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Viogression lyrics

Album: Expound And Exhort [1991]

 01  Maggot Synod
 02  Nothing (Psychomatic Insanity)
 03  Puritan Flames
 04  Wind Of Death
 05  Fragmented Carcass
 06  Cross Spells
 07  As You Die
 08  Limb From Limb
 09  Transmigration
 10  Choir Of Loudin
 11  Circle Of The Divine
 12  Choir Of Loudin - The Chantina
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Maggot Synod
Morbid dreams rape your mind
The gathering scream your pain
Unspeakable torment being killed again
Dawning horror grips your neck
Slits your throat
Ritual of deathback to top
Nothing (Psychomatic Insanity)
To live this life
To reason to try
They're all liars just dying to die
Grasping life, revolting life
In my mind's eve I see the scorn
People melting, blood drips from the core
Trapped, you scream you pathetic soul
Into the maze, pay your toll of life
Even in death there is life
Blood dripping, your body writhes
In your hand you hold your heart
Forever wear the demon's mark God
Self-afflicting pain, socially insane
Rotting of the brain, I will make you sane
Devout new Messiahback to top
Puritan Flames
"Burn Witch, Burn!"back to top
Wind Of Death
Take my life, Lord Samhain
Druid priestess
Under a black sky
She died by fire
She was a witch
Take my life, fair Harlot
Druid priestess
Soul, My soul
My soul bleeds

Arise winds of death
Arise winds...back to top
Fragmented Carcass
Feel your limbs go numb
Bone shatter, fleshtorn
Bleeding internally
Fragmented carcass
Life denied
Torn body
Arteries severed
"Die He may live if we amputate"
"Only chance is if we amputate"


Feel your limbs go numb
Bone shatter, fleshtorn
Bleeding internally
You are deadback to top
Cross Spells
Listen though the silence
Hear great belial
Fear, fear, fear
Deny the day
Listen though the silence
Hear Satan's child, child
Fear & pain & sorrow
Listen throughback to top
As You Die
Only life can be bring you death
In birth your space & time
Seconds slip by, centuries in time
Another corpse forgotten, you rot
Feel the harsh reality
as you die
Inevitable deathback to top
Limb From Limb
Fighting for life, dying torn in half
Though the gore, watch him die
He was torn limb from limb
Dismembered instantly, death a certainty
Blood, no everywhere
Horrific death, cold stare
Bones grinding in the machine
Totally, disfigured chunks of meat
Grinding, slicing, tearing
His body into chunks of bloody fleshback to top
Hallowed be the dead
Darkness & evil
Sanguinary homage
Sanctified oblation
Black space
Obligue nothingness
In this lost world
Searing through
Nebulous void
Endless gateway
Transmigration, transmigration
Black space
Obligue nothingness
In this lost world
Life transferred through my eyes
To die physically
Life passes through my eyes
Your time never has to beback to top
Choir Of Loudin
"Satanas!"back to top
Circle Of The Divine
Columns of anguish
House of the dead
Where blood fails like rain
Demons suck you entrails though your
Intestinal tract
Your infection, eating bile & phlegm
Crucifixion, vivisection
Mutilation, defecation
No hope for retribution
Fallacious avatar of Satan
You know you can only die once
In death you opened the gate
Debt of eternal pain
"Your soul is mine!"
In the palace of torment
You're burned at the stake then draws & quartered
Beheaded, dismembered & raped
From your sockets your eyes socked by an ogre
While a fiend strips your flesh as you suffer
Extant eternal pain
Once dead you can never die!back to top
Choir Of Loudin - The Chantina
Crucifixion! Vivisection! Mutilation!
"Defecation! Satanas! Satanas! Satanas! Satanas!back to top
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