

It's the devils night out
Seek and destroy
The devil is high

It's the demons night out
The spirits are free
The devil is high.back to top
I can hear you screaming
Desperately in your sleep
The scenes attached to your memory
Can never be erased

I've never known such horror
I've never known such fear
I've never seen such brutal sights
Of endless agony

Scenes of death
Scenes of horror
Haunting you in your sleep

But in my deepest dreams
I can see through your eyes
I can see all your memories
And the pain you carry inside

Forever lasting pain
The memories will never allow you to forget.back to top
Put behind a wall of lies, slowly falling apart
Bars of anguish bars of grief, keeping the hunger inside
Emotions…deformed and disturbed
Only awaiting the moment
When the passion is released

You hunger
You want it
You can't control it
It's in your face
Your hungerface

It's in your face you can taste it
You want it bad you know you can reach it
When you get started you can't be stopped
It's like a drug but you don't care
There is no …..salvation
Swallowed by lust, hunger for more
It's in your veins your heart and soul.back to top
Don't try to blindfold my eyes
With hundreds of lies
On before the decay
Over and over again

Technology tries to score
Just for one reason at all
Development has it's price
Look what you have done

Chaos, corruption I see the world fade away
When I'm travelling through the land
With hate in my mind and no hope in sight
I watch the forests die
Open your eyes and say
I can't stand it no more

People struggle to survive
Another day another life
Destruction tears you apart
Beware the extermination

Species……..master of suicide.back to top
Upright Infinity
Wake up my friend, it's time to die
I've got to take you to your eternal rest

It'll sure feel strange not having you around
I'm going to miss you but it's my job to take your life

There is no way, to change the facts
That you are going to die
Do you have any last requests??
Anything is possible except for mercy

The time has come, to meet your destiny
The last moment in life, with a bag over your head
Your life begins to fade as you're passing through the shadows of death
Soon you'll have the answer to what hides behind the realms (of death)

Upright infinity
Death in a chair
Paying the price
For your mistakes

Upright infinity
Sentenced to fry
Death in a chair
Meet your destinyback to top
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