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Viking lyrics

Album: Man Of Straw [1989]

 01  White Death
 02  They Raped The Land
 03  Twilight Fate
 04  The Trial
 05  Case Of The Stubborns
 06  Winter
 07  Hell Is For Children
 08  Creative Divorce
 09  Man Of Straw
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White Death
The stench of blood will permeate a thousand miles around
Know that the strongest one will be there within seconds
Gracefully horrifying, the fin cuts the water
Viciuos selachii is ready to devour

(Solo: Ron)

Tail pushing left and right, a living flesh disposal
An unfelt touch against its grain would shred a hand to ribbins
Megatons of crushing power exerted on three hundred points
Conveyor belt of teeth makes sure that all will feel...

Time and tme again
He must prove his formidability
Preying on the unsuspecting ones
Only need to masticate
White Death
This has stood the test of centuries
Preying on the unsuspecting ones
Only need to masticate
White Death

(solo: Brett, solo: Ron)

His eyes roll back and upper jaw is thrust out and
Cutting skin so easily and thrashing side to side so that
Now the wound inflicted will finish started work so he's
Circling the bleeding prey until it is anemic

(Solo: Brett)

Foolish man lowers his steel shark cage and
Attempting to control what he cannot control
While a devil that creates its own hell waits below
Its surroundings become the feared domain...

(Chorus)back to top
They Raped The Land
Strip mining was born man's desire
For maximum gain from minimum strain
Using water cannons they washed away
Entire mountainsides that are just desert today

The deluge lasted for too many years
So long ago, but even now it appears
The floods cut the ground like a sacrificial knife
Now just gravel and dust, three can never be life

Mountains that stood, the waves erased
Man disfigured, destroyed the earth's face
Only infertile sand, like the dot from a bleed
Annihilated, taken by greed

Maceration - the constant erosion
Total immersion - They raped the Land
Massive infusion - man's inclination
Hydraulic destruction - They raped the Land

The unholy baptism
A lymph unstoppable
Mother Nature lies violated
Used against herself
The retrogradation
Soil wearing away
MAnkind is responsible
For mass decay

(Solo: Ron)


Water is lifegiving fluid
It is the cause of revolution
And can recreate
Man, whose instinctive nature is evil
Puts limits on himself
But is always too late
Earth, our only terra firma
Invincibly cnstructed
Both of shale and slate
Together, it seems
That man is weakest
But still he's had the power granted to abate

the debasement of our environment
Continues today in different ways
Two steps too far it seems we've gone
Full circle now, a sick perversion

(Solo: Brett)

Surrounding weakened, a quick decline
Demoralized, the last in line
Now defeated, the earth rebels
The atmosphere a living hell

(Chorus)back to top
Twilight Fate
Children working overtime
To satisfy his whims
Off scot free? Well I think not
The three invade his dreams...

You won't be back toMorrow Vic
Sneak preview never comes
What a waste for just a taste
Of blood filling your lungs

He took away two children's lives
For entertainment's sake
No thoughts for naught but his alone
Their blood was his to slake

Where were the stunt men paid so much
To take away the risk?
The government inspectors
Preventing things like this

Decapitaion brings frustration
And sorrow to the soul
All the lawyers getting rich
In this the headless hole


(Solo: Ron, solo: Brett)

Children working overtime
A fate we'd surely dread
Please, just one last question sir
Did they ever find his head?


The man who brought us fantasy
Has stung us with reality
Millions spent
But it's too late for them

I draw satisfaction
Knowing that he will
Get his in the end...back to top
The Trial
Judgement day - will you comprehend?
Beckons close at hand
Those of us that were born again
And those who curse the Holy Land
Brought forth before the Son of god
The One who loved enough to die
We will be not judged by our words and deeds
But by our faith when we are tried

Respond to the Holy One
Why you think that He should spare
A man who mocked and cursed His name
Or knew the truth and did not care
Drink the blood of the King of Kings
Love the Savior of the human race
Kneel before Him, discard your rings
And pray that He will give you grace

He was born unto a virgin
A birth from royal seed
The truest test of prophets
Is truthful prophesy

Know the Prophet was no bastard
We did not deserve His death
Just the thought of what He did for me
Forever I will be His slave
His own kind of refused acknowledgement
Crucified the Chosen One
As the sun set behind the cross of thieves
Dying, He knew His work was done

(Solo: Ron)

Our cross he had to bear
He rose as the final sign
Still searching for the prophet "true"
The Jews are left behind...

He was born unto a vrgin
A birth from royal seed
When youa are brought to trial
Will you die in blasphemy?back to top
Case Of The Stubborns
Human life expentancy
No longer man a century
There are those that would
Cheat death if they could
Most who die just pass along
Assuming there's no choice at all
Some just do not realize
That there is sight in dead eyes

Th illusion of life
Created by ignorance
The end of life
Prolonged by chance
Death is cheated
By one man's insistance
Death depleted
Delayed advance

Expiration date is spent
And blood in veins turned sour
Many days ago we passed
Supposed final hours
Unused organs start to swell
Limbs begin to stiffen
Though life continues
Death advances
Avoidance of oblivion

(Solo: Ron)


Grandpa Tolliver
Passed away one night
But he was like no other
He just refused to die
That stubborn old man
Not looking death in the eye

(Solo: Ron, Brett)

Death ripens, flesh rots
Rigor mortis, cane to walk
Animation from belief
Lips are blue
Still they speak

Denial is a medication
Oh to die, end our frustration
Vital functions cease to work
When will be believe?


(Chorus)back to top
The change of seasons passes
Neverending iwth the day
The wizard we call winter
Can bring storms into our bays
First we pray for sunshine
Then we plead for rain
But the deadly time of year
Is the season we cannot change

Tramping through the snowdrifts
We'veweary and battle fatigued
Anticipating ambush
At every rustling tree
We're two months away from death
Trudging ever onward
Frostbitten feet and frozen breath

White winter brings the new-fallen snow
Nature's eulogy for sin
The coming of winter, a season of love
And the waging of war between men

Headed for a battlefield where we will surely die
Our fate is written in the stars tonight
Our future changes, though I know not how
Destiny is changed - now!

A wizard upon us , eyes blazing, spells spewing from his mouth
Flames leaps from his hands, hallucinations
We will never know as we're engulfed in flames
Oh, to die this way, when we're defenseless
At the hands of this occult master gone insane...

Awaken shackled, and my men are here
As for my comrades, two are dead I fear
Until I see life in both of them
Torchlight approaches - here!

An old man unlocks me, and the rest of my men as he speaks these words
"I am Krakenaus, you must follow me,
We will escape from this forsaken pit of hell!
Now come quickly, if we're discovered
You will suffer a fate that is worse than death!"

(Solo: Brett, Ron, Brett, Ron)

Following a stranger, I'm dependent for life
Hoping the man is not a deceiver
The walls are getting cold, we must be nearing an out
In Krakenaus I am now a believer

Running blind through the flurry of snow
Guided only by the page of a master
We know the wizard's here, he has pursued us this night
Greeted only by his hideous laughter

(Solo: Brett, Ron)

"You have betrayed me!", the wizard screams
In a second, he's sprouted demon's wings
Four words are spoken, "La Fem Acroche Ach"
And Krakenaus is - gone!

The wizard upon us, eyess lunatic, spells spewing from his mouth
Flames leap from his hands, not illusions
We think otherwise then we're engulfed in flames
Oh to die this way, when we're defenseless
At the hands of this occult master gone insane...back to top
Hell Is For Children
Backup vocals by Ron Rinehart
Ron Rinehart appears courtesy Dark Angel/Combat Records
Published by Rare Blue Music INC (ASCAP)
Neil Geraldo Music (ASAP)
Big Tooth Music Co. (BMI)back to top
Creative Divorce
(Solo: Brett)
A year ago, it was the light of my life
Infatuated and devoted was I
Matrumony forever? I find revolting the thought
I need an escape, need to pick the wedlock

To be released from my vow and epithalamium
Now emotions are pure where I felt only numb
Won't grant me my freedom, we'll still separate
Dissolution - a parting of the ways

Too late to annul, so I plan her demise
Creative Divorce - Asphyxiate the bride
Where once was love is only loathe and dislike
Creative Divorce - To do away with my wife

You say I can't break it - I'd like to break you
You can live or just die, but I'm saying it's through
As a lifetime companion, it's ball and chain
Either total detachment, or my constricted airway


His immortality will be my release
I have reached the end - my life's new lease
I knew that better half would be better off dead
Situation was revolting - cut it all at the head

(Solo:Brett, Ron, Brett)

How far it might have gone - I'd rather not say
She got out of hand - So I killed Mary Jane
The addiction to her - well it had to be tamed
The source of corrodion was how it ended in flames

Too late to annul, so I paln her demise
Creative Divorce - Asphyxiate the bride
Where once was love is only loathe and dislike
Creative Divorce - To do away with that life

Till death do us
Till death do us partback to top
Man Of Straw
A man in the corner talk to himself
Drawing spiteful stares from the passerby
He doesn't sleep in doorways
Well maybe half the time
Still be is a man...

A body shared is a body still the same
A mind divided cannot be blamed
For the torment caused itself
And for others
Still he is a man...

A schizophrenic's like a mirror
In that they have two sides
The first and last of generations
Only two to survive
They peacefully coexist
Neither knows they're alive
Until two lives are torn apart
When these worlds collide

A genetic imbalance or pressure on the brain
He knows not the cause
It is the furthest thing from his mind
Lack of thought is not a problem
For this man of straw
So named for his fragility of state


(Solo: Brett, Ron)

Unable to support himself
he's borderline
And quickly falling inward
Once a man became a shell,
Like negative emotion

(Chorus)back to top
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