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Violent Dirge lyrics

Album: Craving [1994]

 01  Essential Dream
 02  Craving
 03 Virtue
 04  Oblivion
 05  Laceration
 06  Let Things RIP
 07  Threshold
 08  Explain Away
 09  Pessimum
 10  Incomprehension
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Essential Dream
Woke cravings
Like the world perceived from idol's outside
Followed complement
Of longed-for execperiences, execution of mysery
Didn't you forget?
Let's think
About other reality

Prosy cause of next
Fall, conceiving an affection for hate
Prosy event of lack
Of fight, inclination of accomplish the equality

It's prize
For learning of perceive the world of lay bare the feelings
(The only vital and deep) of lay bare the feelings, wish...back to top
Fortunately you feel that once again -
Temptation to oblivion, silence
tears, gratification, improvement
In the past it doesn't existed

Existence between world of space
And world of sufeit, brutality
Absolutely entire contrast
Conslation prize, searching
Virtually, you have never used
Assistance of visions - sensitive
Exactly reflecting not - your thoughts
But for you, inside you - real
This is like there was nothing before...

Just now, maybe forever you have more
You've obtained almost perfect execution
It's nice - conquest, spread selfcontrol
Irrational top of unadaptation

You see the great picture -
You're learning to understand the world -
Stupefying gradation of pleasured aims
You hear perfect sounds
You feel, nobody knows is that mercy, love
compassion, craving or faith...back to top
Affecation swollen beyond all borders
You feel that everything's gone
Horrible unfortunable moment
For everything you used to lean on

Another day started with
Inhabited lameness
You turned out to be born
Without your face
Next revaluation of attiude
Not wanted now
Weird feelings - though known from the past
Constipation of minds

Possibility of come back - doesn't exist
Possibility of recall - doesn't exist
You don't want that
No sense in pulling this shit
No power to stand it all
It's a fucking need to pretend

Feelings overgrown by ambitions
The worst punishment for likeness
You've got no chance for reformation -
Consequences of not wanted mistakesback to top
Poisoning by venom of importance
Non - priority it would be a gravity not to raise
But the march of hyperindividualities
Without any trace of fear of unmasking

Inflicted insults upon myself
More and more...
Caused by ostentatious destruction
Rusting scutum of alienation

The first surfeit of the deepest desires
Jus like Shanghai at dawn
Always ready to unite
All possible excitements

I built myself scaffoding
Upon beautiful, illusory sounds
upon beautiful, illusory love
Now I will dance...

Instinctive attempts of invastion
(As one wish to think) the entrance into paradise
That's plain absurd
The truths revealed lately vulgar provocation

Lack of joy is ability of symbolic fight
Lack of other orthodoxies of "true art - soul" type
Generally make the specific collection of scoundrels
From under the highest mountain

At least I experienced the knowledge
Of feelings always turned down
Nothing I destroyed, rather ennobled
All primitive experiences
Now I'm clear...back to top
Let Things RIP
(Instrumental)back to top
(Instrumental)back to top
Explain Away
I cannot understand
I cannot fit
Found reality
The visions of past, love

These are very sad visions
I try to imagine
Possibility of such absurd

I reflect if observe of face
Practically its shapes
Could be so absorbing

Fitting to those circumstances
It sounds like soundtrack
From the great movie

Very cruel, gloomy
Why cannot I forget
About visions of past and desires?back to top
Funeral of beams, inspiration, practical widsom
At last a crucification form afar of light
Escalation of pain - atrocity, unjust case
So don't try to open your eyes...back to top
Grey, absolutely emptiness
Spare plaintly tengible space -
Here you cannot be alone
Just like you tried

You feel that your stick on from the remorse
You drown in the sea of scorn
You deprive yourself of trump, of trust, of mercy, of covenant

Reminiscences of past
You've lost them a long ago
In your own world of scorn

Sick, you have dared say
That in incomprehension you're in force
You've believed the cloaks and love
tested in another reality

Now you've understood that
You've been lost the years of hard work
You've forgotten about fight of smile
You've forgotten about true advices, about mindback to top
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