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Vociferation Eternity lyrics

Album: Ocean Myth [1996]

 01  Vociferation Eternity
 02  The Lake Pauh Janggi
 03  Ocean Myth
 04  In Aeternum
 05 Erotical Romanticism
 06 Eclipse
 07  Laungan Abadi
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Vociferation Eternity
Have you ever stood alone among the mountains and breathed
And screams as loud as the universe could hear?

Well nobody had ever the courage to what that I've did
And never one shall even lurk the mysteries, not even the illusionsback to top
The Lake Pauh Janggi
This shall not be a tale to be wasted
Please stay and listen to my words
Not being revealed not even from your mothers
Not from a bit of your fresh youth flesh

But this may be a hard luck for some
Because this is not as easy as you thought
You'll have to pay for everything detail being told
Not with your wealth but with your soul

(The story is then told : The Lake Pauh Janggi)

How do you feel? Have I pull the nerves out from you?
Or have I introduce you to the true spirit of mightiness?
Now for what I've wondered, a question to ask
Wil you lend me your soul to find the glory of the lake?back to top
Ocean Myth
Sailing East, a journey of desireful mystics
Smells of the blueish deep, prolong the lustful screams
Sail unto the furthermost reaching upon the boundaries
And set your eyes smoothly thru those horizons

Lead me to the Ocean Myth
And dive...

A night so clear where moon shines
Guiding me the ship so I may sail still
Thus a trip so clear will come to an end
The land where my knees feel so numb and weak

This is what I call the Land of Duniawi
With numerous harmony and values so rich
The land of green leaves, of mountains and seas
Reach me your hand forever feel the wonderous beautyback to top
In Aeternum
Non-deciples of orthodox
Did I call you from my midnight ville?
Serpent of Temptation
Never to be brought upon thee

Is this what you called fear?
O a repent of your cowardness?
Do come out from your years of hiding
Waste no more of your crystal tears

Reach the gap that have been divided
And feel those winds which blows so humid
Fear not the moist that grows us eternity
Fear shall not be one of our enemies

A dominion reaching so fast yet so beautiful
A cow (bull) seems so mean yet so cowardish
A lamb (goat) seems so smelly yet to be eaten
A leaf seems so green soon withers it will be

In Aeternum...back to top
Laungan Abadi
(Instrumental)back to top
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